If you travel for short distances to work or school, Li-ion bicycles are beneficial than cars in several ways. First, they are not only cheap to own, but also to maintain. After a few hours of charging, you can ride them to the mall or work without breaking a sweat. They are also safe for the environment and are relatively easier to ride than manual bicycles are. In this article, we have shared a fantastic review of the best Li-Ion electric bicycles to buy in 2020. The updated guide covers some of the fastest, safest, and most dependable models of electric bikes for men, women, and teens.

10. W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike

W Wallke Folding Aluminum Electric Bike

Riding an electric bicycle to work or school is an enjoyable and safe activity for people of all cadres. To lower your environmental footprint as well, look for an Eco-friendly bike such as W Wallke. Its aluminium frame is light, durable, and foldable. Its rust and corrosion resistance is excellent, while its ability to support over 100 kilograms makes W Wallke perfect for all adults.

The bicycle’s fat tire configuration is beneficial to outdoor lovers. Its solid rubber tires (4-inches) ride smoothly on-road or off-road and a durable as well. The risk of slipping on mud or lose ground, thus, is low, which improves the safety of people. The responsive double disk brakes and the removable Li-ion battery (48V 10.4ah) that the bicycle has have also made it sought-after. After a charge time of approximately 4-5 hours, the battery has a range of 25-35 miles. In synergy with the brushless 700W motor on the rear wheel of the bike, it propels it to a speed of 30 miles per hour. You can check speed and mileage in real time on an LCD meter on the front.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting aluminum frame (foldable)
  • Removable battery (48V 10.4ah)
  • Fast 700w motors (30MPH)
  • Responsive hydraulic disk brakes
Our Verdict

W Wallke is a fast battery-powered bicycle with quality parts. Its aluminum frame is light, durable, and foldable for easy storage. You also get robust (all-terrain) tires (4-inches) and a fast-charging battery with a maximum range of approximately 25-35 miles.

9. X-Treme Scooters Men’s Mountain Bike

X-Treme Scooters Men's Mountain Bike

The underpowered designs of traditional li-ion bicycles struggled on rough outdoor terrain. However, with the release of powerful ones from X-Treme Scooters, this is no longer a challenge. Ideal for men, this 63.2-pound model has many unique attributes that you will love. Its aluminium frame, for instance, is not only sturdy but also has a stylish black finish that prevents rust. It also has an ideal height for men with an adjustable seat post and a broad saddle. Therefore, this Li-ion bicycle is fun to ride during long trips.

X-Treme bike’s comfortable design has won the hearts of many people all over the work. However, if you want a fast bicycle that can power over obstacles, it is also a reputable brand to consider. It runs on a 300-watt rear-mounted hub motor with a top speed of over 20MPH. Its tourney Shimano gears (7-speed) and shifter system (7) work seamlessly, its Li-ion battery on offer has a 20-mile-range. Apart from mountain biking, therefore, you can ride it to work/school and back without running out of battery power.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Powerful hub motor (300 watts)
  • Responsive Shimano gears (7)
  • Li-Ion battery-powered (20 miles)
Our Verdict

Ideal for extreme mountain biking or daily commute, X-Treme Scooters is a versatile men’s bike that lasts for long. Its aluminum frame is light, durable, and does not need expert skills to set up. It also has a powerful hub motor (500 watts) and Shimano gears (7) that shift seamlessly on-road and off-road.

8. Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike

Elby Bike 9-Speed Electric Bike

Elby Bike is a class-leading e-bike best-known for its comfortable design and power. If you are upgrading a manual bicycle or want to lower your carbon footprint, look for one. Its step-over frame is beneficial to women. Women can mount it and ride it in shorts, skirts, or trousers without inducing a wardrobe malfunction. The frame also has a durable structure made from corrosion and rust-resistant aluminum. Thus, this bike retains its value well for long.

Elby Bike’s comfortable and inspiring confidence design is very powerful as well. At peak performance, its rear-mounted motor (hub) propels it to speeds of up to 20MPH. Its lithium battery, on the other hand, has a fast charging design with a range of around 80 miles/ charge. Compared to the X-Treme Scooters mountain bike, you can travel approximately four times longer on this bike. As most class-leading pedal-assist bicycles available online, Elby Bike is a safe product. Its Tektro hydraulic brakes stop effectively.

What We Like
  • Tektro hydraulic brakes
  • Impressive range (80 miles)
  • Fast 9-speed system (20MPH)
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
Our Verdict

The fact that Elby Bike has a range of 80 miles makes it the best electric bicycle for commuting. It is also fast (20MPH), has safe hydraulic brakes (Tektro), and has a durable aluminum frame.

7. Yiilove Electric Bicycle

Yiilove Electric Bicycle

Yiilove is a 26-inch electric mountain bicycle for adults with three working modes. In its pure electric mode, it draws its power from a 36V 8Ah lithium battery and a 250-watt brushless gear motor. Under suitable conditions, most adults can reach speeds of 22-30 kilometres per hour to 22-28 kilometres per charge without pedalling. It also has a pedal assist mode (PAM) that combines cycling and electric power and a manual pedalling mode. As you cycle for fun or to work or school, you can switch between the three modes.

Yiilove, as most electric bicycles, reviewed withstand day-to-day abuse well. Its aluminum alloy frame has a load capacity of 300 pounds. The front fork (high carbon steel) offers comfortable shock absorption, while its alloy wheels (double layered) last for long. They do not dent easily on rough terrains. They are also rustproof and have smooth-rolling rubber tires that grip most surfaces well.

What We Like
  • Double layered wheels (alloy)
  • High carbon steel fork
  • High load capacity (300 pounds)
  • Brushless gear motor (250W)
  • Three modes of operation
Our Verdict

Yiilove supports manual, pedal assist, and fully-electric mode, which you can shift back and forth. Its brushless motor (250-watts) is powerful. Its aluminum frame supports 300 pounds, while its double-layered aluminum wheels ride smoothly on all terrains.

6. NAKTO City Adult Electric Bicycle

NAKTO City Adult Electric Bicycle

Do you live in a crowded city centre where driving a car is a chore? Are you looking for an agile bike for commuting without sacrificing safety? NAKTO City is an agile adult-sized electric bike with fat tires that are stable all weather. Its aluminum frame is durable, while its three riding modes benefit most people. As the Yiilove Electric Bicycle, its pure electric mode eases the bike-riding process. Once charged, its 36V/10AH battery and brushless motor (300 watts) propel it to speeds of 22MPH for 28-35 miles. It also has an auxiliary mode that draws 50% of its power from pedalling and a pure manual mode that uses 100% human power.

The Shimano gear and brake systems of NAKTO are very quiet. It also shifts seamlessly in most speeds and has parts resistant to the elements such as water and sand. If you take this bicycle off-road, it will come back in one piece, unlike comparable low-grade ones. Most of the structural parts of NAKTO (frame and wheels) are aluminum and come 90% preassembled. Thus, off the shelf, you can set up and ride this bike in minutes without paying a pro.

What We Like
  • Smooth shifting gear and brake (Shimano)
  • Three modes of operation
  • Comfortable dual suspension system
  • The bike comes pre-assembled (90%)
Our Verdict

NAKTO City is easy to ride in crowded cities or off-road. Even though battery powered, you can ride it in full manual mode when it runs out of charge. Its fat tires have good traction, while the heavy-duty aluminum used to make its frame and wheels lasts for long.

5. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike

Folding bicycles from ANCHEER are popular among people with small garages and homes. However, if you often travel or want a fast and low-maintenance bike for commuting, it is also a good choice. ANCHEER has used a (100%) aluminum to make this Li-ion bicycle. However, even with its lightweight design (23 kilograms), the frame supports up to 150 kilograms 6’11” individuals. It also folds into a small-sized bicycle for storage and has an adjustable seat height (27.3-44.1 inches) which is beneficial to avid cyclists.

While ANCHEER’s smaller wheels (20-inches) are a concern for some people, it is a high-performance bike. In E-bike and assist modes, it travels at speeds of 15-25 kilometres per hour. Its double layered wheels have shock absorbing properties, while the 36V 8AH Li-ion battery it draws power from has a range of 20-50 Km. Whether you cover a few miles to the park or many miles to work, a new one will satisfy your needs. It comes pre-assembled (85%).

What We Like
  • Comes pre-assembled to 85%
  • Adjustable seat (27.3-44.1 inches)
  • Long lasting aluminum frame
  • Admirable range (15-25 kilometers)
Our Verdict

If you are a fun of foldable bikes, you will definitely like ANCHEER. Even though smaller and cheaper than full-size Li-ion bikes from Kemanner, it is a durable product. Most 6’11” individuals can ride it for up to 25 kilometers at 15-25Km/hour in pure electric mode.

4. Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner Electric Mountain Bike

Kemanner is a 21-speed electric mountain bike for adults than is among the most powerful on our list. If you weight not more than 150 kilograms and enjoy riding bicycles off-road, check out this bicycle today. Its aluminum alloy frame is light, rust-resistant, and designed to orient the body comfortable while in use. Thus, if you adjust the height of its seat to the required level, you can ride it for long without back injuries. It also has double-walled rims that ride smoothly off-road and a shock absorbing high strength fork.

If you spend the weekend off-road, you will love the performance of this electric Kemanner bicycle. Fitted with a rechargeable 36V Li-battery, it has an excellent range of approximately 45-55 KM. Its Shimano gears (21) have a top speed of 30 kilometers per hour, while its traditional spoked wheel design is stylish. Unlike some models, the design rarely bends when slammed into potholes.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty spoked wheels
  • Powerful gear system (21 Speed)
  • Long range battery (45-55 kilometers)
  • Double-walled alloy wheels
Our Verdict

Kemanner has an aggressive 21-speed design that rides smoothly on-road and off-road. Its speed (30KM/H), range (50 kilometers) and heavy-duty aluminum used to manufacture it are desirable.

3. Aceshin Electric Mountain Bike

Aceshin Electric Mountain Bike

Aceshin’s spoked design is somewhat similar to that of Kemanner mountain bike we have reviewed herein. However, in the eyes of many avid cyclists, its design stands out because of its versatility. Its supports for three riding modes, for instance, has made it a popular mountain bike worldwide. In e-bike mode, for example, the bicycle takes over peddling for you. Instead, its motor (250 watts), high-speed gears (Shimano), and 36V/8AH Li-ion battery propel it to speeds of 25KM/H for 50 kilometers. You can also ride it in normal (fully manual) or assisted mode (battery plus manual) on demand.

To have a fun mountaineering trip, shop for this heavy duty bike from Aceshin. The aluminum alloy used to make its wheels (double layered) and the frame is durable. It is also light and painted (black, white, and cyan) to resist corrosion and or rust over time. Finally, both wheels (26-inches) have solid rubber tires that grip all surfaces well. Thus, the risk of slipping while it is raining is low.

What We Like
  • Three modes of operation
  • Durable aluminum allow wheels/frame
  • Shock absorbing carbon-steel fork
  • High-speed electric motor (250W)
  • Short charging time (2-6 hours)
Our Verdict

After a short charging time of 2-6 hours, you can ride Aceshin up to 50 kilometers at speeds of 30KM/H. It is a long-lasting electric bike (aluminum) with a 21-speed derailleur and smart Li-ion technology.

2. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle

ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle

ANCHEER is a fashionable and technologically-advanced bicycle that weighs only 26.5 pounds. Its aluminum frame folds into a compact package, while its superior performance has made it sought-after by avid cyclists. Fully charged, you can cover up to 12 miles on this bicycle. While its range is slightly lower than that of most bikes reviewed herein, its fast motor (350-watts) compensates this. Depending on your weight, you can achieve 20-25km/h outdoors.

You can also cycle the bike manually when it runs out of charge.

ANCHEER’s alloy frame (aluminum) is light yet durable. Although it does not work well off-road due to its small wheels, it is the best for commuting. The lithium battery it comes with recharges in three hours. It also has a waterproof design (IPX5-rated) and a supporting app system for monitoring its performance remotely.

What We Like
  • Waterproof electric bike
  • Responsive cruise control
  • Short charging time (3 hours)
  • Limited warranty (one year)
Our Verdict

ANCHEER does not perform well off-road because of its small tires. However, for commuting to work, the park, or school, it stands out in many ways. Its 350W motor is fast (20-25 miles), which its lightweight design (with cruise control) is easy to control.

1. ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Power Plus is an aluminum electric mountain bike with a high-strength form made from high carbon steel. Thus, if you are shopping for a lightweight bike that will last for ages, it is a good choice. It is also a comfortable e-bike and therefore ideal for recreational/ professional cyclists. While in use, for instance, its ergonomic frame positions the back comfortably to prevent injuries. Its broad, padded, and adjustable saddle is also comfortable.

ANCHEER is a fast 21-speed bicycle that performs well in most environments. At full power, its 250-watt electric motor propels it to speeds of 15 kilometers per hour. Its Li-ion battery (36V, 8AH) has a range of 15-50 kilometers and fast-charging design that you can replace when worn out. You simply snap off the old battery and snap on a new LI-ion one in its place to get the bike to work.

What We Like
  • Powerful motor (250 watts)
  • Good range (15-50 kilometers)
  • High carbon steel fork
  • Ergonomic adult-size frame
Our Verdict

ANCHEER’s battery-powered 21-speed design works seamlessly on road and off-road. Its powerful system (250W) reaches speeds of 15MPH, while the rechargeable 36V battery on offer has a range of 25-50 kilometers. Thus, ANCHEER is suitable for long distance travel.

Shopping Tips for the Best Li-ion Bicycles


Lithium-ion bikes generate their power from hub-mounted electric motors and batteries. While shopping for one, therefore, it is good to check the quality of such items on the outset. What it’s the type and power output of the motor on offer? Brushless 250-300 watt models are, quiet, fast, and most importantly, dependable. When exposed to elements such as the rain or dust, they do not break down quickly, unlike some cheap standard ones. You should also look for a bicycle with a fast-charging long range battery. They are not only suitable for recreational riding, but also commuting too.


The frame is the central hub of bicycles. Because parts such as seats, wheels, and handlebars connect to it, it is one of the most essential components of bicycles. Therefore, look for a bike with a frame made from a heavy-duty material such as aluminum. The material is light and resistant to corrosion and rush. It should also have an ergonomic design that is of the appropriate size. If you are 6-feet tall, do not order a bike designed for people 5 feet tall.

Conclusion: Li-ion bicycles are eco-friendly accessories that are fun to ride. If you are shopping for one for commuting or recreational riding, we have done the legwork for you. Our ten picks are popular globally.

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