Volleyball is an enjoyable sport that involves a lot of running and jumping. Such rigorous movements predispose people with the wrong pair of shoes to foot and joint injuries. Even though the best cowboy shoes for women are stylish, for instance, never wear them to a volleyball court. They are not only heavy but also lower the flexibility of players. Look for one of the best volleyball shoes looked at herein instead. They have stable, durable, and comfortable designs. Furthermore, most brands have impact-absorbing rubber outsoles with non-slip tread patterns that boosts stability. To help you choose the best, we have reviewed their key features herein.

10. Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2

Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2

Are you looking for a lightweight pair of branded volleyball shoes that will improve your performance on the court? Over the years, Nike has developed many low-profile volleyball shoes for novices and professional players. The Nike Zoom Hyperace 2, for instance, is a popular women’s model made from mesh. The fabric is light (2.5 pounds), breathable, and has an eye-catching white theme that does not fade over time. The upper is fast-drying and has a matching TPU cage which boosts the stability of this shoe. Although light, you will enjoy better heel support as well as you play or compete.

Playing slippery volleyball courts in standard shoes is a challenge for most women. To boost traction and thus your performance and safety, use the Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 instead. Its flexible rubber sole is comfortable. For traction on hard courts, Nike has fitted a high-traction rubber sole on this shoe that works well. While playing, you will jump and run fast without slipping and injuring yourself.

What We Like
  • High traction rubber sole
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lightweight volleyball shoes
  • Clean-looking white theme
  • Supportive TPU cage
Our Verdict

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 is a stylish women’s volleyball shoe with a comfortable low-profile design. Its lightly cushioned design is non-irritant. It also has a stable cage (TPU) for support and a rubber outsole that enhances traction on most hardcourt volleyball courts.

9. Adidas Originals Ligra 6

Adidas Originals Ligra 6

Authentic Adidas shoes such as the Originals Ligra 6 for women maximize the performance of volleyball players. If you twist your ankles often or bruise your feet while playing, this is an excellent remedy. Even though it has a synthetic upper, the fabric is durable and flexible. It does not irritate feet nor cracks over time, as some cheap synthetic shoes do. Originals Ligra 6 also has a comfortable low-top design with a breathable upper (mesh) that keeps the feet cool and dry. The sublimated graphics on this shoe are cool as well.

The Adidas Originals Ligra 6 is s stable lace-up shoe for women. As you play, its synthetic leather overlays boost lateral stability. The risk of tweaking your ankle as your play thus is relatively low. Its lined interior is comfortable, while its impact-absorbing rubber sole has a non-marking Adiwear outsole that maximizes its traction.

What We Like
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Comfortable interior (lined)
  • Stable leather overlays
  • Stylish sublimated graphics
  • Durable synthetic upper
Our Verdict

Adidas Originals Ligra 6 is a stable basketball shoe for women that is comfortable as well. Its rubber sole (Adiwear) grips most courts well, while its non-irritant low-top design has overlays for stability.

8. Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 2

Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 2

The Crazyflight Bounce 2 from Adidas is a comfortable synthetic and textile volleyball shoe with a rubber sole. If you have a pair of slippery shoes you want to replace or old and uncomfortable ones, this is the right choice. The flexible rubber sole has shock absorbing properties. It also has a unique bounce cushioning, which improves the flexibility and comfort of people further. Devoid of your playing style, you will feel safe in this pair of volleyball shoes. You will also move faster and land safely on your feet while you are playing.

Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 2’s all-white design is eye-catching. If you like minimalistic shoes that deliver professionals results, it is a better option. Its low-top shaft does not irritate the heel. Thus, while it is advisable that you wear it with a pair of socks, you can wear it barefoot without irritation. Its adjustable lockdown laces are durable, while its yarn reinforcements and asymmetric rubber outsole maximize its stability. The feet, heels, and ankles are safe.

What We Like
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Non-irritant low-top shaft
  • Breathable upper (synthetic/textile)
  • Excellent lateral support
  • Comfortable bounce cushioning
Our Verdict

The Adidas Crazyflight Bounce 2 shoe has a stylish, comfortable and protective design that is beneficial to women. You can optimize its fit by tightening and loosening its laces. Its breathable upper is cool and comfortable, which its padded interior (lined) in non-irritant.

7. Wrezatro Volleyball Shoes

Wrezatro Volleyball Shoes

While buying workout items such as the best waist trimmers, most people gamble with random brands that fail to deliver. If you like sports such as volleyball, buying a reputable pair of shoes such as Wrezatro is the right decision. Apart from playing volleyball, this shoe’s multi-functional design is suitable for light jogging and or running as well. Its knitted fabric upper is has a light, comfortable, and breathable design with stable overlays. Its dark styling is eye-catching, while the padded midsole on offer cushions and protects feet.

While preparing for a workout session, you will never struggle to wear or remove this volleyball shoe. You can adjust its lace-up system with ease to fit the size and shape of your feet. Its low-top design, on the other hand, is comfortable and has a pull tab that comes in handy as well. Finally, even though light, Wrezatro’s MD sole is one of the best in this niche. While running or jumping, it flexes naturally with the feet to normalize movement. Impact absorption on the heel and forefoot is good, while its rubber outsole is non-slip.

What We Like
  • Suitable for most sports
  • Breathable knit fabric upper
  • Impact-absorbing MD sole
  • Fashionable design (many colors)
Our Verdict

Whether you enjoy volleyball, jogging, or running, this Wrezatro shoe will not let you down. Its unique style appeals to most people. Its very comfortable and supportive design is fun-to-use outdoors.

6. Adidas Volley Response Boost

Adidas Volley Response Boost

Because of the excellent reputation that Adidas has cultured over the years, you can never go wrong with its shoes. The Volley Response Boost, for instance, is a 100% synthetic women’s model with energy-returning properties. If you are a libero of defense specialist and want to move swiftly on the court, you will love this technology. With each step, it delivers an endless supply of light energy, which boosts the movement and performance of people. Moreover, due to its lightweight design, its lowers energy expenditure while playing.

The fact Adidas Volley Response Boost delivers a boost in speed does not mean you sacrifice stability. Even though light/flexible, its breathable synthetic upper has overlays for support. It not only retains its shape well but also cradles and positions feet naturally to prevent injuries. It also has a Torsion System that boosts midfoot integrity and a high-wear Adiwear outsole (non-marking) with a good grip.

What We Like
  • Premium synthetic upper (100%)
  • High-wear outsole (Adiwear)
  • Stable Torsion System on midfoot
  • Has stable overlays (perforated)
  • Energy-returning properties
Our Verdict

Optimized for fast playing, Adidas Volley Response Boost is a comfortable volleyball shoe with stable overlay. It also has a new energy-returning system, which boosts speed and lowers fatigue.

5. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4

Best known for its dramatic shoe designs, Mizuno is also home to functional volleyball shoes for men and women. The Wave Lightning Z4, for instance, is a renowned synthetic and textile model (100%) for running and playing volleyball. Its lightweight design is ideal for women. As you exercise or play, your feet will stay comfortable in this pair of shoe devoid of your level of skill. Its padded interior (lined), for instance, cradles feet comfortably. The air mesh fabric used to manufacture its upper, on the other hand, has a breathable and flexible design that maximized the comfort of its users further.

The light and superior feel of this low top Mizuno Wave shoe have made it sought-after. However, if you are conscious of safety, you will love its stability too. Its upper’s DynaMotion Fit technology, for instance, prevents the feet from rolling while playing. Its SR Touch midsole has shock absorbing properties, while the Sensorpoint suspension system on its heel prevents injuries. While spiking or blocking a shot, you can land hard or your heels without injuries.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty synthetic sole
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Breathable air mesh upper
  • Advanced cushioning (lined)
Our Verdict

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z4 is a light, breathable, and comfortable shoe for playing volleyball. Its synthetic sole has a durable design with a Sensorpoint system that enhances traction and stability. You will also love its shock-absorbing midsole and stable DynaMotion fit.

4. ASICS Upcourt 3

ASICS Upcourt 3

Nike Jordan is a dominant brand of shoes in the basketball niche. However, in the volleyball niche, ASICS is currently the most trusted brands by men and women alike. If you are shopping for a light manmade shoe for day-to-day use, check out ASICS Upcourt 3. Focused on performance, ASICS has made this shoe lighter than its predecessors. It also has a non-irritant fabric upper and true-to-size interior with a removable sock liner. Like most of its parts, the sock liner has a comfortable design that fits medical orthotics as well.

If you are beginner, the ASICS Upcourt 3 boost your performance on the volleyball court. Unlike some models that compromise the movement of people, the ASICS Upcourt 3 has an athletic stance. Its heel gradient (10mm) positions feet naturally to prevent injuries. Running and jumping in these shoes are also comfortable and safe.

What We Like
  • Stable athletic stance
  • Removable sock liner
  • Non-irritant fabric upper
  • Fits most medical orthotic
  • Durable manmade design
Our Verdict

Expect a pleasant experience with the ASICS Upcourt 3 volleyball shoe. Its stable athletic stance positions the foot naturally to boost the safety and performance of people. It also has a durable man-made design with a breathable fabric upper that keeps the feet cool.

3. ASICS Gel 1150V

ASICS Gel 1150V

As the ASICS Upcourt 3 shoe reviewed herein, ASICS Gel 1150V is a professional-grade product that benefits beginners as well. If you want a low-impact volleyball shoe that is gentle on heels, knees, and ankles, it is a perfect choice. First, because of its flexible upper (100% synthetic), ASICS Gel 1150V does not restrict the movement of its users. It also has a breathable structure that stays cool on the court and a soft gel cushioning that enhances support and comfort.

Volleyball involves a long of jumping and rigorous movements. To deliver without injuring your heel, ankle, and knees, you need an impact-absorbing volleyball shoe such as ASICS Gel 1150V. Its unique rubber sole has an impact-absorbing design with a few desirable attributes. First, the high-wear rubber on its contact points is durable. It also has a robust and impact-absorbing design, which dissipates stress efficiently while in use. This prevents serious injuries.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty rubber sole
  • High-wear rubber contacts
  • Breathable synthetic upper
  • Comfortable gel cushioning
Our Verdict

Even though ASICS Gel 1150V is not as stylish as the Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 shoe, it works well in volleyball courts. Its comfortable design is fun-to-use. It also has a non-irritant upper (synthetic) and a flexible rubber sole with a high-traction outsole that lasts for long.

2. ASICS Gel Tactic

ASICS Gel Tactic

ASICS Gel Tactic is a decent low top volleyball shoe for women made form 100% synthetic materials. If you love dramatic sports shoes and are currently shopping for one of a budget, you will like this one. It is a lightweight shoe. Weighing just three pounds, you can run and play in it for long without irritation. The synthetic fabric used to make it is also has a durable and well-finished design with breathable mesh inserts. The inserts keep feet cool and comfortable.

The comfortable design of the ASICS Gel Tactic has made it the preferred choice of many women. The gel cushion on its rearfoot, for instance, attenuates shock well during the impact phase. If you are a server or blocker, therefore, the risk of injuring your ankles as you jump up and down is very low. The system also improves mid-stance transitions and maintains the structural integrity of the shoes after weeks of use. To protect players from slipping, ASICS has fitted a non-slip and non-marking outsole on this volleyball shoe. The outsole grips most surfaces well to boost the stability of users.

What We Like
  • Protective toe guard
  • Non-slip rubber sole
  • Comfortable gel cushioning
  • Smooth mid-stance transition
  • Breathable synthetic upper
Our Verdict

The toe guard of this show will protect your foot from injuries whenever it digs into the volleyball court. It also has a cushioned rearfoot (gel) that dissipates shock naturally and a light synthetic upper with breathable mesh inserts. These enhance comfort as well.

1. ASICS Gel-Rocket 8

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8

Whenever you are rocking the ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 volleyball shoe, you will look like a star and play like one. What has made it a bestseller over the years? First, the lightweight synthetic fabric used to make it is stylish and comfortable. Its mesh tongue and upper are breathable, while its low top shaft does not compromise the movements of people. You will run comfortably in this pair of shoes. Serving and blocking shots will also be fun because of its comfortable design. Whenever you land hard after a serving, for instance, injuries will be the least of your worries. The gel cushion system on its forefoot absorbs and attenuates impact before it reaches your foot.

The advanced Trusstic technology in this volleyball shoe’s sole lowers the weight of its rubber sole. However, like most brands we have reviewed, the sole has a robust design that flexes naturally. It also has a non-slip rubber outsole with an aggressive tread pattern that enhances its stability. Slipping is never an issue for this shoe.

What We Like
  • Lightweight synthetic upper
  • Trusstic system technology
  • Long-lasting rubber sole
  • Low weight to strength ratio
Our Verdict

ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 is a competition-grade volleyball shoe with an attractive design. Its upper (synthetic) and sole (rubber) are durable and designed to enhance the speed and safety of players.

How to Select the Best Volleyball Shoe


Leather shoes are durable and eye-catching. However, because of their weight and rigidity, they are not suitable for playing volleyball. To move fast and jump high whenever you are receiving the ball, you need a lightweight shoe with a comfortable design. Check the type and quality of material used to make it. Brands with uppers made from synthetic fabrics such as mesh are ideal. They are light, flexible, and have breathable designs that maximize the comfort of people. If possible, shop for a model with well-placed overlays (leather or synthetic). They are not only comfortable but stable too.



To have an enjoyable time playing volleyball, you need a pair of shoes that will protect your feet as well. Low cut brands such as the ASICS Gel-Rocket 8, for instance, do not restrain nor irritate the feet while in use. They, they are among the best to use while playing rigorous sports such as volleyball. You also need a pair of shoes with impact-absorbing soles, comfortable padding, and a non-slip outsole that grips all court materials. ASICS Gel Tactic is ideal.


No matter how good looking or cheap a shoe is, make sure that it is of the correct size before buying. For sportspersons, ill-fitting shoes are dangerous as poorly designed ones. If you wear size eight ballet shoes for women, do not buy a size 7 or 10 volleyball shoe.


Whether are a professional volleyball player or are just starting, these are the best volleyball shoes to use in 2020. If you order an original one of the correct size, you will receive a comfortable pair of shoes that are protective too. They are also stylish and durable.

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