Do you have a dog that keeps you company at home? Does it spill food and or drinks while eating? To protect your floors from damage without affecting your pet’s feeding habits, add a dog water dish to your list of wants. Premium models have ample space for food and water. Furthermore, by keeping water and food from floors, they protect delicate materials such as wood from damage. However, for the best results, buy a dish mat that a Chihuahua, Beagle, or Terrier will love using. Here are some of the best options for homes in 2020:

10. Tortuga Home Goods XXL Dish Mat

Tortuga Home Goods XXL Dish Mat

Tortuga Home Goods is a heat-resistant trivet mat (up to 450F) with a multi-functional 23×18-inch design. Apart from protecting your floors, you can use it as a dish-drying mat on a countertop or table. You can also use it under a drying rack to protect your countertops from water stains. Back to pets, the low maintenance design of this dish mat makes it a suitable household accessory. After use, you can wash it by hand or in a dishwasher without ruining its performance.

Tortuga Home Goods has a satisfaction guarantee. If yours stains or fails to protect your floors for water and food, you can return issue-free. However, considering its quality, this is a rare occurrence. It does not rip nor stains over time. You will love its non-slip design as well.

What We Like
  • Satisfaction guaranteed (100%)
  • Dishwasher-safe design
  • Heat resistant design (450 F)
  • Fast-drying trivet mat
Our Verdict

Tortuga Home Goods XXL is a heat-resistant mat that plays an essential role in homes. If your dog spills water and food while feeding, a new one will protect your floor from damage. You can also use it under a drying rack to protect your countertop or as a dish-drying mat on a countertop. The mat is durable and 100% safe.

9. Cavalier Pets Dog Bowl Mat

Cavalier Pets Dog Bowl Mat

The unique paw design of this Cavalier mat is not only stylish but also functional. Measuring 47×32 inches, it is the largest water and food mat on our list. As such, whether you have a large pet and or an elevated feeding station, this is the best product to use. It offers plenty of room for pets and pet accessories. It is also waterproof (100%) and super-easy to clean using a vacuum or soap when dirty.

If you have delicate wooden floors, you will love the protective nature of a Cavalier bowl mat. First, because of its sheer size, it offers good scatter control when dogs and cats are feeding. Moreover, its woven design (multiple layered) is water-resistant as well. You will never worry about water and soups spilling all over your hardwood floors and ruining its appearance. Cavalier comes in five exciting colors, each with a non-slip backing for security.

What We Like
  • Non-slip backing
  • Multi-layered (woven)
  • Good scatter control
  • Many color options
  • Large (47×32 inches)
Our Verdict

Scatter control is a challenge with some brands of pet mats. They are either too small or leak when jostled as pets feed. The Cavalier bowl mat solves such issues. Its jumbo size (47×32 inches) offers good scatter control. It also has a heavy-duty triple-layered design (woven), which contains spills as well. With one, your floor is safe.

8. Easyology Pet Food Tray

Easyology Pet Food Tray

The Easyology pet food tray measures 17.5×14-inches. Thus, if you want a mat that protects up to 245 square inches of floors, this is a good brand. The non-toxic 100% recycled polypropylene used to make it is waterproof and has raised spill-resistant edges (1-inch). As your pet eats or drinks, it will trap the bits of food that fall off or water for easy cleaning. Finally, Easyology is safe for both pets and the environment. Its premium design lacks BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

Even though made of plastic, Easyology has a non-slip base, which is also safe for most types of floors. You can use it on wood or stone floors without worrying about scratches. It is also easy to clean and attainable risk-free (100% guaranteed) from all famous web stores.

What We Like
  • Risk-free guarantee (100%)
  • BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free
  • Recycled polypropylene (100%)
  • Spill-resistant edges (1-inch)
Our Verdict

The recycled polypropylene used to make Easyology is safe for both pets and the environment. It is durable, hypoallergenic, and does not skid not scratch floors while in use. It is also large and easy to clean.

7. PetFusion Waterproof Pet Food Mat

PetFusion Waterproof Pet Food Mat

To protect their floors from damage by pets, many people resort to radical measures such as feeding their pets in cages. This should not be the case because of how easy you can take care of such problems at home. A waterproof mat such as PetFusion will keep your floors dry and well protected as your cat or dog feeds. It also has a spacious design (34 x 23 inches) made from high-grade silicone. The material is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and has a hygienic design that you clean easy under running water. It is dishwasher-safe as well.

The PetFusion mat protects floors in two ways. First, by keeping food and water off your floor as pets feed, it prevents staining and rotting. Furthermore, the FDA-grade silicon used to make it is smooth and non-slip structure, which does not scratch floors. PetFusion rarely barges if you push or pull it on most types of floors.

What We Like
  • FDA-grade silicone
  • Large (34 x 23 inches)
  • Hypoallergenic design
  • Non-slip top and bottom
Our Verdict

PetFusion is a food-grade 34×23-inch water dish mat with a non-slip top and bottom. Its 100% hypoallergenic design is safe for most pets. Furthermore, you can fit and use up to two bowls on it issue-free.

6. mDesign Pet Food and Water Bowl

mDesign Pet Food and Water Bowl

While choosing a water dish mat, the design, safety, and performance of your preferred mat matters. Look for a model that not only eases access to food or water but also protects floors from damage. If you have struggled to find such a product for long, the mDesign has a few attributes that you might like. As most mats that we have reviewed herein, this 8×16-inch mat has a flexible silicone structure. Silicone is heat safe to 570 F, dishwasher-safe, and lacks chlorine, PVC, and BPA, which can harm dogs and cats.

MDesign is a leak-proof mat (water-resistant) with grooves that trap food and water as your pet feeds. It also has an eye-catching design with a non-slip base that works well on wood, stone, and laminate. As such, as your pet eats, it does not shift as much as plastic models do nor scratches floors. You and or your pets will love this bowl mat.

What We Like
  • Water-resistant silicone
  • PVC and BPA-free mat
  • Spill-resistant top (ribbed)
  • Compact and durable design
Our Verdict

The non-slip ribs on this water dish mat contain food and spills while in use. Thus, if you worry about floor damage whenever your pet is eating or drinking, order yours now. Its eye-catching design blends well in homes. It is also easy to clean by hand or a dishwasher.

5. ONME Dog Feeding Mat

ONME Dog Feeding Mat

Even though designed for dogs, ONME is an ideal feeding mat for rabbits and cats as well because of its versatility. Its 18×11-inch design, for instance, is large and therefore suitable for holding different sized bowls. Moreover, the durable and non-slip silicone used to make it is safe for most breeds of pets. Thus, set up in the corner of your kitchen or hallways, your cat or dog will have an easy time using this mat. The risk of irritation and harm is also low because of the phthalate and BPA-free structure of this bowl mat.

Silicone is a 100% waterproof material. Besides, because ONME has a secure, raised edge design, it protects floors from water damage. As such, if you have a messy dog at home, you will never worry about it staining or rotting your floors. After use, you can wash ONME by hand or a washing machine without fading or warping.

What We Like
  • Machine washable design
  • Spill-resistant edges (raised)
  • Non-slip silicone material
  • Phthalate and BPA-free
Our Verdict

With ONME, you will not worry about BPA and phthalate poisoning your pet’s food. The heavy-duty silicone used to make it is not only durable but also pet-safe. It also has a non-slip 18×11-inch design that can fit two feeding bowls or a drinking fountain for your pets.

4. DII Bone Dry Small Microfiber Pet Mat

DII Bone Dry Small Microfiber Pet Mat

The longevity and absorbency of microfiber make it an ideal material for making water dish pet mats. It also has a durable and charming look and thus blends well in hallways or kitchens. The DII Bone pet mat offers these benefits. Because of its ultra-absorbance, it is perfect for serving water, food, and treats to dogs on hardwood, laminate, and tiled floors. If you have carpet that you struggle to protect, this pet mat will also be an excellent addition to your home. It does not slip nor slides while in use, which is a bonus for per owners.

The DII Bone mat covers and protects up to 336 square inches of space (14×24-inches), yet it is light and portable. Moreover, because you are getting a machine-washable mat, cleaning it after use is a piece of cake. You can tap it on a hard safe to loosen lodged food and wash it in a washing machine or by hand by hand with cold water.

What We Like
  • Machine washable
  • Large (14×24-inches)
  • Super absorbent design
  • Durable microfiber fabric
  • Non-slip backing
Our Verdict

DII Bone Dry has all the hallmarks of a reliable dog water dish. Its microfiber fabric is not only long-lasting but also easy to clean when dirty. It also covers a large area of floors, which it protects from food and water. Your dog or cat will enjoy using the pet mat every day.

3. Kitchen Basics Pet Bowl Mat

Kitchen Basics Pet Bowl Mat

Many people love their dogs to the extent that they let them damage furniture and floors with impunity. If you are one of them, take charge by setting up the Kitchen Basics bowl mat in his or her feeding area. Its spacious design (10×20 inches) fits and secures pet bowls of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, because Kitchen Basics is absorbent, it not only contains splashes and spills but also protects delicate floors from damage. By keeping your wooden floor “bone-dry,” for instance, it not only prevents staining but rotting as well.

A few brands of water bowl mats slip and slide, which frustrates feeding pets. However, with this Kitchen Basics model, you will protect your floors without affecting your pet negatively. Its super-absorbent design has a non-slip backing that grips laminate and wood. Thus, it enables dogs and cats to eat in 5-7 inch bowls with ease. It is also a machine-washable mat, which is admirable.

What We Like
  • Non-slip backing
  • Fits 5-7 inch bowls
  • Machine-washable
  • Super-absorbent
Our Verdict

You will love the absorbance, size (10×20 inches), and the protective nature of this Kitchen Basics bowl mat. It works well on wood and stones. You can also wash it a few times without ruing its structure.

2. Loving Pets Bella Spill-Proof Pet Mat

Loving Pets Bella Spill-Proof Pet Mat

Dogs are messy eaters. In their haste, they spill water and food on the floor, which pisses off their owners. Fortunately, with the Loving Pets Bella mat, you can take care of such issues on a budget. Its unique bone-shaped design is not only stylish but also functional. Set up on wood, laminate, or tile, for instance, it does not slip while in use. Its spill-proof design, on the other hand, has raised edges that contain both water and food as your dog and or cat eats and drinks.

Loving Pets Bella is a 100% pet-safe water dish mat for your home. Unlike some of the cheap plastic rugs available online, it does not contain BPA nor phthalates. Instead, its quality tested-design is 100% safe for feeding dogs and cats indoors and outdoors. It is also easy to clean. After use, all you have to do is run it under tap water to clean food debris. You can also wash it by hand for a thorough clean.

What We Like
  • Spill-proof lip (raised)
  • Quality tested and approved
  • Have skid-resistant feet
  • Relatively easy to clean
Our Verdict

The Loving Pets Bella creates a spill-proof feeding and drinking area for pets without costing people a fortune. Its quality-tested design lacks BPA and phthalates. It is also durable and easy to clean after use.

1. Hoki Found Silicone Mat

Hoki Found Silicone Mat

Hoki Found is one of the best silicone mats you will come across online or in brick and mortar stores. Its 8.8-ounce design works on most types of flooring. It also has FDA-approved components (BPA and phthalate-free), which are safe for most dog breeds. Whether you have a toy or a mid-sized species at home, irritation will be a non-issue with this Hoki Found mat. It also has an anti-slip structure with raised borders that contain food and water as dogs or cats feed.

Hoki Found is a great dog mat in homes because of its low-maintenance design. The non-slip silicone used to make it is resistant to staining. Moreover, when dirty, you can clean in by hand and or using a washing machine without it warping or ripping.

What We Like
  • Machine washable design
  • FDA-approved silicone
  • Non-slip top and bottom
  • Spacious (18.7×11.8 inches)
  • Non-allergenic/non-toxic
Our Verdict

Do you want a safe water dish mat that will protect your floors without harming a dog or cat? Hoki Found is a heavy-duty silicone model with a reliable, FDA-approved design. Its non-slip design grips and works well on most floors. It also has ample space for dog dishes and a machine-washable design that you can clean easily after use.

What to Look for in a Dog Water Dish Mat


No matter the design of the dish mat you opt for, make sure that it is of high quality. The material used to make it should be pet-safe and able to withstand the day-to-day abuse pets subject such accessories. Heavy-duty silicone and recycled polypropylene are the best options.


Is the pet mat you are planning to buy sufficient for your pets? If you have a 7-inch feeding bowl at home, make sure your mat of choice can fit and secure it well. A small or huge one might let you down.


People set up waster dish mats at home to protect their floors from water and pet food. Make sure that your brand of choice offers these benefits. It should have a waterproof design with raised lips that prevents spills. Moreover, non-slip dish mats are beneficial as well.

Conclusion: With our endorsed water dish mats, you will take care of the nasty spills your dog makes while feeding. They are long-lasting, safe, and have multi-functional designs that work well on most types of floors.

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