Are you struggling to connect your laptop to a computer, monitor, or projector that you have at work? Even though HDMI cables can help, the best DVI cables are ideal for many reasons. First, unlike HDMI, they support both analog and digital devices. They are also affordable and have plug-and-use HD interfaces that improve the quality of sound and pictures while in use. The best of 2020 are:

10. Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable

Tripp Lite DVI Dual Link Cable

Most gaming consoles and monitors require secure connections to televisions to work. If you have such a product that you use often, use the Tripp Lite P560-020 cable for the best results. Its universal male-to-male design is not only long (20 feet), but also designed to fit all computers. You can use it in most orientations without it breaking or kinking. Finally, you will like the rust-resistant gold contacts on yours. They are corrosion-proof, durable, and designed to meet the recommended DVI DDWG standards. While in use, thus, expect speeds of up to 9.9Gbps at 2560x1600p resolution.

Signal interference from EMI and RFI emissions is common with some brands of DVI cables. If yours affects your viewing and or movie-watching experience for these reasons, replace it with a new Tripp Lite dial link cable now. The advanced foil technology used to protect its cable lowers interference from both RFI and EMI emissions. It also has brand shielding, which is effective as well.

What We Like
  • Long cable (9.9 feet)
  • RFI and EMI-resistant
  • Advanced foil technology
  • High resolution (2560x1600p)
  • Gold-plated contacts
Our Verdict

Tripp Lite is a 9.9-foot DVI cable with a high-resolution (2560x1600p) design. Its long-lasting design has gold-plated contacts that are resistant to corrosion and rust. It also has a durable cord with a foil shield that prevents interference.

9. Dynex DX-DVI2M – DVI Cable

Dynex DX-DVI2M - DVI Cable

Even though traditional, the use of DVI cables is widespread in the computer industry. They not only fit most computers but also have quality signals, even with their low price. For the best results at home or work, check out the Dynex DX-DVI2M model. It is 6.5 feet long and has a low profile design that works in tight areas. It also has a robust and multi-functional design that benefits people with notebooks, computers (PCs), and or laptops, to name a few.

Are you look for a new and affordable DVI cable to use at home or work? The Dynex DX-DVI2M, even though cost-effective, is a robust DVI cable with a fast and reliable system. Its cable (plastic) and contacts (gold-plated) are durable, while its plug-and-use design is ready to use. When setting up a new computer, thus, you do not need the help of a technician to set up this DVI cable. It also easy to connect to televisions and flat-panel monitors as well.

What We Like
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Long-lasting cable (6.5-feet)
  • Fits TVs and monitors
  • Plug and use design
Our Verdict

Whether you have a flat panel monitor or a TV that you want to link to a PC, this is the DVI cable to use. It is long (6.5 feet), durable, and has gold-plated contacts that boost speed and picture quality.

8. GearIT DVI to DVI Adapter Cable

GearIT DVI to DVI Adapter Cable

The GearIT is a DVI-to-DVI adapter cable that transmits high-resolution digital signals to the best monitors, HDTVs, and projectors. It also has a versatile dual-link design that will satisfy your needs at home. Even though smaller than most brands we have listed herein, its three-foot design is one of the most reliable in 2020. It has heavy-duty wires and a flexible plastic sheath that does not kink, fade, and or twist over time. Moreover, unlike the long and cluttered designs that come with computers, it installs cleanly on media consoles and desks available in homes and or offices.

The strength of the GearIT adapter cable lies in the heavy-duty gold contacts (24+1) that it uses. All adapters are not only durable but also have an advanced AWG technology, which boosts their conductivity. It is also fast (99Gbps) and therefore suitable for watching fast-action activities such as sports and via computers or televisions. GearIT is a DVI DDWG-compliant that supports both digital and analog networks. Thus, if you have an old TV or monitor at home or work, you do not have to replace it to use this DVI cable.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting dual link cable
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Super-fast system (99Gbps)
  • Advanced AWG technology
Our Verdict

Even though this cable’s three-foot design is a limitation for some people, it delivers excellent results in offices and homes. Its shorter design, for instance, is clutter-free. You can also link it with monitors, TVs, and projectors and enjoy fast, HD transmission.

7. C&E CNE24353 High-Resolution DVI Cable

C&E CNE24353 High-Resolution DVI Cable

DVI-HDMI adapters are durable, cost-effective, and designed to transmit high-resolution videos while in use. They also support laptops, televisions, and monitors, which are also the most popular forms of entertainment to date. The C&E CNE24353 DVI cable is one of the most popular brands. The compact design of its gold-plated male-to-male connectors fit most HDTVs, projectors, and flat plane televisions. They are also rust-resistant and transmit high-resolution images (2048x1536p) at a maximum speed of 9.9Gbps.

Do you struggle with signal loss whenever you are watching sports or playing games on your PC? Do your pictures ghost or pixelate to a level that frustrates you while entertaining? The C&E CNE24353 DVI cable is one of the best solutions. Its double-shielded cable (braided) is less prone to interference. It also has a high-strength design with a kink-resistant plastic sheath that lasts for long.

What We Like
  • Kink-resistant cable
  • Double-shielded (braided)
  • 2048x1536p resolution
  • Relatively fast (9.9Gbps)
Our Verdict

C&E CNE24353 is a high-resolution DVI-HDMI cable with a long-lasting double-shielded design. The cable is less prone to interference from emissions such as RFI and EMI, to name a few. It also prevents data loss, ghosting, and supports most devices.

6. Dell DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable

Dell DVI-to-DVI LCD Monitor Cable

Dell has some of the best computers and laptops in the market. However, the DVI-to-DVI cables it has manufactured are also among the best for personal and professional use. What makes it special? First, you will love its 6-foot design. It enables people to connect their computers to monitors from a distance issue-free. Its versatile 18-pin male to 18-pin single link single pin design, on the other hand, supports both LED and LCD monitors. The connectors are copper, which relays quality signals interference-free.

Like most models we have reviewed, Dell DVI-to-DVI is a plug-and-use cable. Everyday Joes (and Janes) can set it up in seconds while preparing for a movie night. It also has an insulated wire that lowers crosstalk to boost the quality of the signals you receive. The cable is durable. Kinking is not common if you handle it well.

What We Like
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Insulated design
  • Plug-and-use interface
  • Error-free signals
  • High-speed interface
  • Six-feet long
Our Verdict

Dell’s high-speed 6-foot cable improves how people entertain at home. It is fast, dependable, and works interference-free for years.

5. EforCity 349335 DVI Cable

EforCity 349335 DVI Cable

The six-foot eforCity 349335 DVI cable is one of the best brands in 2020. If you are setting up a computer in a small space, you will love the following attributes. First, it is compatible with most monitors and laptops. Moreover, if you have a television with a VGA port, this cable will benefit you as well. It is plug-and-use. It also has a heavy-duty cable (kink-proof) and gold-plated connectors (gold-plated) that meet the recommended DVI DDWG standards.

EforCity 349335 is a high capacity DVI cable with a transfer speed of up to 9.9Gbps. Thus, with an original one, lagging will be a non-issue for you. Moreover, its heavy-duty cable has a molded shield that neutralized RMI and RFI emissions. Therefore, while watching sports or Word processing, expect interesting results. The cable works interference-free with televisions, laptops, and or monitors.

What We Like
  • Under-molded shielding
  • Fast technology 9.9Gbps
  • Meets DVI DDWG standards
  • Durable 6-foot cable
Our Verdict

EforCity 349335 is an ultra-fast (9.9Gbps) FVI cable with a kink-proof 6-foot design. It has a durable, flexible, and DVI DDWG compliant design that works interference-free. You can also use it with laptops, televisions, and digital monitors with excellent results.

4. Insten 349335 DVI Cable

Insten 349335 DVI Cable

Insten 349335 is a 6-foot long D VI-D M/M Digital/Digital DVI cable for projectors, laptops, and flat-panel TVs. No matter the appliance that you use it with, expect interesting results for many reasons. First, its hook-up is simple. All you have to do is fasten thumbscrews for it to work. Moreover, its system generates up to 2560x1600p images at 60 Hz. Thus, whether you enjoy streaming movies or watch sports events often, a new one will serve you well. Its gold-plated contacts and pins relay high-quality signals at 9.9Gbps.

While ordering a DVI cable, opt for a brand that will serve you well for long. Insten 349335, for instance, has a flexible cable (braided) that does not kink nor breaks over time. You can bend and stretch it every day for years without its sheath or wires breaking. The cable is also compliant with the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) standard and has a shielded, interference-free design.

What We Like
  • DDWG compliant design
  • Shielded cable (braided)
  • Decent speed (9.9Gbps)
  • EMI/RFI resistant
  • PC and Mac-compatible
Our Verdict

Insten 349335 is a PC and Mac-compatible DVI cable that supports up to 2048 x 1536p resolutions. Its gold-plated contacts are durable. It also has a heavy-duty braided cable, which you can fold and stretch a few times without it kinking or breaking.

3. Cables Unlimited DVI D M to M Cable

Cables Unlimited DVI D M to M Cable

Cables Unlimited’s DVI D cable is a male-to-male cable with a versatile 6-foot design. Its flexibility, strength, and performance are also desirable devoid of the job you are planning to do with one. If you enjoy movies, for instance, you will love its speed and high-definition system. Your pictures, for example, will not ghost and or pixelate, as is the case with cheap ones. Lagging is also a non-issue while watching movies and or fast-action sports events at home.

The superior quality of construction of this cable is one of its major strengths. Both adapters, for instance, are long-lasting gold-plated steel. Thus, the risk of their pins bending or their shells breaking while in use is low. They also transmit fast and stable signals, which make it suitable for work or entertainment. The fast signals enhance the quality of pictures by stopping lag and pixelation.

What We Like
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Fast and stable signals
  • Kink-proof design
  • Cost-effective DVI cable
  • Long cable (6-foot)
Our Verdict

With DVI D, you get a six-foot male-to-male DVI D cable for use with televisions, monitors, and laptops. It is fast, durable, and has gold-plated contacts that are less prone to interference. Its kink-proof cable, on the other hand, withstands day-to-day abuse well.

2. BlueRigger Male to Male DVI Cable

BlueRigger Male to Male DVI Cable

Measuring 15 feet long, the BlueRigger is one of the longest male-to-male DVI cables on our list. It also has a durable dual-link design with gold-plated contacts (24+1) that transfer signals seamlessly. Whether you have a CRT television, a flat panel screen, or video projector, you can connect it to a laptop with ease. You can also hot plug it to solid-state drives or hard disk drives safely.

The BlueRigger is a robust DVI cable that satisfies the needs of most people. It transfers data at the rate of 4.96Gbps per second, which is admirable. Moreover, its gold-plated contacts comply with DVI DDWG standards, while its shielded PVC sheath lowers both EMI/RFI interference while in use. If you are tired of your pictures lagging or ghosting, this is one of the best remedies. Its gold-plated contacts improve the frame rate and motion of pictures.

What We Like
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • 96Gbps data transmission
  • DVI DDWG standards compliant
  • Shielded PVC sheath
Our Verdict

BlueRigger boosts both the frame rate and fluidity of pictures while in use. It also has a shielded cable and gold-plated contacts that prevent lags and ghosting while in use with monitors or televisions.

1. Cable Matters VGA Monitor Cable

Cable Matters VGA Monitor Cable

Cable Matters is a gold-plated VGA monitor cable with bare (100%) copper connectors. The connectors are rustproof, interference-free, and designed to fit projectors and televisions. Its cable, on the other hand, has a long (15 feet) UL-listed design with shielding that prevents interference from EMI/RFI waves. As such, expect good sound and video quality while the cable is in use.

Many standard VGA cables tend to crack and or break over time, especially in high traffic settings. However, Cable Matters is different. The heavy-duty copper cables used to make it are the best. They transmit signals seamlessly. You can also bend them a few times without breaking. The adapters (steel) also withstand day-to-day abuse well without rusting and or denting over time. Expect years of excellent service from a new Cable Matters cable.

What We Like
  • Gold-plated adapters
  • Durable copper cables
  • Adequate length (15 feet)
  • Stain-relief conductors
Our Verdict

Cable Matters is a 15-foot VGA cable made from heavy-duty copper. Thus, unlike some low-grade brands that kink and or snap easily, it withstands day-to-day abuse well. Its length and the strain relief conductors (gold plated) it comes with are also ideal. They resist rust and interference and support most TVs and monitors.

How to Choose the Best DVI Cables


DVI cable consists of two main parts – adapters and cables. Before spending your money on one, check the quality of the wire on offer. What is its length? Heavy-duty cables that measure at least three feet work well in homes and offices. However, make sure that it has long-lasting wires (preferably copper) and a thick sheath (plastic or braided) that does not kink over time. Buy the best online.


Most of the Male-to-Male adapters on DVI cable support televisions, projectors, and monitors. For the best results, however, makes sure your model of choice is durable. Avoid the low quality brands with pins that break or dent over time. Moreover, if possible, shop for a DVI cable with gold plated adapters. They are faster, reliable, and less prone to rusting or corrosion over time.


Is your DVI cable of choice susceptible to interference from RFI and EMI emissions? Do not waste your cash on such a cable. Instead, buy a model that is not only reliable and durable but also less prone to interference while in use. Check if it has a shielded cable.

Conclusion: Most of us use televisions to entertain and or projectors to present at work. However, to connect such items to laptops and play movies or display PowerPoint slides, you need a DVI connection. Our top 10 cables are the best for this job for three reasons. First, their shielded cables are less prone to interference. They are also durable and have versatile systems that support TVs or monitors, to name a few.

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