Do you find your bedroom boring at night? Is your child afraid of the dark? Well, you can change the mood of your room(s) easily with the help of the best star projector. Most models create a soothing ambience with light and shapes such as stars. They also present children the opportunity to learn the alphabet or about the Galaxy in a fun and soothing way. To help you achieve the best experience, we have reviewed a few bestsellers herein. Keep reading as we explore these options.

10. DSTANA Star Light Projector

DSTANA Star Light Projector

The DSTANA star light projector is a unique product with a design that offers kids a fun experience at home. It has a cute egg shape with a scratch-free cover that lasts for long. It also has a noiseless rotating motor, which does not disrupt sleep as it is in use at home. Finally, using an onboard timer, you can set it to switch off automatically at a specified time or when your child has already slept.

The lamp illuminates a night sky, which consists of the moon and stars to arouse curiosity in your child. Moreover, using onboard buttons, kids can customize its look and performance without the help of parents. The buttons have labels for easier identification. They are also responsive and designed to withstand abuse from kids without falling off. DSTANA is portable and has a lanyard for hanging it indoors or outdoors. Finally, it has an external USB power supply for charging.

What We Like
  • Scratchproof cover
  • Buttons are easy to use
  • Support USB charging
  • Noiseless rotating motor
  • Automatic timer (built-in)
Our Verdict

DSTANA can transform your kid’s bedroom into the wonderland he or she has dreamt of visiting. Its charming star theme looks good on walls and ceilings. It rotates to cover a large space and has a quiet motor that does not disrupt sleep at night. It is a good decoration for parties as well.

9. Eterichor Starry Night Light Projector

Eterichor Starry Night Light Projector

The Eterichor Starry Night Light Projector has a unique design that blends two themes. It has an underwater world theme and a starry sky that will boost your child’s interest in astronomy. It has a full turn rotation that covers large spaces and amazing sea animals like the jellyfish and dolphins. Finally, by adjusting its eight-mode settings, you can optimize its color scheme to fits the colors in your child’s room.

Eterichor has a three-button system for setting both its rotation and color display options. It is also light to carry from one room the other and has a dual power system that supports batteries and USB connections. As such, you can use it as a day-to-day light source for your kid’s room instead of using the best floor lamp or light bulb.

What We Like
  • Stunning underwater theme
  • USB or battery-powered
  • Eight lighting modes
  • Light/portable design
Our Verdict

Are you planning to spice up your child’s bedroom with new décor? Even though balloon and ribbons are ideal, the Eterichor Starry Night Light is one of your best options. Its underwater theme improves the ambience of homes. Its battery and USB powered design also has eight adjustable light modes that you customize to meet the needs of your kid.

8. Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

The Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector is a fun and educative device for your kids. It presents a beautiful cluster of the planets, nebula, and the entire galaxy in the room, which teaches kids about the outer space in a fun way. Moreover, because it mimics a space ship ready for takeoff, it is an excellent centrepiece for bedrooms. Each original projector has three interchangeable discs, each containing different and amazing images that rotate automatically and interchangeably.

Discovery Kids has a motor that provides a 360 automatic rotation to illuminate the walls and the ceiling. It also uses batteries and hence is movable in different locations. An inbuilt focus adjuster enhances the quality of images, while its three-way switch is easy to use. Finally, Discovery Kids is compact and easy for your little one to carry.

What We Like
  • Stars and galaxies theme
  • Stationary and moving modes
  • Stunning photo slides (32)
  • Unique space-station shell
Our Verdict

Is your child interested in astronomy? Even though camera telescopes and USB microscopes can boost his or her expertise in this niche, the Discovery Kids projector is an ideal gift. Its unique space station design creates a stunning light shoe that kids love. Its picture slides (32) are clear and durable, while its rotating design can light up a large room.

7. Amouhom Night Light Baby Star Projector

Amouhom Night Light Baby Star Projector

The Amouhom Night Light Baby Star Projector will bring the outer space directly to your child’s room. It will inspire your child’s interest to discover and learn more about astronomy via its eight-color rotating lamp and beautiful views with tons of color. Like other popular brands, this is a highly convenient lamp. Once set up on a shelf and powered, you can use it from the comfort of your bed using a remote control.

The unique design of Amouhom has a digital timer display. You only need to set the number of minutes you need it running using a one-touch button or by use of a remote. The product also includes an auto-off option to turn it off long after you and your baby have fallen asleep. It is cordless, which makes it ideal for outdoor adventure. The rechargeable battery it uses (via a USB port) works for over ten hours.

What We Like
  • Multi-colored (eight modes)
  • USB-rechargeable design
  • Auto-off functionality
  • Durable and rotating lamp
Our Verdict

The rotating lamp of the Amouhom star projector has an exciting, multi-colored system that lights up dull spaces. If your kid’s room is dark or lacks character, this will be an excellent addition. It also has a soothing design that you can set to switch off automatically via a time.

6. Shayson Rotating Star Projector

Shayson Rotating Star Projector

The Shayson Rotating Star Projector features a set of five different themes ranging from the solar system, best wishes messages, and the undersea world. It will make your child’s bedtime magical, as he or she will always be looking forward to the night. The projector rotates 360 degrees to fill every wall and the ceiling with projected stars. Thus, set up well, it will turn your kid’s room into a cool outer space world.

The innovative lamp has straightforward instructions on how to change and fit the films. It also has a user-friendly design with easy to use modes for your child. With the touch of a button, for instance, you can adjust its brightness or switch on its night mode. It dual power options, on the other hand, enable you to use batteries or a USB cable as a source of power. The design is suitable for breastfeeding as the lighting is just perfect, and it will not affect and wake up your baby.

What We Like
  • Rotating light (360 degrees)
  • Battery and USB-powered
  • Soothing white light
  • Five different themes
Our Verdict

The soothing designs and colours of the Shayson star projector make it a good addition to homes. Your children will love having one in their bedroom for many reasons. Its five customizable themes, for instance, are stunning. It also rotates and has a battery-powered design that you can set up anywhere in your home. You can also power it via a USB connection.

5. SINWEDA Sky Star Light Projector

SINWEDA Sky Star Light Projector

The SINWEDA Sky Star Light Projector will bring the most beautiful nightlife to your room at night. You will also love the sea animals in this projector and the calmness that it brings to rooms. A new one will helps your child to fall asleep faster and have a better rest overall. If you have a house party, this projector will serve as a beautifying décor. It will create a warm, inviting, and adequately LED-lit environment.

The lamp rotates at 360 degrees to send a calm effect to every corner of the room and the ceiling. Depending on your mood, you have the option of choosing different colors and effects as well, which is ideal. Finally, this projector has two convenient powering option. You may power it via the installed USB port on your wall plug, power banks, and even your laptop. You may alternatively use triple-A batteries.

What We Like
  • LED-backlit design
  • Battery-powered (AAA)
  • Rotates (360 degrees)
  • Soothes kids to sleep
Our Verdict

Did you know that star projectors soothe babies to sleep at night? The calm multi-theme design of SINWEDA, for instance, stands out in many ways. First, you only need three AAA batteries for it to work. It also has a quiet, rotating projector that lights up small to large rooms.

4. ANTEQI Star Sky Night Projector

ANTEQI Star Sky Night Projector

The ANTEQI Star Sky Night Projector has a unique make that will give your living room or bedroom a romantic feel. It will also make your child’s dream of becoming an astronomer a reality, albeit much sooner. Its projection of stars and the moon, for instance, creates a nightlife that is a rare spectacle. Moreover, its rotating stars will not only broaden your kid’s imagination but also soothe him/her to sleep.

The design has an adjustable light intensity, which ranges from warm light to multiple color settings. You can adjust these to suit your taste. The lamp also rotates to fill your walls and ceiling with stars, has a flexible runtime, and can turn off automatically after a specified time. Thus, apart from kid’s rooms, it is an excellent decoration for house parties. ANTEQI has a USB power port for overnight use and a backup battery option. Hence, you need not worry about sudden power outages.

What We Like
  • USB power port
  • Auto-off feature
  • Rotating stars (soothing)
  • Adjustable timer
Our Verdict

With ANTEQI, you can bring the outdoors indoors without spending a lot of money. Its unique stars theme is soothing. It rotates to cover a large area and has an onboard timer for optimizing its performance. Finally, the ANTEQI projector has an auto shut off feature for safety.

3. REMU Night Light Projector

REMU Night Light Projector

The REMU Night Light Projector is one of the best design that will bring the upcountry night skies to your townhouse. The projection of the stars is so real and beautiful, while its adjustable color modes will suit your mood and taste. For your children, they will have the most calming environment that is friendly and sleep soothing. You can use the light level, and color mode features to put your kids to sleep in a well-lit room but not too bright to disrupt sleep.

The design also has a rotating motor that projects its stars over a 360-degree radius. Hence, an original one will illuminate your room from the ceiling to the walls. The dome of this projector is easy to open when changing films. Its three operating buttons are also user-friendly. Additionally, this design has a USB and battery power supply options, hence convenient for both indoor and outdoor adventure.

What We Like
  • Rotating motor
  • USB/battery-powered
  • Adjustable color and intensity
  • Three-button system
Our Verdict

REMU’s three-button design is easy to operate. Once linked to a power source (battery or UV), you can adjust its color and intensity. With the touch of a button, you can also set it to rotate to cover a large area.

2. Sega Toys Homestar Flux Stars Projector

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Stars Projector

The Sega Toys Homestar is manufactured to give you an amazing natural experience of the galaxy. It has up to sixty thousand stars and utilizes the most advanced technology of glass lenses to deliver multilevel performance. It also has a shooting star function as well as a rotating motor that boosts coverage. At the comfort of your seat or bed, you can adjust the viewing angle and focus on getting your best view.

A Sega star projector includes posters for the northern and southern hemispheres. It also has an automatic timer to align your viewing with your relaxation hours. You can easily control the frequency of the shooting star and can turn it on or off by the touch of a button. The discs rotate quietly to offer you a calm, peaceful moment. Additionally, it has a USB port to connect to your power bank to keep it running.

What We Like
  • Quiet motor (rotates)
  • Automatic timer
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Quality glass lenses
Our Verdict

The clear glass lenses of Sega Toys Homestar generate clear images indoors. It rotates quietly and has a charming black theme that blends well in bathrooms and movie rooms. However, you need a USB connection for it to work.

1. SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector

SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector

The SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector is a unique and advanced design to deliver different natural effects. It has up to six different soothing natural sounds such as thunder, ocean breeze, and summer nights to provide the best mood for you to relax. This make also has a four-level timer to accommodate the time you need to fall asleep.

Its timer is adjustable using the provided remote control. Hence, you need not move from the comfort of your bed to change or to turn it off. Another exciting feature is its Bluetooth speaker capabilities. You may opt to play some soothing music from your other devices via Bluetooth pairing. Its aurora on and off feature enables you to select a mix of colors with or without lots of red lights effects. Additionally, you can adjust its brightness in three preset levels of low, medium, or high.

What We Like
  • Seven lighting modes
  • Has soothing sound
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Soothing natural effects
Our Verdict

The natural effects of the SOAIY Aurora projector have a soothing effect on the body. It induces sleep naturally. Moreover, during parties, you can use it to boost the ambience of your home on a budget.

Buying Guide for the Best Stars Projectors


Will the system of the star projector you are planning to buy match the design of your home? Even though star projectors are low-cost items, buy a product that you will enjoy using. It should have crisp and well-defined stars, animals, or shapes. Moreover, if possible, look for a product with an adjustable light and color scheme – they are the best.

Ease of Use

Do not buy a product that requires the intervention of a professional to work. Plug and use models that come ready to use off the shelf, for instance, are ideal. You should also opt for a model with convenient buttons and or a remote that works from the comfort of your bed.

Power Source

Does your projector of choice use batteries or an electrical connection? Even though both are ideal, a battery-powered projector will work for long after an electrical outlet. They are also portable and therefore suitable for illuminating rooms and or camping sites. Choose the best.

Conclusion: Star projectors are versatile items that for illuminating bed rooms and living rooms. They have a soothing effect on the mind. They are also perfect for teaching kids the alphabet or the Galaxy in a fun and exciting way. Our top 10 picks on this article offer these benefits.

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