Wakesurfing has become a favorite global sport for millions of people since its conception years ago. Unlike surfboarding, that requires natural waves for propulsion; wake surfing works everywhere. If you have a large river in your locality, a lake, or a dam open to the public, you need two things to wake surf. First, you need a boat for propulsion. You can rent one cheap with friends or colleagues during your upcoming trip. You also need a high-quality wakeboard that can support your weight and ride safely on most water bodies. Our review article can help you to find one. Herein are some of the best brands to order in 2020:

10. CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer

CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer

Are you considering wake surfing for the first time in your life? Have you honed your skill on a balance board and identified a suitable spot where you can have fun with friends or colleagues? To ride comfortably and safely for long, you need a sleek-style wakeboard for beginners such as the CWB Connelly. It has an eye-catching red, yellow, and black theme that does not fade over time. It also has a convenient surf design that catches waves easily and is easy to ride on most water bodies. If you are a beginner, you can hone your skill on it without sacrificing safety.

While surfboarding, people subject their board to high G-forces, which obliterate low-grade ones. However, due to its quality of construction, CWB Connelly delivers exciting results in all waters. Its polyurethane resin core is durable. It also has a tough shell (compression-built) with three skater fins (1.75-inches) for stability and a non-slip two piece EVA pad. Devoid of your skill, you will catch waves easily and ride the CWB Connelly safely for hours.

What We Like
  • Waterproof core (polyurethane resin)
  • Non-slip two piece EVA pad
  • Three skater fins (1.75-inches)
  • Convenient surf design (easy-to-ride)
Our Verdict

The CWB Connelly is a stylish board that takes little effort to ride. Its compression compressed design is not only durable but also has fins (three) and non-slip EVA pads (dual) for stability.

9. Driftsun Limited “Surf Sector Edition” Wakesurf Board

Driftsun Limited

The Surf Sector Edition of the Driftsun Limited wake surf board is suitable for beginners and intermediate riders. However, it is also a beneficial product for advanced riders when fitted with custom fins. How does this board stand out from the rest? First, its comfortable 4’ 6″ design accommodates most people. Tall and short individuals who enjoy wake surfing can fit on the board and ride it with ease. Its dual concave rocker and base, on the other hand, provide a responsive and fast ride that people like.

Wakesurfer boards cost a fortune in reputable brick and mortar and web stores. Therefore, to get value for your money, order this well-engineered brand from Driftsun Limited. Its solid core (EPS) has a natural wood stringer that boosts its stability further. It also has layered fiberglass for added stability and a hand – finished epoxy coat that enhances its water-resistance. Rode on rivers, lakes, or the ocean; thus, a new board will serve you for long. In non-slip trackpad (EVA) boosts stability and safety.

What We Like
  • 100% waterproof (epoxy-coated)
  • Durable EPS core (with wood stringer)
  • Non-slip traction pad (EVA)
  • Comfortable 4’ 6″ board
Our Verdict

If you can fit on a 4’ 6″ board and have beginner-intermediate riding skills, Driftsun Limited wake surfer will serve you well. Its non-slip design is stable and therefore, safe to ride at high speed. Its solid fiberglass-reinforced shell, on the other hand, is durable.

8. Hyperlite 2020 Landlock Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite 2020 Landlock Wakesurf Board

The 2020 version of the Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board has a durable monocoque construction with rolled edges. If you want a durable board that rides smoothly on the water, this is an excellent choice. Its 16.8-pound design can support adults weighing over 100 pounds. Moreover, to boost speed, Hyperlite has made the single fore body of this wake surf board concave. It cuts waves seamlessly without creating the turbulence that similar flat edge boards often do. Thus, it is ideal for beginners.

Even though fast, most single fin boards are hard to maneuver and control. If you are beginner, avoid such boards at all costs. The three fin design (thruster) of the Hyperlite 2020 Landlock will serve you better. Its stability, for instance, eases the control of this board. Even at high speeds, you can make sharp and well-controlled turns on most water bodies. The system also boosts the maneuverability of this board and thus its safety on the water. By lowering the risk of accidents, it reduces the risk of injuries too.

What We Like
  • Stable three-fin configuration
  • Light wakesurf board (16.8-pound)
  • Durable monocoque construction
  • Concave forebody (single)
  • Non-slip Eva pad (die cut)
Our Verdict

Hyperlite is a heavy-duty (18-pounds) wake surfer board with a stable three fin configuration. Its concave fore body and rolled edges boost its speed on the water. You also get a non-slip pad (EVA) for stability and a robust monocoque board that lasts for long.

7. Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurfer

Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurfer

Designed to resemble a mini longboard, the performance of the Liquid Force El Guapo wake surfer is admirable is desirable. Its full bodies design rides smoothly on rough or choppy water. Thus, is your ride on a raging river or have a boat that creates a lot of turbulence, this is the board to use. Its wider surface area is also stable while the four-piece EVA pad on its top prevents slippage. If you are a beginner and like surfing bare feet, you will love this feature. It will prevent you from tumbling over and injuring yourself.

The El Guapo from Liquid Force has a robust design that lasts for long. The CNC-machined EPS foam used to make its core for, instance, is not only durable but also water-resistant. It also has wood cladding for stability and a dual-layer glass deck that does not buckle nor breaks over time. If you enjoy stunting as your surf, therefore, consider buying this wakesurf board. Its 35-pound design can support the weight of most adult riders.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty foam core (EPS)
  • Dual layered glass deck
  • Stable full bodies design
  • Four-piece EVA pad (non-slip)
Our Verdict

Liquid Force El Guapo has a full-bodied design with a high capacity glass deck. It is a durable board. Moreover, even though heavier than the Hyperlite Landlock board, its users enjoy a smooth and effortless ride.

6. Hyperlite 2020 Riot Wakesurf Board

Hyperlite 2020 Riot Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite 2020 Riot comes in two sizes – 4.5 feet and 4.8 feet. Whether you are tall or short, therefore, this one-of-a-kind wakesurf board will not let you down. In terms of its design, the quality of this wakesurf board is desirable. The aerospace-grade foam used to make its core is durable. It also has a water-resistant design that retains its buoyancy no matter how long you leave it in the water. You can even ride it over large waves without the board breaking or developing serious structural issues.

Hyperlite 2020 Riot’s advanced foam chemistry boosts not only its longevity but also performance. The varial foam used to make it 30% stronger than stinger and blank PU foam. It is also 25% lighter, which makes the Hyperlite 2020 Riot a fast and fun board to ride on most water bodies. If you are a novice but have a thrill for speeds, this board will serve you the best. Balancing on its non-slip top is easy. It also has a large structure with four rear-mounted fins that enhance its stability and performance further.

What We Like
  • Aerospace-grade foam core
  • Tight cell structure (waterproof)
  • Lighter (25%) that competition
  • Tougher (30) that competition
Our Verdict

Hyperlite 2020 Riot is durable wakesurf board that weight about 25% lower than its competitors. Its fast and efficient design works seamlessly on most water bodies. It also has a stable structure with a stable four-fin design that is easy to maneuver.

5. Inland Surfer Black Pearl Skim Wakesurfer

Inland Surfer Black Pearl Skim Wakesurfer

Inland Surfer’s black, yellow, and white theme stands out from a distance. However, if you are in needs of a fun-to-ride board for beginners and professionals, this is a reputable brand. Most adults can fit on its 4-foot 7-inch design. If you weigh between 80 and 200 pounds, you can ride this board on most wakes with no issues. Its full frame (20.5-inches) is stable, while its 1-inch thick shell is less prone to breaking in challenging environments.

Nothing is as frustrating as riding an unstable wakesurfer board on rough water. The risk of you toppling over and hurting yourself is high, especially if you are a beginner. The Inland Surfer has a few remedies for this issue. Its wider structure offers more leg space to riders, which enhances their stability. It also has a non-slip top and two 1.2-inch S-One skim fins optimized for speed and stability.

What We Like
  • Stable S-One skim fins
  • Lightweight design (6.5 pounds)
  • Support 80-100 pounds
  • Good leg room (20.5-inches wide)
Our Verdict

With the Inland Surfer, expect a 4 foot 7-inch wakesurfer board with a lightweight 6.5-pound design. It has skim fins for stability and a robust structure that supports 80-100 pounds on the water.

4. Goplus Super Body Board

Goplus Super Body Board

Goplus Super Body Board offers individuals a pleasant surfing experience on most water bodies. Whether you enjoy surfing on the waterpark, a river, the beach, or the sea expect excellent results from this board. It comes in a fun-looking blue, black, and white theme that does not fade over time. Its XPE deck, on the other hand, is not only durable but also as excellent impact resistance. Therefore, whenever you hit a big wave, the risk of it cracking/breaking as some cheaply designed boards do is low. Its EPS core, on the other hand, has a shock-absorbing design is also resistant to water. It retains its buoyancy for long, which is good.

The Goplus Super Body Board delivers impressive results on most water bodies for three key reasons. Its sleek polyethylene bottom, for instance, enhances its projection, flexibility, and speed on most water bodies. Its dynamic design, on the other hand, has rear channels and 60/40 rails, which ease its control on all kinds of waves. Finally, for additional stability, the board comes with a free wrist rope and leash. Used as directed, they improve the traction, stability, and therefore safety of people. Depending on your riding style, you can wear it on your wrist or ankle with good results.

What We Like
  • Channels and rails for stability
  • Free wrist rope with a leash
  • Water-resistant EPS core
  • Heavy-duty XPE deck
  • Sleek polyethylene bottom
Our Verdict

The Goplus Super is a popular wakesurfer board with a durable XPE deck and sleek polyethylene bottom. It rides smoothly on most water bodies. It also has a non-slip deck and a heavy duty foam core (EPS) that is very resistant to both shock and water.

3. Giantex 6′ Surfboard

Giantex 6' Surfboard

The Giantex surfboard a reputable surfboard with a large 6-inches design. If you can carry such an item to and from your local beach or lake, do not hesitate to buy. The water-resistant EPE foam used to make its top is light yet durable. It also has a robust core (EPS foam) and a sleek PP bottom, which rides smoothly on the water. Thus, even though larger, you will attain good speeds on this surfboard. It also offers a stable and enjoyable experience to wake surfers, especially beginners.

Balancing, riding, and transporting this surfboard is easy. Its larger surface area (72 X 20 X 3-inches) supports more weight than similar boards. Its unique fishtail design, on the other hand, has a wide rail-to-rail surface area for stability. It also improves traction and enables riders to plan the lift and speed of this board in real time. You receive a free traction pad and least with each purchase. Both systems work in synergy to boost stability.

What We Like
  • Stable fishtail design
  • Durable core (EPS foam)
  • Heavy-duty top (EPE foam)
  • Removable bottom fins
  • Sleek bottom surface (PP)
Our Verdict

Giantex’s large design should never scare you. It is light, durable, and has a stable fishtail design that is beneficial for beginners. For additional stability, you get a free traction pad (non-slip) and a heavy-duty leash that fits men, women, and kids.

2. Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board

Vew-Do Surf 33 Balance Board

Before traveling to your local lake and ride a wake, it is advisable you hone your skill on land. With the Vew-Do Surf 33 balance board, you can do so safely at home. Recommended for stand-up paddlers and surfers its 33-inch deck works perfectly on dry land. It has a durable base. It also has a comfortable foam deck (EVA) (non-slip) that you can ride barefoot without irritation or injuries. Finally, this board’s novel rail and channel design works as well as most standard wakesurfer boards. You can rotate it, do tricks on it, and ride it like a traditional board without issues.

Vew-Do Surf 33 is a heavy-duty USA-made product that lasts for long. If you have two or more wake surfers at home, they can share a new one without issues. The 5-ply hard rock maple (laminate) used to make it is durable. It also has maple rails (heavy duty) and a hand-turned maple rock that lasts for years.

What We Like
  • Durable rocks (hand-turned maple)
  • Heavy-duty maple shell (5-ply laminate)
  • Comfortable foam deck (EVA)
  • Unique channel and rail design
Our Verdict

The Vew-Do Surf 33 will help you to hone your surfing skills before hitting the water. Its comfortable top is ideal for barefoot riding. It also has a durable design, which includes a hand-turned maple rock.

1. ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board

ZUP You Got

ZUP You Got This 2.0 is an all-in-one wakesurf board that also works as a ski and boogie board. If you enjoy having fun on the water, but your old board keeps letting you down, buy this one. Recommended for novices, its stable design is easy to use. Due to its wide surface area, mounting this board is easy. It also has foot straps for support and a non-slip pad (textured) that provides an excellent grip. Thus, you can ride this board barefoot safely.

The ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board is a fun-looking accessory. Its versatile design, on the other hand, is perfect for doing tricks. As you surf a river or lake, you use it to cruse calmly at the rear of a boat. You can also spin, curve, and perform rigorous tricks on the water without compromising its structure. Made from molded ABS, this is a durable wakesurf board. It also has comfortable padding (EVA foam), which is beneficial to people who ride barefoot.

What We Like
  • Comfortable/non-slip top
  • Durable shell (molded ABS)
  • Suitable for doing tricks
  • Comfortable foot supports
Our Verdict

ZUP You Got This 2.0 is a perfect wakesurf, boogie board, and ski board for men and women. If you are shopping for a sturdy brand for leisurely riding or doing tricks, it is also one of the best. It has a durable core (ABS) with a comfortable EVA padded top.

What to Look for in a Wakesurf Board


Can the wakesurf board you are planning to buy support your weight? Can the materials used to make it withstands day-to-day abuse on lakes and rivers? Before paying for a wakesurf board online or carrying one home, make sure you are getting value for money. A durable brand that is stable on the water is the best.


Look for a product that you will enjoy using. For instance, if you are six foot tall, buying a board fit for five-foot individuals will only work against you. Look for a quality model that is of the correct size. It should also have a comfortable top with a non-slip EVA padding if possible. They are comfortable and safe to ride.

Conclusion: Wakesurfing is a fun sport that you can enjoy on most water bodies. However, even though similar to surfing, you require a high-quality board that is comfortable and safe to ride outdoors. It should also have a non-slip top and sleek bottom that rides smoothly on most water bodies. Our ten picks are the best in 2020.

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