Toothbrushes are items for maintaining good oral hygiene. Used on a day-to-day basis, they can prevent tooth decay. They can also prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Toothbrushes come in all shapes and sizes. The structure of their bristles and the materials used to manufacture them also varies from brand to brand. For the best results, however, you will need a toothbrush that works. It should have soft and non-irritant bristles that do not irritate teeth. Moreover, whether you opt for an electric or manual model, the materials should be BPA-free and durable. In this buyer guide, we have gone over some of the best brands in 2020 for adults and children.

10. Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrushes

Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrushes

Found on the shelves of shops in America, Africa, and Asia, Colgate is one of the most popular brands of toothbrushes to date. The positive experiences people have had with its products have made it sought-for by most teens and adults. This pack of six medium sized brushes, for instance, is among the best for kids and adults for two reasons. First, these medium-sized toothbrushes are easy to use. Their ergonomic designs not only fit comfortably in the hands but also have rubber contacts that prevent slipping. While in use, therefore, the risk of the brush slipping and bruising your mouth is relatively low.

The oblique Ever Clean bristles on these toothbrushes stand out. Their rounded ends c clean food particles or coffee stains without irritating the gums and or teeth. Organized in a compact oblique shape, they also fit comfortably in the mouth of kids and adults. While brushing teeth, thus, most users can reach and clean hard to reach areas such as the cheek without issues. Change your toothbrush every three months for best results.

What We Like
  • Compact oblique head
  • Non-slip handle (ergonomic)
  • Non-irritant bristles (rounded)
  • Made from BPA-free materials
Our Verdict

Even though you should change extra-clean Colgate toothbrushes every three months to uphold good oral hygiene, they are quality items. The six toothbrushes are BPA-free and have non-irritant full-head bristles that benefit adults, teens, and even children.

9. Butler G-U-M Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush

 Butler G-U-M Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush

Doctors propose that people should brush their teeth at least twice every day. However, because of the low-grade toothbrushes we use, bruising is common when deep cleaning. Butler G-U-M’s three toothbrushes have novel designs that offer better deep-cleaning results. Each head has around 525 angled bristles which clean teeth and the gum line of individuals without irritation. Moreover, because they are easy to maneuver in the mouth, their users enjoy a fast and deep-clean experience without bruising their mouths.

Spending money on a package of toothbrushes that are very challenging to use is a poor decision. Butler G-U-M, even though smaller than many leading brands, delivers good results. These lightweight toothbrushes have ergonomic quad-grip handles that fit snug in the hand. They also have non-slip contacts that boosts safety and or the brushing technique of people, which enhances their efficacy. These plastic toothbrushes (heavy- duty) from Butler G-U-M have ergonomic handles that are less prone to breaking.

What We Like
  • Durable plastic handles (quad-slip)
  • Deep-cleaning angled bristles (525)
  • Clean both the teeth and gum line
  • Package of three toothbrushes
Our Verdict
Fitted with deep-cleaning angled bristles (angled), Butler G-U-M toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning teeth routinely. The bristles also have rounded ends, which make them safe for cleaning teeth, inner cheeks, and the gum line.

8. Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Luxe Toothbrush

Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Luxe Toothbrush

Battery-powered toothbrushes such as the Pulsar 3D White Luxe from Oral-B have eased how people brush their teeth. Their vibrating heads, for example, boost cleaning and therefore oral hygiene. Paired with a suitable toothpaste, they remove stains and or plaque efficiently and whiten teeth. They also sweep food particles and neutralize odor-releasing bacteria from the crevices of the teeth to boost oral health further. If you have bad breath, this is one of the best remedies to try out. It delivers good results always.

Oral-B Pulsar 3D White’s easy-to-use toothbrushes make routine oral care fun. Their battery-operated systems vibrate at the ideal speed for cleaning teeth thoroughly. They also have low-maintenance designs that you can adjust to conform to the structure of your teeth. Done correctly, you will get excellent results without bruises or injuries.

What We Like
  • Battery powered toothbrushes
  • Fast-cleaning vibrating heads
  • Conform to contours of the teeth
  • Comfortable/ergonomic handles
Our Verdict

Oral-B Pulsar 3D toothbrushes handle the tooth-cleaning process automatically. Their vibrating heads clear stains and plaque with no irritation. They also have comfortable handles that grip tightly in the hands. Most people can use them for long with no issues.

7. Colgate 360 Optic White Whitening Toothbrush

Colgate 360 Optic White Whitening Toothbrush

Commercial teeth whitening kits deliver. However, because of their price and their propensity to irritate sensitive teeth, they are not suitable for all people. If you are one of them, order these four Optic White Colgate 360 Optic toothbrushes instead. The soft polishing bristles present on their heads remove tough stains naturally. The bristles are durable and have flexible designs with rounded ends that do not irritate teeth or gums.

Have you used many remedies for neutralizing bad breath with poor results? Colgate 360 Optic are efficient toothbrushes that are suitable for “neutralizing” bad breath as well. These toothbrushes have cheek and tongue cleaners for clearing odor-releasing bacteria from the cheeks and tongue without irritation. They also have flexible bristles (soft) that penetrate hard-to-reach areas and therefore clean the mouth thoroughly. With a new pack, you will no longer have to isolate yourself during parties due to bad breath.

What We Like
  • Soft and flexible bristles
  • Deep penetrating and cleaning design
  • Maximum comfort handle
  • Built-in cheek and tongue cleaner
Our Verdict

To clean stained teeth and neutralize bad breath, this is the best toothbrush to use. Its flexible round end bristles clean efficiently without irritation. You also get four durable brushes with tongue and cheek cleaners that clean odor-releasing bacteria in the mouth.

6. Oral-B Complete Deep Clean Soft Bristles Toothbrush

Oral-B Complete Deep Clean Soft Bristles Toothbrush

You will love the deep clean bristles on these four Oral-B Complete toothbrushes. Due to their soft and comfortable structure, they clean the teeth thoroughly without irritation. All bristles also have power tips that massage gums and indicators that show when they are old and ineffective. You will know when to replace these soft toothbrushes easily.

Regular toothbrushes are unable to remove stubborn stains and plaque on teeth. To be effective, people have to exert a lot of pressure while brushing that often irritates teeth and gums. Oral-B Complete Deep Clean toothbrushes have a superior design that offers better results. Their power tip bristles clean plaque and troublesome stains with little to no effort. Use gentle cyclic motions and a high-quality toothpaste to get the best results.

What We Like
  • Power tip indicator bristles
  • Clean plaque and stain efficiently
  • Bristles are soft and non-irritant
  • Safe for massaging the gums
  • Clean hard-to-reach areas well
Our Verdict
Oral-B Complete Deep Clean toothbrushes can remove stains and plaque from teeth. Trusted globally, these reputable toothbrushes also have non-irritant power tip bristles that are suitable for massaging the gums.

5. Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrushes

 Colgate Extra Clean Full Head Toothbrushes

Colgate Extra Clean is a cost-effective package of high-quality toothbrushes for routine cleaning of teeth. Each package contains six full-head toothbrushes, each with circular power bristles. These scrub and then clean the teeth thoroughly without bruising and irritating the gums. The bristles also have rounded tips which boost their performance further. They can penetrate crevices and the back of teeth for a deep clean. If you have heavily stained teeth, therefore, a new set will restore your look and also confidence.

The best deep-cleaning toothbrushes are those that are easy to use. Colgate Extra Clean toothbrushes are among them because of their comfortable and or easy-to-grip handles. Most people, including those with arthritis, can grip them and use them as needed with no issues. Handles are non-slip and come in four colors – one for each family member.

What We Like
  • Deep cleaning power bristles (circular)
  • Comfortable and non-slip handles
  • Non-irritant toothbrush bristles
  • Clean stains and plagues efficiently
Our Verdict

Colgate Extra Clean toothbrushes are the best for removing stains and or plaque from the teeth. Bristles are soft and non-irritant, while their non-slip handles are comfortable.

4. Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush

Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush

If you are conscious about oral health, you need quality toothpaste and these Clinical Pro-Flex toothbrushes from Oral-B. You may have to dig deeper in your pocket to own an original pack. However, these medium-sized 40M toothbrushes offer several health benefits. In some clinical trials, Oral-B Pro-Health toothbrushes have eliminated effects of issues such as gingivitis in just two weeks. Their flexible heads deliver a superior clean, while being gentle on the gums. Therefore, used on a day-to-day basis, people with bad breath or stained/discolored teeth benefit from these pro-flex brushes as well.

Oral-B Pro-Health are dentist-recommended toothbrushes for people of all ages. Unlike regular toothbrushes that break easily, these have a robust and long-lasting structure. They also have BPA-free handles with a non-slip rubberized grip for easier handling. While brushing your teeth, you can maneuver these toothbrushes easily in your mouth.

What We Like
  • Comfortable handles (non-slip)
  • Fast cleaning pro-flex bristles
  • Gentle on teeth and gums
  • Dentist-recommended product
Our Verdict

Oral-B Pro-Health is a pack of dentist-recommended pro-flex toothbrushes that deliver a thorough clean. They are non-irritant, flexible, and made from safe and durable materials.

3. RADIUS – Totz Toothbrush

 RADIUS - Totz Toothbrush

RADIUS – Totz Toothbrushes deliver a memorable experience to kids aged 18+ years old. If your boy or girl struggles to clean his or her teeth with a standard toothbrush at home, replace it with this one. Its small head is the best for cleaning small teeth. It also fits comfortably in their little mouths and has gum-safe bristles that do not irritate kids. RADIUS brushes have thick, and light handles that kids can hold and maneuver easily.

While buying a toothbrush, do not order unbranded ones of an unknown origin. Instead, look for a safe and trusted one such as RADIUS to get the best product for your bundle of joy. Its parts do not contain latex, BPA, and or phthalate. Their perfectly-sized heads also have soft vegetable-derived bristles (4500) that get the job done safely. The risk of your kid choking on these Totz toothbrushes while unattended is therefore very low.

What We Like
  • Perfectly-sized head for kids
  • Vegetable-derived bristles (4500)
  • Thick and comfortable handle
  • Phthalate, BPA, and latex-free
Our Verdict

RADIUS – Totz Toothbrushes are 100% safe for all children. They are of a decent size. They also have kid-safe components that can clean teeth without irritation or injuries.

2. Nimbus Microfine Regular-Size Toothbrush

Nimbus Microfine Regular-Size Toothbrush

With Nimbus Microfine, you get five toothbrushes (regular-sized) suitable for cleaning teeth every day. Even though manual, the super-fine bristles on these toothbrushes work like a charm. They lift dirt and stains on normal and or sensitive teeth without irritating their users. Moreover, due to their round ends, these bristles do not poke gum of the roof of the mouth while in use. They deliver a thorough clean always without irritation.

Designed by a periodontist, Nimbus toothbrushes are safe items that work as advertised. The unique Do Not Harm principle of these toothbrushes makes them safe for children and the elderly. While brushing, maneuvering them is also easy due to their light and well-balanced handles. People with sore arthritic wrists can use them efficiently.

What We Like
  • Light and well-balanced toothbrushes
  • Super-fine bristles with round ends
  • Deliver a thorough yet safe clean
  • Durable and safe components
Our Verdict

These light and well-balanced toothbrushes benefit people who want a thorough clean without exerting a lot of effort. They are also safe, non-irritant, and last for many weeks.

1. Oral-B White Pro 1000 Power Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B White Pro 1000 Power Electric Toothbrush

Oral-B White Pro’s electric toothbrush has pulsing and oscillating 3D bristles that break-up and clean plagues well. It also has sweep and clean modes for optimizing how it clean and a dentist-approved design that includes a timer. The timer is in its handle and helps people to maintain the recommended 2-minute brushing time automatically.

The timer and pressure sensor in this toothbrush boost the experience of people while brushing teeth. The replaceable CrossAction brush head that you get is equality good. Because its 3D bristles offer deep cleaning results, they are the best for cleaning plaques or stains on teeth. They also support precision, sensitive, and FlossAction cleaning and are easy to change when worn. Pop the worn one and install a new head on the handle.

What We Like
  • Fully electric toothbrush
  • Replaceable brush heads
  • Adjustable cleaning modes
  • Accurate timer (built-in)
Our Verdict

If you can afford an electric toothbrush, this is the best brand in 2020. It has a powerful brush head with CrossAction bristles. It also has a reliable battery-powered system, which includes a 2-minute timer. You get a charger, head, and handle in each package.

How to Choose Best Toothbrush


Toothbrushes are of two broad types – manual and electric, each with its cons and pros. Electric toothbrushes, for instance, have reliable battery-powered systems that break down and clean plague and stains well. They also have adjustable cleaning modes and add-on features such as timers that improve how people clean their teeth. Unfortunately, they are not only bulky but also cost a fortune in stores. If you have a tight budget, look for a manual brush instead. They are also perfect for cleaning sensitive teeth and have portable designs that work everywhere every time. Weight the options before buying.


The quality of the bristles of your toothbrush of choice dictates the experience you will have at home? While shopping for a new set, this is one of the features you must check. Evaluate their structure. Are the bristles soft and non-irritant? What are people saying about their ability to clean the gums and teeth? A product with hard bristles made from cheap plastic will let you down over time. To clean teeth thoroughly and safely, look for a toothbrush with soft and flexible bristles. Bristles with rounded ends are also ideal for cleaning sensitive teeth or sensitive jawlines. Buy a product you will enjoy using.



Toothbrushes get in contact with sensitive areas of the mouth such as the tongue, cheek, and roof of the mouth. While shopping for a new set, therefore, look for a product made of quality materials. Plastic components such as handles should lack chemicals such as BPA and phthalates. Furthermore, if the intended user of the brush is a kid, shop for a model with vegetable bristles. They are safe for kids who are old enough to brush their teeth.

Ease of Use

Larger and poorly-balanced toothbrushes are frustrating to use. Toothbrushes with large heads are equally hard to use, especially by kids. While choosing new toothbrushes for every day use, keep this in mind. Look for a light toothbrush with an ergonomic handle. If possible, it should also have non-slip inserts on the handle, which improve its fit and thus control. People bruise their gums and lips often while using slippery toothbrushes.


A toothbrush is a necessity for maintaining good oral hygiene. However, because many people have old and worn out models at home, they often fail to get their desired results. Our article can help you to overcome this problem. Visit your favorite store and buy one of the brands we have reviewed. They are robust, dependable, and clean teeth well.

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