The Internet is an essential constituent of our lives. Millions of people use it for communication and or entertainment in homes. The Internet is also crucial in banking systems and offices and for students who are researching their projects. Unfortunately, the thick walls in some homes and or offices create dead spaces that lower the experience of people. We have the right solution to this issue. Instead of buying another Wi-Fi router, install a Wireless Access Point in your home and or office instead. They are suitable for expanding the speed and wireless range of the Internet (wireless). They can also clear dead spaces and boost the productivity of people, as a result. The best brands in 2020 are:

10. Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Iw Pro

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Iw Pro

Do you want a wireless access point that boosts both the range and quality of Internet connections indoors? Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Iw Pro has a versatile 802.11 B/A/G/n/AC standard that works with most types of routers. Whether you have a next-generation model or one that uses only DSSS, this product will serve you well. It also has Ethernet ports for converting Ethernet wall jacks in homes and offices into switches or access points.

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Iw Pro is a powerful access point. Via its in-built Omni antennas, it generates fast and reliable wireless connections, which boost internet connectivity. The UBIFI software it uses, on the other hand, eases not only its set up but also monitoring of connected devices. Once connected to a computer, you can track clients, devices, and data usage easily.

What We Like
  • Versatile standard (802.11 B/A/G/n/AC)
  • Powerful Omni antennas (integrated)
  • Easy-to-use interface (graphical)
  • High-performance Ethernet ports
Our Verdict

Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-AC-Iw Pro is a dependable access point that supports most types of routers. Its Omni antennas boost the power and range of the Internet, while its compact contemporary-themed design blends well in homes and offices.

9. MikroTik RB941-2nD RouterBoard

MikroTik RB941-2nD RouterBoard

Devices such as the best stereo systems support wireless audio streaming from applications such as Pandora. To have a seamless experience, however, boost Internet connectivity with a wireless access point such as MikroTik RB941-2nD. The RouterBoard comes equipped with a 2.4GHz CPU (650MHz) and 32MB of RAM. The system is fast, durable, and runs a RouterOS with a firewall, bandwidth shaping, and access control. It also has four high-speed Ethernet ports that deliver.

Unlike some access points that need complicated wiring and or programming to work, MikroTik RB941-2nD RouterBoard is easy to use. Its versatile design supports most wireless Internet providers. It also has a convenient hAP lite system with an easy-to-use button controls. While granting wireless access to a device, you can trigger WPS with the touch of a button. You can also change the RouterBoard’s cAP mode or join a centrally-managed CAPsMAN network with the push of a button.

What We Like
  • Button-triggered WPS system
  • High-speed Ethernet ports (4)
  • Supports bandwidth shaping
  • Has an inbuilt firewall
  • Dependable 2.4GHz CPU (650MHz)
Our Verdict

MikroTik RB941-2nD is a 2.4GHz wireless access point with a dependable 650MHz CPU. Its robust design has Ethernet ports for wired connections and button controls for triggering WPS or joining networks. Most people can set it up and use it at home.

8. EnGenius Technologies Wave 2 Indoor Access Point

EnGenius Technologies Wave 2 Indoor Access Point

People have questioned the performance of EnGenius Wave 2 often because of its size and simplicity. If this train of thought bugs you, here are reasons why buying one is a good idea: first, fitted with a powerful A7 Cortex processor and a quad-core CPU, EnGenius has a powerful (717MHz) turbo engine. Thus, even with its compact design, it works seamlessly in most area. The 2.4GHz band, for instance, delivers wireless speeds of up to 400Mbps, while its 5.0GHz interface reaches 867Mbps. In total, you get speeds of up to 1267Mbps, which make it 30% faster than its predecessor (EnGenius Technologies 11AC Wave).

With the EnGenius Technologies Wave 2, you will never experience the connectivity issues reported for similar brands. In addition to its powerful CPU, it has an inbuilt mu-mimo antenna that increases both its capacity and performance. Its connections, for instance, are fast and reliable. Moreover, because it supports beamforming, its users enjoy better reception and antennae signals, and thus good Internet quality.

What We Like
  • Advanced Beamforming technology
  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz bands
  • Powerful mu-mimo antenna (inbuilt)
  • Non-intrusive low-profile design
Our Verdict

EnGenius Technologies Wave 2 access point will boost Internet connectivity in your home or office without cluttering space. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz routers and has a powerful quad-core engine (717MHz) that delivers speeds of 1267 Mbps.

7. TP-LINK EAP V3 N300 Long Range Access Point

TP-LINK EAP V3 N300 Long Range Access Point

With the development of long-range access points such as TP-LINK EAP V3 N300 boosting outdoor internet connectivity is simple. If you have a hard time working on your patio because of bad Internet connectivity, this is an excellent remedy. Its 2.4GHz 11n system boosts internet speeds by up to 300 Mbps. It also has a speed-boosting mimo technology (2×2) and a 24V passive power supply that lowers consumption of electricity. With one, Internet connectivity outdoors will never be an issue.

Spoofing attacks and unauthorized access are common issues for people with long-range internet. Fortunately, TP-LINK EAP V3 N300 has a few checks that prevent such problems. First, using its in-built WPA/WPA2 enterprises, you can password protect this access point to limit access. Its 802.1X system, on the other hand, has a RADIUS secure authentication program that detects rogue access points. Thus, used at home or in a commercial area such as an office, it guarantees the security of WLAN. You will enjoy fast speeds without compromising safety.

What We Like
  • WPA/WPA2-enterprise
  • RADIUS secure authentication
  • Power over Ethernet support
  • Aura net Controller Software
  • Fast (300Mbps) and long-range system
Our Verdict

Whether you are looking to improve speed and or the range of Internet connections, TP-LINK EAP V3 N300 delivers. Its simple mount-on design boosts speeds to up to 300Mbps. It also has a low-powered design with several checks that boost safety.

6. TP-Link EAP225 V3 Ceiling-Mount Access Point

TP-Link EAP225 V3 Ceiling-Mount Access Point

As its name hints, TP-Link EAP225 V3 is a ceiling mounted wireless access point that works well in large spaces. Whether you have a home with dead spaces or a router that needs a boost of speed, it is the go-to remedy. In the 5.0GHz band, it boosts speeds to 867Mbps, which is double the speed of its 2.4GHz band (450Mbps). Paired with a quality router that supports the 802.3af standard, you will like the fast download speeds it offers.

TP-Link EAP225 V3 is a dependable access point that supports network management and data transfer to simultaneous access points. You can manage the devices that connect to this access point and or set up passwords using a VLAN. It also has a Band steering technology, which boosts connection speeds by moving dual-band devices to its 5.0 GHz band automatically. Finally, its mu-mimo access point speeds up Internet connections further by streamlining data sharing between your connected devices.

What We Like
  • Mu-mimo access point
  • Dual band (2.4GHz/5.0GHz)
  • Stylish ceiling mounted design
  • Supports network management
  • Delivers fast Internet speeds
Our Verdict

With TP-Link EAP225 V3, you receive an all-in-one wall mounted wireless access point that supports most routers. It not only boosts Internet speeds but also improves the range and safety of internet connections, which is beneficial in offices.

5. Linksys Business LAPAC2600 Pro Series AC2600

Linksys Business LAPAC2600 Pro Series AC2600

The positive reviews Linksys Business LAPAC2600 has attracted over the years, attest its quality. If you have problems that revolve around Internet connectivity, here are reasons why buying one is an excellent idea. The next generation mu-mimo technology it uses, for instance, boosts not only the range but also stability of connections. Therefore, set up in homes/offices, you do not have to be close to a router to receive high-quality wireless Internet. Second, its dual-band system (2.4+5.0GHz) boosts internet speeds to around 2.53Gbps, which is admirable.

You do not require networking skills and or expensive add-on accessories to use Linksys Business LAPAC2600. Its plug-and-use design plugs directly into most power outlets. It also supports most routers and network providers and has a captive portal for setting up and managing Wi-Fi Hotspots in real time.

What We Like
  • Can create a customized Hotspot
  • Dual band system (2.4+5.0GHz)
  • Boosts range, strength, and speed of Internet
  • Next generation mu-mimo technology
Our Verdict

Gambling with the first cheap wireless access point you come across will only compromise how you work and play. To boost the speed, range, and quality of your wireless connection, look for the Linksys Business LAPAC2600 access point. Its dual-band system increases internet speeds to 2.53Gbps. It also has a mu-mimo technology that boosts the strength and speed of connections and a captive portal for creating a wireless Hotspot.

4. EnGenius EAP350 N300 Indoor Access

EnGenius EAP350 N300 Indoor Access

The best television sets and the best laptop alternatives such as tablets need stable Internet connections to work well. Even though increasing your bandwidth can work, buying EnGenius EAP350 N300 is a cheaper remedy for your connectivity issues. Its desk and wall-mountable design features a high-powered access point that doubles as a repeater and WDS. In synergy with its mu-mimo technology, its 11n wireless standard delivers speeds of up to 300Mbps. However, if you have an 802.11g network, expect a boost in speed by up to six times at 29dbm.

Do you have an online gaming device that requires a wired Internet connection? The EnGenius EAP350 N300 features an ultra-fast (10x) LAN interface (Gigabit Ethernet) that you can use. The system is fast, stable, and therefore ideal for, handling bandwidth-intensive online applications such as streaming, VoIP, and gaming. Finally, if you have limited power outlets in your home, look for EnGenius EAP350 N300 as well. Its IEEE 802.3af system supports Power-over-Ethernet, which is convenient. You can use it on the ceiling or away from power outlets with no issues.

What We Like
  • Fast LAN interface (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Supports Power-over-Ethernet
  • Powerful internal antenna (5dBi)
  • Generates fast connections (300Mbps)
Our Verdict

EnGenius EAP350 is a fast (300Mbps) wall mountable access point that supports power over Ethernet. It also has low profile design (with Gigabit Ethernet) that installs cleanly in homes.

3. D-Link Wireless AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender & Access Point

D-Link Wireless AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender & Access Point

To maximize the performance of your router, you need an access point and a powerful Wi-Fi extender. D-Link Wireless AC1200 has both technologies in a compact and affordable package. The AC1200 Wi-Fi extender on offer is super-fast. Connected to a 2.4GHz router, you should expect a boost of its speed to around 450Mbps. However, if you have a 5.0GHz-compatible device, Internet speeds increase to about1300 Mbps, which is sufficient for gaming and streaming 4K/HD videos.

The boost in speed the D-Link Wireless AC1200 offers has made it a popular access point for homes and offices. However, if safety, range, and wired connections also concern you, it is a suitable product to order as well. Its Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) supports both WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption for securing networks. Second, its backwards compatible design supports most 802.11n/g/b/a routers and has Gigabit Ethernet ports that generate high-speed wired connections.

What We Like
  • Supports 802.11n/g/b/a routers
  • Fast Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • WPA and WPA2 network encryption
  • Excellent range (multiple antennae)
  • Push button wireless connections (WPS)
Our Verdict

D-Link AC1200 (wireless) is a two in one Wi-Fi extender and access point that works with most routers. Its dual-band system is fast (1300Mbps at 5.0GHz), durable, and has network encryption (WPA/ WPA2) for safety. It also has a good range.

2. TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R Access Point

TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R Access Point

TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R delivers a smooth wireless experience (N) in homes and offices at speeds of up to 300Mbps. While this might be insufficient for streaming 4K/HD videos, it enables people to work, browse, and play with peace of mind. TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R also doubles as a wireless bridge, WDS repeater, and an access point, which is a plus. A new one will improve internet access smart devices and clear the dead spaces in your home/office by increasing wireless range. In power-over-Ethernet mode, it works well from over 100 feet.

Are you tired of some neighbors leeching your Internet without your permission? TP-Link Wireless N300 generates fast and stable connections that you can secure by activating Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA). The system is easy to use: press the QSS button on the top to encrypt and or secure connections.

What We Like
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) encryption
  • Power-over-Ethernet compatibility
  • Responsive from up to 30 feet
  • Boosts speeds to 300Mbps
Our Verdict

With TP-Link Wireless N300 2T2R, you will enjoy speeds of up to 300Mbps at distances of up to 100 feet. It can encrypt wireless networks through WPA, draw power from an Ethernet connection, and clear the dead spaces in homes/offices.

1. Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac PRO Access Point

Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac PRO Access Point

Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac is a package of five Pro access points, each with a dual-band Wi-Fi technology. As such, you can pair them with both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz routers and boost their performance in numerous ways. In the 2.4GHz band, for instance, Ubiquiti Networks Unifi increases Internet speeds to 300 Mbps. However, individuals with 5.0GHz-compatible routers get slightly higher speeds of up to 450Mbps. In both modes, its 2×2 mimo technology improves not only the speed of connection of devices but also RF performance.

The five access points in this package cover a significantly larger area than many single wireless units can cover. They are also easy to set up and come with scalable software features that improve their capabilities further. Via an UniFi Controller, for instance, you can control multiple access points from a single source. You can also configure/monitor performance, and create visual representations of your wireless network as maps.

What We Like
  • Advanced software capabilities
  • Powerful 2×2 mimo technology
  • High-speed dual-band access points
  • Five self-sufficient access points
Our Verdict

These scalable Unifi access points from Ubiquiti Networks boost not only speed but also wireless range. Their dual-band systems not only support most routers but are also dependable.

Buying Guide for the Best Wireless Access Points


While shopping for wireless access points, you will come across single and dual-band accessories. Which model is the best? The type you should choose depends on the kind of router in your possession. If you have a router that supports only the 2.4GHz band, a dual-band access point might not be necessary. However, if your router supports the 5.0GHz band, you will get faster speeds from a well-engineered dual-band access point.


The internet predisposes people to identity theft and a plethora of other issues over unsecured networks. Thus, once you have ascertained your access point has the correct band, evaluate its safety. Does it have a network encrypting technology such as WPA? Such a system prevents unauthorized access to networks via encryption and checks such as passwords. Even though WPA systems are good, access points with WPA2 encryption are better.


Speed is an essential factor that people used to judge the performance of wireless access points. However, you should also check the range and stability of the connections of your preferred access point as well. Make sure they are sufficient before reaching for your wallet. Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for Power-over-Ethernet are other attributes to check.


You will enjoy fast and reliable wireless connections from one of the ten access points we have reviewed. They are compatible with most routers and are relatively easy to set up and use at home.

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