After six months, mothers prefer to bottle-feed their babies so that they can report back to work. Overall, bottle feeding is recommended because of its convenience. At home, the bus, or in the pack, it enables people to feed their kids without feeling ashamed. Using nutrient-rich baby formulae, parents can also maintain the health of their boys and girls without spending a lot of money. To streamline the process for you, we have written an article on the best baby formula milk for 6-12-month-olds. It will help you to make smart shopping decisions online.

10. Happy Tot Grow & Shine

Happy Tot Grow & Shine

Happy Tot Grow & Shine is a pediatrician-recommended formula milk for toddlers that comes in a 23.2-ounce container. The natural and organic ingredients used to prepare it are not only filling, but also safe for kids. Your kid can eating it every day without constipation or other health problems. Overall, it is one of the best alternative foods around.

Are you shopping for a nutritious formula milk that can nurture the health of your 6-12 month baby? With Happy Tot Grow & Shine, you get a nutritious powder formula rich in ARA, DHA, and choline. DHA is suitable for brain development, while ARA and choline have been associated with good DNA and liver health. Whip it in milk, water, or your baby’s favorite food to make a smooth formula he/she will enjoy.

What We Like
  • Rich in DHA, ARA, and choline
  • Delicious powder formula
  • Organic and natural (100%)
  • Mimics breast milk accurately
Our Verdict

Happy Tot Grow & Shine is a delicious and organic formula milk that is rich in DHA, ARA, and choline. It is beneficial to all 1+year old kids.

9. Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Formula

Kabrita Non-GMO Goat Milk Formula

Prepared using goat’s milk, Kabrita is a delicious milk formula that is easier to digest than cow’s milk. It also has a smooth and easy to prepare recipe, which lacks fillers such as preservatives. Also, if your kid has lactose intolerance, this formula milk will serve him or her better. The natural non-GMO ingredients in its formula are also safe.

Kabrita is a nutrient-dense goat milk formula with 22 vitamins, iron, ARA, DHA, and folic acid in each serving. Moreover, because its milk is from farm-raised goats, it lacks heavy metals, antibiotics, or harmful hormones. You can serve it to children from a young age worry-free

What We Like
  • Fortified with vitamins/minerals
  • Fresh farm-raised goat milk
  • Independently tested for safety
Our Verdict

Kabrita is a 14-ounce nutrition-dense formula milk for children with fresh goat milk as a base. It is delicious, easy to make, and very safe.

8. Nutramigen with Enflora LGG

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG is suitable for bottle-feeding kids aged 0-12 months who are allergic to cow’s milk. As such, if your baby has lactose intolerance and you cannot breastfeed him or her often, order one today. Its all-natural ingredients are non-allergenic and therefore safe for 0-12 month babies. It does not constipate the stomach and or irritate babies over time when consumed for breakfast and or lunch.

Because Nutramigen is a powdered product, the six 12-ounce cans on offer last for long. They remain fresh for weeks when left on a dry and airy shelf. They are also rich in LGG, probiotics, DHA, and ARA, which can manage colic and improve brain and eye development.

What We Like
  • ARA, DHA, colic, and probiotics-rich
  • Lacks antibiotics and hormones
  • Six 12-ounce containers
  • Non-allergenic ingredients (non-GMO)
Our Verdict

Nutramigen should improve the pungent odor of this formula to lower the risk of rejection. However, because of its nutrient-dense and non-allergenic formula, it is an excellent supplemental food for babies.

7. Similac NeoSure Infant Formula with Iron

Similac NeoSure Infant Formula with Iron

Similac NeoSure is a pack of six iron-supplemented formula milk for babies each weighing 13.1 ounces. Thus, in total, you get 78.6 ounces of an expertly formulated powder, which is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. These induce rapid growth of muscles from a young age. Rich in DHA and ARA, its impact in vision and mental health is good.

Similac NeoSure’s mineral-rich formula is popular with parents and babies. It is also child-safe and therefore an idea supplement for kids aged 0-12 months. Per serving, you child get good amounts of mineral and vitamins without ingesting GMOs, allergens, and preservatives.

What We Like
  • Protein, vitamin, and mineral-rich
  • Lacks preservatives, allergens, and GMO
  • Certified safe for 1-12 month babies
  • 78.6 ounces of baby formula milk
Our Verdict

Similac NeoSure is a nutritious infant formula that is rich in iron, DHA, and ARA. These are beneficial to the health of boys and girls.

6. Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief with DHA & ARA

Baby’s Only Organic LactoRelief with DHA & ARA

To satisfy the nutritional needs of a baby with lactose intolerance, you need this safe lactose-free supplement from Baby’s only. The DHA and ARA-supplemented formula in this pack is smooth and delicious. Mix it with soup or your baby’s favorite drink to prevent rejection. It is also safe for babies with weak stomachs or who constipate whenever they eat.

Many babies react negatively to wheat and or dairy products such as gluten. If your boy and girl is a part of this statistic, this is the food to offer him or her. It lacks wheat and gluten. Moreover, it does not contain hormones, antibiotics, or the preservatives found in bad foods.

What We Like
  • Lacks irritants such as preservatives
  • GMO, wheat, and gluten-free
  • Safe for kids with lactose intolerance
Our Verdict

We do not like the fact that Baby’s only is expensive and has a strong odor. However, if your child has lactose intolerance, it is a source of fatty acids, ARA, and DHA. It is good for supplementing breastmilk.

5. Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

Meyenberg is a vitamin D-rich goat milk formula for kids who cannot digest cow’s milk well. If your day job takes a lot of your time, but you want to keep your kid well fed, buy one or two containers for him. The classic 12-ounce formula on offer lacks preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. Therefore, it is a suitable supplement for breastmilk.

The good nutritional value of Meyenberg and its digestibility have made it sought after. For a few dollars, for instance, you get a calcium-rich food that promotes bone growth. It is also a source for vitamin D, protein, and most essential nutrients for growth and development.

What We Like
  • Mimics breast milk accurately
  • Irritants and chemical-free
  • Rich and nutritious formula
  • Most kids can digest it easily
Our Verdict

To mask is weird smell, it is best to serve Meyenberg with delicious drinks such as yogurts. Fortunately, the nutrient-dense non-GMO ingredients used to produce it mimics breast milk of accurately.

4. Gerber Good Start Gentle Instant Formula

Gerber Good Start Gentle Instant Formula

Gerber Good Start comes in a 22-ounce container with a tight sealing lid. The cover not only locks in nutrients for long but also lowers the risk of contamination. Thus, due to its high nutritional value Gerber Good Start is best for 0-12-month kids. The probiotics that it contains, for instance, are good for the stomach. Rich in DHA, it also boosts the mental health of children and strengthens their vision from stage one.

The preparation of Gerber Good Start is a simple process. Stir it in water or milk to make a creamy drink that your boy or girl will love.

What We Love
  • Easy to prepare
  • Portable 22-ounce container
  • Lacks additives such as preservatives
  • Probiotics-rich formula milk
Our Verdict

Rich in probiotics, most kids can digest this non-GMO supplement with ease. It is delicious and packed with nutrients that boost growth.

3. Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron

Similac Advance Infant Formula with Iron

Similac Advance is a recommended stage one supplement for babies because of its price and nutritional value. To feed your boy or girl on a budget, it is an excellent formula to use for the following reasons. The smooth and nutritious food it makes, for instance, is easy to drink from feeding bottles. It is also an accurate milk analogue, which makes it less prone to rejection if served on a day-to-day basis.

Similac Advance like all other formula milk reviewed herein is a nutritious milk. The OptGRO ingredients used to produce it are rich in lutein, vitamin E, natural probiotics, and DHA which are beneficial.

What We Like
  • DHA, lutein, and probiotics-rich
  • Natural OptGRO ingredients
  • Lacks hormones and preservatives
Our Verdict

With Similac Advance, you get a nutritious milk produced from safe OptGRO ingredients. It is affordable milk very easy to prepare as well.

2. Enfamil Infant Baby Formula

Enfamil Infant Baby Formula

A ready-to-use baby formula such as Enfamil is fun to have around while travelling. The pre-mixed 8-ounce bottles that you get comes ready-to-use. To prepare a meal for your child, warm one bottle, and you will be ready to feed. All bottles are BPA-free and have tight-sealing caps that do not leak while they are in transit.

Enfamil is not one of the regular baby foods that flood the body with unnecessary calories. Packed with prebiotics, it has a nutritious formula that boosts the natural defences of kids. It also contains iron, DHA, and choline, which improve digestion and nourish the brain.

What We Like
  • Mimics breast milk well
  • The formula is easy to digest
  • DHA, iron, and choline-rich
Our Verdict

Even though you pay slightly more money for Enfamil Infant, it is worth the price. These nutritious 8-ounce bottles come ready to drink.

1. Earth’s Organic Infant Formula with Iron

Earth’s Organic Infant Formula with Iron

Recommended for feeding babies during the first year of life (12 months), Earth’s Organic is an organic formula for babies. It comes in a large and long-lasting 23.2-ounce container. Moreover, because the whey to casein ratio in this formula mimics breast milk, kids love it. This is evident by the low rejection rate reported all over the world.

With this formula, you baby get a blend of essential nutrients that will aid in his or growth and development. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids that fuel the energy reserves of kids. It is also rich in nutrients that aid in muscle, brain, and eye development as children grow older.

What We Like
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Good whey to casein ratio
  • Long lasting 23.2-ounce container
  • Relatively easy to prepare
Our Verdict

Earth’s Organic is a delicious vitamin and carbohydrate rick formula that hastens growth and development. It comes in a large and long-lasting container and is produced from kid-safe organic ingredients.

Shopping Tips for the Best Formula Milks for 6-12-Month Babies

Shopping for high-quality formula milk for 6-12-month-old babies should not be a challenge to parents. If you have wasted money a few times on brands that have done more harm than good, read on. Our tips will help you to make the best decision the next time you are shopping.


Alternative feeding grant parents the opportunity to work as a maid tends to their kids. If your maternity leave has just ended and you need quality supplemental food for your kid, read on. To buy a product that will benefit your child, often check the nutritional level of your brand of choice. Does it contain omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals? These essential elements have been found to improve the health of babies over time are therefore are important. DHA and ARA, for instance, boost the development of the brain and the eyes. A product with ample amounts of them per serving, therefore, will benefit your boy or girl at home. You should also look out for vitamins such as D and minerals such as calcium. Consumed in the recommended amounts, they boost the growth and toughness of bones.


Did you know that some brands of baby formula milk are in the market to make money? To cut costs, they used additives to increase the volume or enhance the taste of formulae. Others use preservatives to prolong the shelf life of their ingredients, which is harmful to babies. While shopping, make sure that you watch out for such products. Look for a trusted brand that uses natural and non-GMO ingredients to produce its formulae. Organic ingredients are also good but not necessary. Fillers such as artificial colours/flavors and contaminants such as growth hormones are also harmful to kids. Buying such a product is the worst decision you can make for your kid.

For the best results, always check the description of the product you are planning to purchase before sharing your pin. If it has shady ingredients or fails to disclose its components, avoid it. You can also check what other people are saying about it before buying. If most of them have reported adverse effects, do not waste money on it.

Types of Formula

Formula milk for babies are of two broad types – powdered and ready to use. If you have identified a nutritious product that is safe as well, check if it is your preferred types. Powdered formulae are popular because of their long shelf life. Once opened, you can leave them on the shelf for a few weeks without them going bad. This is unlike ready to use ones that kids must consume in one sitting once opened. Powdered formulae also retain their nutritional value for long and are easy to transport in totes or a baby bag. However, unlike ready to use formula, powdered ones need time to prepare. Moreover, you need a base such as milk, soup, and or meal to reconstitute your powder in. Compare their pros and cons and buy a product you will enjoy using.


To grow fast and health, babies need enough nutritious food in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. Thus, the cost of feeding your kid can soar quickly if you buy expensive celebrity-endorsed formulae. If you can afford such products, then go ahead. However, if you cannot afford to spend $50 on baby food every week, look for suitable alternatives instead. The best way to handle this is to compare the available product in your locality before settling on one. For instance, what are people saying about its nutritional value? Not all cost-effective baby formula are junk as some people make it seem. Your aim should be to get the best product for your child at a pocket-friendly rate.


Different manufacturers produce different formula milk for babies of different age group. Make sure that the formula milk you want to buy is the best for your child. If you have a 0-12-month-old, for instance, buying a formula for 1-2-year-olds is a poor decision. He or she might not be able to digest such foods. In addition, the nutrient mix of the formula you are ordering might not be the best for his or her development. Again, before shopping, do your due diligence. Look for referrals from people who have raised their babies using formulae.


After the first six months of life, supplementing breast milk with a formula milk is an excellent idea for many reasons. They strengthen the digestive system of babies. They also nourish the eyes and brain and give mothers the freedom to work without affecting their babies. The top 10 products on our list are currently the best for 0-1-year-olds.

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