How To Use A Grocery Bag As A Shower Cap

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So you’re walking home after having a dreamy blowout from the salon, looking like J Lo with a toddler in tow. As you flamboyantly turn around the person who has been staring at you, 6th street approaches and before you know it you see a beverage cup flying at you at a 90 degree trajectory, your heart rate quickens. And now you find yourself bathed in coffee, with a fabulous head of hair.

It is understandable that sometimes when you are about to take a shower, you just can not get your hair wet. In the winter, for some people it is simply not even an option to wash their hair. Whether you need to preserve your new hairdo or protect your locks from steam, moisture and humidity, washing your hair will be out of the equation.

Washing your hair everyday can also tend to be unhealthy, as the constant exposure to water and shampoo can damage your hair.

You must be wondering, what is the solution for the aforementioned issues? The answer is a simple one.

You may have heard of a shower cap, it is like a cover that goes over your head and keeps your hair in place. You may have seen one of these at the supermarket or in the restroom of a hotel room. You can also use grocery bags for making baby shower caps as well.

How To Use A Grocery Bag As A Shower Cap – Step By Step Guide

How To Use A Grocery Bag As A Shower Cap - Step By Step Guide

Now that you need a shower cap to save the day, what do you do if you do not have one at your disposal? Worry not! This article will show you how you can make your very own shower cap in the case of an emergency.

Using a few inexpensive and common household items that you can easily find around your house, you can keep your hair dry and pristine.

Here is a hint; it is probably a good idea to store plastic bags in your kitchen drawer. You should keep that in mind next time you return from grocery shopping.

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The best part is that your self-made shower cap will be reusable for up to 5 times, after that we encourage you to make a new one if needed because it will not be hygienic to keep using the same one for a long time. Make sure you use the shower caps after rebonding your hairs.

Things you will need:

  • A small, medium, or large sized plastic bag. (Depending on the length of your hair, in that order) Make sure the bag is clean.
  • Bobby pins.
  • Water-proof tape.

Step 1:

Gather your hair at the top of your head. If your hair is lengthy, tie it up and secure each side with bobby pins.

If you have fringes, make sure to secure those with bobby pins as well. You can even make a ponytail out of your hair and tie it up to the top of your head. It is important to note that if a single strand of hair is let lose, it will end up getting wet which will be a gateway for the rest of your hair to get wet as well.

So make sure your hair is completely tied from all ends.

Step 2:

Place the plastic bag over your head with the handles facing your ears. Ensure that your whole head is covered by the plastic bag and that there are no hairs sticking out of it.

Step 3:

Pull the plastic bag towards your forehead, this will gather the excess of the plastic bag at the front. Hold the excess of the plastic bag firmly. Twist it as much as you can, if it is loose, the bag will open during your shower and your hair will get wet.

Step 4:

Push the excess of the plastic bag inside. You can also secure it with bobby pins or a rubber band for a super tight shower cap. Do a final check on your shower cap to make sure your head is fully covered.

Step 5:

This step is only required if your shower cap is still lose after the completion of step 4. Grab some water-proof tape; tape the ends of the plastic bag to your head. This will keep your hair completely secluded from the surges of water. Voila! You are ready to shower.

Aside from preventing your hair from getting wet, the shower cap presents us with other uses as well.

Baggying (Softening hair):

Another use for the shower cap is baggying, your grandma may have told you about this trend that helps you achieve long and luscious hair. In this method, the shower cap is worn over night to unlock moisture in the hair, resulting in naturally soft hair in the morning.


If you dream of having curly hair, but you have flat hair, the shower cap will be your best friend. Not hot rollers? No problem! Twist strands of your hair and secure with bobby pins. Put the shower cap over your head and use the blow dryer to get gorgeous curls in minutes. The shower cap provides you with an enclosure for your hair, which will help you achieve tight curls without having to go to the salon.

Dyeing your hair:

If you are dyeing your hair at home, using a shower cap is a smart idea. After the application of the dye, simply put the shower cap over your hair. This will preserve and retain the dye in all parts of your hair and you will not have to worry about having un-equal colored hair.


Conclusion: Who would have ever thought that an ordinary item such as a plastic bag from the grocery store could come in so handy? The benefits of the shower cap are endless, and making one without having to spend any money sounds ideal to us! They are cheap, reusable and disposable. Regardless of your hair type, length, or texture, having and using a shower cap is bountiful. All in all, the shower cap has become a necessary part of everyone’s hair routines. Both men and women, resort to the shower cap for their hair care needs.

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