Worldwide, about 3,757 burglaries happen every day. During such events, homeowners lose about $2,416, which translates to millions of dollars in losses every year. To prevent such losses, you should reinforce entry points such as doors and windows. You also need a versatile security system such as Security Baron, which has helped millions of people to monitor traffic to their doors and windows since 2005. You can find more details on! Meanwhile, here is a list of other reputable brands that deliver excellent results:

List of the Best Home Security Systems in 2020

10. BIBENE Door Alarm System

BIBENE Door Alarm System

Doors and windows are among the weakest parts of homes and, therefore, common targets for burglars. However, if you can monitor movements in such spots, you can detect burglars early and prevent unauthorized access to your home. The BIBENE door alarm system is one of the best products for this job. Its expandable design can accommodate up to 40 window and door sensors, which is terrific. You can set up a password and program and monitor up to for zones of your home remotely. Thus, BIBENE is ideal for small-large homes.

BIBENE is easy to set up on most types of windows and doors. Its plug-and-use components are convenient. Each package also has a video guide that covers its set up and operation steps in an easy to understand manner. BIBENE is a subscription-free product with a loud chime/siren (125dB).

What We Like
  • Loud siren (125dB)
  • Expandable (40 sensors)
  • Work on doors/windows
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Subscription-free
Our Verdict

Even though BIBENE does not secure doors and windows, it will alert you of impending threats in real-time. Its siren is loud (125dB), while its sensors work seamlessly on windows and doors. You can monitor up to four zones (10 sensors each).

9. XVIM 8CH 8-in-1 DVR Security Camera System

XVIM 8CH 8-in-1 DVR Security Camera System

While setting up a security system, it is advisable to select a model that captures evidence. A DVR camera system such as XVIM, for instance, records clear videos 24/7 that you can present as evidence in court. The system has 1TB of storage space. It also supports remote monitoring via phone and transfer of footage to portable storage such as USB drives. Finally, its footage is terrific. The 720P HD cameras on offer (eight) shoot clear images. They also have an IR cut filter and night vision that captures true color during the night and day. The night vision is responsive from distances of up to 85 feet.

Are you looking for a heavy-duty home security system that will serve you well for years? XVIM is a popular outdoor and indoor model made of weatherproof materials. Rated IP66 waterproof, for instance, its metal shell does not rust nor leaks over time. It does not dent easily and withstands shock better than similar brands. Finally, you get motion detection, a money-back guarantee (30 days), and a one-year warranty.

What We Like
  • Limited warranty (one-year)
  • Sensitive motion detection
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • 720P HD cameras (eight)
  • Ample storage space (1TB)
Our Verdict

The weatherproof XVIM home security system works well indoors and outdoors. Its night vision cameras are clear and durable, while its easy hook up makes it suitable for homes.

8. REOLINK 16CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

REOLINK 16CH 5MP PoE Home Security Camera System

If you are comfortable with running wires to a security system, you will like the REOLINK model. Its 16-channel system covers a large area. It is dependable and has everything that you will need to set up an effective security system at home. The 5MP cameras on offer, for instance, record clear videos (2560x1920p) during the day. They also have night vision, which is responsive from 100 feet at night. Finally, the 3TB HDD storage space on offer is amazing. You can backup months’ worth of footage in it without running out of space.

REOLINK’s plug-and-use system is convenient. Even though you set up a few wires for it to work, the process is straightforward. Once you have connected the cameras to the DVR via NVR ports, you can start recording immediately. The cameras are stable and less prone to interference. You also get long CAT6 Ethernet cables (300 feet) and 60-foot network cables with each original home camera kit that you purchase.

What We Like
  • Powerful night vision (100ft)
  • Long Ethernet cables (300ft)
  • Vast storage space (3TB)
  • Clear video (2560x1920p)
  • All in one camera kit
Our Verdict

REOLINK is an all-in-one 16 channel camera kit that records up to 2560x1920p videos during the day and at night. It has a long-lasting design with an admirable 1TB of storage space.

7. XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System

What makes the 1080p XVIM security camera system an ideal model for homes? First, the DVR and eight-channel cameras on offer work well indoors and outdoors. They do not rust nor develop structural and or electrical issues when exposed to the elements. The camera’s quality is fantastic (1920p), while the night vision and motion alert systems are also beneficial. You will know when somebody is at the door or window during the day and night. Its remote-controlled system generates motion alert that you can act upon. Also, in the event of a break-in, you will have footage that you can use to pursue perpetrators.

XVIM is an IP66-rated product with waterproof cameras that last a lifetime. When exposed to the elements, the cameras do not rust nor blur as cheap ones do. The DVR is also durable and equipped with high-speed DVR and HDMI ports that improve image transmission. The ports do not lag nor compromise the picture quality of the cameras if set up well. Finally, XVIM has a 1-year warranty and a free iOS/Android app for monitoring it remotely.

What We Like
  • Limited warranty (1-year)
  • Amazing quality (1920p)
  • True 24/7 monitoring
  • IR filter with true color
  • Easy/quick remote access
Our Verdict

XVIM is a dependable camera system for monitoring the vicinity of homes remotely. It supports IR and night vision technologies. It also has a robust outdoor-ready design with a one-year warranty.

6. Kangaroo Home Security System

Kangaroo Home Security System

Kangaroo is a five-piece home security system with an App-based system that supports Google Home and Alexa. Even though subscription-based, it is pet-friendly and offers 24/7 hour surveillance of offices and homes. Which security features do you get with one? First, the loud siren is handy. It not only alerts you of danger but also deters burglaries when you are away. Kangaroo can also send alerts to phones and supports remote monitoring from an internet-enabled phone.

Kangaroo is an expandable security kit. In addition to the five components on offer, you can add window decals, yard signs, and entry sensors to its system. It is easy to set up and comes with a free three-month trial of an upgraded security plan. Thus, it is one of the best products for securing homes/offices.

What We Like
  • Upgraded security plan
  • Loud siren in its kit
  • Remote monitoring app
  • Alexa compatible design
Our Verdict

Kangaroo is an Alexa-compatible home security system that supports remote monitoring via phones/tablets. It is durable, easy to set up, and has a versatile design that works in most areas.

5. Cromorc all in one Home Security Camera

Cromorc all in one Home Security Camera

Cromorc is a versatile home security system with a 10.1-inch monitor, a wireless camera system, and 1TB storage space. All four IP cameras on offer support night vision. Thus, you get stunning 1080p videos during the day and at night, which are admissible in court. The cameras are also easy to set up (wireless) and install cleanly in most spaces, which users like. Whether you are securing your office, hotel, villa, or shop, therefore, this is one of the best security systems to use in 2020.

As most camera systems reviewed herein, Cromorc is a 100% weatherproof product. You can set up the cameras outdoors without worrying about rain and water ruining them over time. The DVR and the monitor are equally long-lasting (metal housing), while its stable wireless system is responsive from a distance. The risk of it dropping connections when needed is low.

What We Like
  • Wireless HD system
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Weatherproof (IP66)
  • High definition videos
Our Verdict

Cromorc is a weatherproof security system that shoots HD videos in homes, shops, offices, and villas. Its wireless system is convenient. It supports night vision and IR and supports remote access from phones and tablets using applications.

4. HeimVision HM241 Wireless Security Camera System

HeimVision HM241 Wireless Security Camera System

Gone are the days when people had to spend an arm and a leg to secure their homes. Moreover, you no longer have to clutter your office with wires to have a dependable security system. Wireless camera systems such as the HeimVision HM241 have taken over this space. Its eight-channel design (4-piece) supports motion detection and night vision. It is wireless and has long-lasting 960p cameras that work indoors and outdoors. Rain and UV do not damage them over time.

HeimVision HM241 has a convenient plug-and-use system. You do not have to drill holes on walls or set up long wires to get it to work. Moreover, because the NVR and wireless cameras are auto-paired from the factory, they come ready to use. Once powered, the deliver reliable 24/7 surveillance in all settings. HeimVision HM241 is an IP66-rated product. Even though you buy storage separately (6TB max), it is worth the investment.

What We Like
  • IP66-rated waterproof
  • HD video quality (960p)
  • Durable bullet cameras
  • Night vision (15 meters)
  • Wireless technology
Our Verdict

With HeimVision HM241, you receive a wireless motion-detecting home security system with night vision. Video quality (960p) is terrific, while its smart notification (snapshots and email) improve the response time of users.

3. Fortress Security- Classic Home Security System

Fortress Security- Classic Home Security System

Fortress Security is a classic 24/7 security system that does not require a subscription to work. Off the box, you can set it up at home and record movements hassle-free. However, this does not mean you sacrifice safety. Its 14-pice design covers a larger area than similar products reviewed herein. You can even pair it with Alexa and use voice commands to operate its system. Finally, because its sirens, wireless sensors, and its landline auto dealer come pre-programmed, setting it up is easy.

Fortress Security is a Wi-Fi enabled security system for offices and homes. If you have a wireless router at home, you can view what its cameras are seeing in real-time. You can also set up two-way chat (via inbuilt mic), activate SMS notifications, and disarm or arm components remotely using smartphones.

What We Like
  • Supports 2-way chat
  • Wi-Fi camera compatible
  • Supports remote viewing
  • High definition (HD)
Our Verdict

Fortress Security has everything that you might ever need in a home security system. The cameras shoot HD videos during the day and night. You can also set SMS notifications or monitor your home remotely (360-degree view) via a phone.

2. Hiseeu 8CH Wireless Security Camera System

Hiseeu 8CH Wireless Security Camera System

Are you looking for a night vision system for securing your office and or home? Hiseeu is an ideal eight-channel model with many attributes that you will love. The four nightvision cameras on offer, for instance, each has a dependable 2.0MP system. They shoot explicit videos (1080p) outdoors. All are durable and use H.265 video compression to minimize the size of the files they generate. Because you get 1TB of storage space, you can record for 30 days without running out of space. It can also save space further by rewriting old videos over time.

Even though the four cameras of this system are sufficient for most people, you can expand its coverage further if needed. It is compatible with most third-party security systems available online. You can also adjust the camera’s configuration (up to 78 degrees) or program or operate it remotely from a phone. While traveling, you can check the status of your home in real-time.

What We Like
  • Remote monitoring
  • Adjustable angle (78 degrees)
  • 265 video compression
  • 1TB storage space
  • Expandable system
Our Verdict

With the Hiseeu camera system at home, you can monitor movements in real-time and prevent burglaries. Its eight-channel design has premium cameras that record quality videos during the day and at night. It is durable, easy to set up, and has vast storage space for the recorded videos (1TB).

1. Arlo Pro – Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro - Wireless Home Security Camera System

Arlo Pro is a wall-mountable security system (wireless) with night vision and 2-way audio. With one, thus, you can survey your home 24/7 and respond to threats in a timely fashion. It also has cloud storage for videos, a loud siren, and a water-resistant design. Therefore, set up outdoors, the risk of rain and UV ruining its structure or lowering its performance is low.

Arlo Pro is 100% wire-free. Set up in your home or shop, it will not clutter your space. However, to keep it working optimally, recharge its 2440mAH battery often to keep it powered. Finally, Arlo Pro works with the Amazon Echo and Alexa and has a wireless range of approximately 300 feet.

What We Like
  • 300-foot wireless range
  • Rechargeable (2440mAH)
  • Water and UV resistant
  • Long-lasting design
Our Verdict

Arlo Pro is a durable 100% wireless home security system that records clear audio indoors and outdoors. It looks good. It is also durable, and has a convenient battery-powered system.

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