Maintaining frizz and or poorly-defined curly hair is a chore for millions of women. Straightening them is a fairly hard task even while using of flat iron. The professionals in salons also charge slightly more money to care for curly hair than they do straight hair. Fortunately, unlike what some women think, having curly hair is not a curse. The best shower caps not only retain the structure of curly hair while bathing but also make routine care easier. Here are some of the best brands in 2020:

1. Betty Dain Fashionista Shower Cap

Betty Dain Fashionista Shower Cap

Maintaining bouncy and healthy curls is as easy as wearing the best shower cap while bathing or showering. If you have curly hair, for instance, start using the Fashionista shower cap from Betty Dain from now. It lined interior has a soft and comfortable structure, which is safe for hair. The PEVA lining does not snag or pull hair while in use. It also has a non-irritant texture and a waterproof nylon exterior that is resistant to mildew and mold. As you shower or spend time poolside, Betty Dain keeps hair dry.

Betty Dain’s sassy outer surface has stylish black grey stripes that do not fade over time. Moreover, whether you have thick or thin hair, this shower cap will serve you well. Its extra-large dome fits most women comfortably. It also has an elasticized hem that you can adjust to optimize its fit as your shower or lounge poolside. Like its lining, the hem has a smooth and well-finished structure that does not damage the hairline over time.

What We Like
  • Comfortable oversized dome
  • Non-irritant PEVA lining
  • Has a soft/elasticized hem
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Many stylish fabric patterns
Our Verdict

The Betty Dain shower cap protects thick and thin hair from water and chemicals while showering. Its over-sized dome not only fits all women but also has a non-irritant PEVA lining. It also has an elasticized hem, which you can adjust to improve fit.

2. Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap

Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap

Women spend a lot of money styling their curly hair only for water to ruin it while showering. If you have tried the best towels or bathing instead of showering with no change, use this Goody Styling shower cap. Suitable for traveling and use at home, it comes in a compact package that you can store or carry easily. It also has a spacious design with an elasticized hem that fits snugly while in use. Therefore, as you shower, the risk or water seeping into your hair from under this shower cap is very low.

Even though waterproof, some shower caps have irritant and or uncomfortable designs that frustrate their users. Fortunately, this multi-colored model from Goody Styling is not one of them. Its waterproof outer surface keeps the hair dry and well-protected while showering. It also has a light and generously-sized design that accommodates heads of all shapes and sizes. It also benefits people with thick or thin straight and or curly hair.

What We Like
  • Adjustable to fit most women
  • Light and non-irritant fabric
  • Comfortable elasticized hem
  • Come in a portable package
Our Verdict

Goody Styling is a water-resistant shower cap that protects the hair from water and chemicals. Its spacious top fits all women comfortably. It is also light and resistant to mold and mildew.

3. Simply Elegant XL Shower Cap

Simply Elegant XL Shower Cap

Simply Elegant is an aesthetic black-themed shower cap with a multi-functional extra-large design. If you have very thick hair that requires a lot of effort to manage, this is one of the best to use. Its extra-large dome fits large head with thick hairstyle and or long hair naturally. If you have dreadlocks, braids, or a fancy weave that is sensitive to water, this can will benefit you as well. Its durable top is 100% waterproof. It is also resistant to most chemicals and does not stain or grow mildew/mold over time.

The hard or wrinkly materials used to make some brands of shower caps irritate people over time. Others snug or pull hair, and eventually damage the hairline. Simply Elegant does not have such issues. Its hem has a non-irritant drawstring closure that does not dig into the skin. Whether you have a medium or large head, you can adjust it effortlessly to maximize comfort. It also has a lined interior (satin), which is comfortable as well.

What We Like
  • Waterproof XL dome
  • Comfortable liner (satin)
  • Adjustable drawstring closure
  • 100% waterproof shower cap
Our Verdict

Simply Elegant fits women with big heads, dreadlocks, or this natural hair. Its premium design has an adjustable drawstring closure that you can adjust to customize its fit and or comfort.

4. Honest Good Eco-Friendly Shower Cap

 Honest Good Eco-Friendly Shower Cap

Eco-friendly shower caps such as Honest Good are not only safe for humans but also the environment. If you have curly hair or any other type that is sensitive to water, you will benefit from this cap too. The recycled PEVA nylon used to make it is 100% water resistant. It also has a smooth and silky texture that is resistant to mold, mildew, and harsh chemicals as such as chlorine. To maintain its structure and good looks, rinse it with clean water after use.

Honest Good is a lovable shower cap for women with long or curly hair. Its trendy design, for instance, is cute. Moreover, due to its ease of use, this cap makes bathing and showering fun. To wear and remove it, all you have to do is bungee its elastic hem and slip in on or off of your hair. Like all of its other parts, the hem’s comfortable design does not irritate or dig into the skin.

What We Like
  • Waterproof PEVA shells
  • Comfortable elastic hem
  • Trendy colors/designs
  • Has a spacious dome
Our Verdict

Showering in this Honest Good shower cap is a fun process for all women. Its smooth, comfortable, and non-irritant design is fun to use. It also has a water-resistant PEVA nylon shell and an elastic hem that women can slip on/off their heads effortlessly.

5. CSM Women’s PEVA Single Waterproof Shower cap

 CSM Women's PEVA Single Waterproof Shower cap

To maintain straight and lustrous hair, use quality shampoo when cleaning. You also need this premium CSM shower cap to protect it from water and chemical that might damage it over time. Made from a single layer of PEVA nylon, it has a light and waterproof design. The fabric also has a smooth and comfortable structure, which is also safe for all types of hair. During a long shower, therefore, you will never worry about it pulling and or breaking the hair as low-grade ones do. It also keeps chemicals and water off of hair and is easy to clean by hand after usage.

Even though single layered, CSM has a heavy-duty design that lasts for long. Its reinforced seams do not rip over time. It also has a smooth and pliable structure, which does not crack, stretch, or lose its luxurious feel after several washes. Fully-stretched, CSM can fit head circumferences between 52cm and 60cm. If you have thick hair that needs special care while showering, do not hesitate to buy one. Its elastic hem is broad and comfortable.

What We Like
  • Waterproof PEVA shell
  • Adjustable hem (53-60cm)
  • Dry/hand-washable cap
  • Smooth and comfortable design
Our Verdict

CSM is a single layer shower cap that offers proper protection from water and chemicals. It is a comfortable product with an elastic hem (52-60cm) that does not irritate people while in use.

6. ESARORA Shower/Bath Caps


ESARORA is a pack of four double layer shower caps that are beneficial to women with all hair lengths. If you have thin and delicate hair or thick curly one, you will love this cap for many reasons. Its upgraded design, for instance, is 100% waterproof. When preparing for a date night and want to protect your hair from damage, you will appreciate having one around. It also has a soft and quiet design that you can sleep in without irritation.

Many large caps have a dull or ruffled finish that compromises the outlook of women. However, this pack off four ESARORA caps is different. Their well-engineered design thick and styled hair comfortably without ruffling. All caps are stylish and have thick and non-irritant elastic bands that do not irritate people. Thus, while in use, the risk of these shower caps slipping off and exposing hair to water is low. They are also perfect for sleeping.

What We Like
  • Perfectly-sized for all women
  • Four vividly-colored shower caps
  • Comfortable perimeter edges
  • Water-resistant nylon shell
Our Verdict

ESARORA is a pack of four water-resistant shower caps that fit all women. Their non-ruffed shells are smooth and comfortable. All caps are durable and have vivid and fade-resistant colors.

7. Huachnet Waterproof Double Layer Shower Caps

Huachnet Waterproof Double Layer Shower Caps

Huachnet has a stylish red dot design that is also beneficial to women. If you have used models that have leaked over time or damaged your hairline, this is a better option. Its double layers design (EVA and chiffon) is durable. You can shower and sleep in it for weeks without cracking or ripping on the seams. It also has a waterproof design with an elastic pullover band that secures well on the head. Even while wet, therefore, Huachnet does not slip. It is also protective and designed to protect thin and thick hair.

The hard and uncomfortable shower caps that women have at home are bothersome in many ways. Their rough or hard hems irritate the skin over time. Others pinch the skin and or pull hair, which is equally frustrating. Huachnet is different. The chiffon liner in its interior is non-irritant. Its hem, on the other hand, has a pullover elastic that expands to 27 centimeters. Whether you have a small head or a big one with thick hair, it will fit you well.

What We Like
  • Elastic pullover hem
  • Lined interior (chiffon)
  • Waterproof EVA top
  • Fashionable outlook
  • Double layer structure
Our Verdict

Huachnet’s double layer design consists of a water-resistant EVA top and a comfortable chiffon liner. Its fashionable design not only stretches to fit women but is also resistant to molds.

8. Dilly’s Collections Shower Caps

Dilly's Collections Shower Caps

Dilly’s Collections Shower Caps are multi-functional items that benefit women in many ways. If you want a comfortable cap that can preserve hair treatments, it is an ideal brand. Its waterproof design not only seals out water but also has a microfiber lining for comfort. If you wear it correctly, therefore, you can bathe or shower with a peace of mind that you weave/dreadlocks is safe.

The smooth microfiber lining in this shower caps does many jobs. First, it boosts the comfort of its users. Its silky structure does not pull hair nor irritate people even when used for long. Second, its absorbent design handles moisture transport well. While in use, it can dry all types of hair without damaging styling. Dilly’s Collections Shower Cap has a stylish black and white look that does not fade over time. It resists mold and mildew as well.

What We Like
  • Stylish and fade-proof finish
  • Comfortable microfiber liner
  • Water-resistant structure
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Retains styling of the hair
Our Verdict

You will love the style, longevity, and the comfortable design of this shower cap for women. If you are looking for a brand that you can sleep in or dries the hair safely, it is also a perfect brand.

9. Niceeshop Reusable Waterproof Shower Cap

Niceeshop Reusable Waterproof Shower Cap

Disposable shower caps for curly hair are expensive in the long term. They are also unsafe for the environment considering that people dispose of them after a single use. If you are mindful of your spending or the environment, a reusable shower cap such as Niceeshop will serve you better. Its waterproof double layer design protects the hair from water and chemical damage. The superfine microfiber layer in its interior, on the other hand, has a soft and absorbent texture that does not damage the hair. You can shower in it and wear it for long after that with no issues.

Niceeshop has an elastic hem that stretches to about 36cm (14.2 inches). Whether you have a small or large head or thick or thin hair, it will fit you comfortably. Its outer PVC film, on the other hand, is not only waterproof but also durable. If you handle it delicately and wash it as directed after use, it can last for months.

What We Like
  • Waterproof PVC film
  • Comfortable lining (microfiber)
  • Stretches to about 36cm
  • Has a reusable design
Our Verdict

Niceeshop is a reusable shower cap with a waterproof PVC film and a comfortable microfiber liner. Its one-piece design expands to fit all women. It is also stylish and less susceptible to chemical damage.

10. Turbella Superpower Cap

Turbella Superpower Cap

Turbella is one of the few shower caps that can remove humidity from hair. Its spacious design not only fits long and curly hair but is also waterproof and protective. After a long day in the salon, a new one can protect your hair from water or chemicals that always cause damage. Its breathable design also wicks out heat and sweat to keep hair dry and therefore retain its styling. Buy one today to save the vast amounts women use to repair damaged hair. You will not have to restyle your hair after every shower.

The demand for the Turbella shower cap is high because of its comfortable design. Its oversized design, for instance, can fit over and secure thin and thick hair or all head shapes and sizes. It also has a thick and anti-slip band that does not dig into the forehead nor slips while in use. If you require a comfortable shower cap that you can sleep in, your search has ended. To optimize its fit, all you have to do is loosen or tighten its strap.

What We Like
  • Comfortable anti-slip band
  • Seals out moisture from hair
  • Durable USA-made shower cap
  • Mildew and mold resistant
Our Verdict

Turbella is a mold and mildew-resistant shower cap with an adjustable band (anti-slip). The band secures it well on the head without irritating the forehead. It is also leak proof and comfortable.

What to Look for in the Best Shower Cap for Curly Hair


While shopping for shower caps, women have a never-ending debate of whether to buy disposable or reusable ones. Although both are effective, disposable shower caps cost a lot of money in the end. However, they are more hygienic than reusable ones because people use them once and dispose. Keep these in mind the next time you are out shopping and choose the best type.


The main reason for wearing a shower cap while showering or bathing is to protect the hair from damage. Therefore, buying a brand that tears easily or leaks under the shower is one of the worst decisions you can make. Look for a dependable double layered cap such as ESARORA instead. It has a leak-proof outer shell that keeps water/moisture from hair to prevent damage.


The loud and wrinkly material used to make some brands of shower caps is irritant as well. If possible, avoid such products at all costs. Look for a brand with a lining made from premium material such as microfiber. Their comfortable designs are less likely to irritate the scalp or pull/damage hair. You should also look for a cap with an elastic hem that you can stretch to fit your head.


Using one of the renowned shower caps we have reviewed, you can protect your hair from damage while showering. They are also comfortable, durable, and among the best for maintaining the structure (straight/curly/normal) and the styling of the hair.

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