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Dirt bikes are powerful to wheel accessories that make outdoor recreation fun. Fitted with powerful gas-powered engines and high-traction all terrain tires, they are among the best bikes for riding on mud. They are also perfect for doing tricks on courses and outdoor off-road trails. Seats are broad comfortable, while their reinforced frames withstand abuse.

A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Gift for Kids and Adults

Unlike comparable motorcycles, dirt bikes rarely break and or buckle on impact. Finally, because of their light designs, dirt bikes are fun to ride. Youths and adults (both novices and professionals) have a memorable experience on them without sacrificing safety.

If you are planning to join the bandwagon of biking enthusiasts, we have listed 10 bestselling dirt bikes worth buying in 2007. They are affordable, relatively easier to ride, and are available in teen/adult sizes in web-based stores such as Amazon.

Check Price
  • Design
  • Material
  • Add. Features
  • Design Scaled design
  • Material Longlasting
  • Add. Features Large tires
  • Design Premium
  • Material Durable
  • Add. Features Electric
Coleman Power
Coleman Powersports
  • Design Responsive
  • Material Steel frame
  • Add. Features Powerful engine
  • Design Ergonomic
  • Material Diecast metal
  • Add. Features Rolling wheels
  • Design Premium
  • Material Longlasting
  • Add. Features Comfortable
Check Price
  • Design
  • Material
  • Add. Features
Flying Horse
Flying Horse
  • Design Lightweight
  • Material Durable
  • Add. Features High performance
  • Design High-powered
  • Material Durable
  • Add. Features Air-cooled engine
  • Design Premium
  • Material Steel alloy frame
  • Add. Features Billet chain
  • Design Well-balanced
  • Material Steel frame
  • Add. Features CARB approved
  • Design Well-built
  • Material Longlasting
  • Add. Features Comfortable seat

10. Apollo DB-007

Apollo DB-007

Apollo DB-007 is a well-built all-around dirt bike with a powerful 125cc engine that never disappoints. The heart-stopping power that this engine generates enables individuals to ride in the most challenging of terrains.

It is also durable, has an efficient air-cooled design, and has a lightweight structure that does not weight down this dirt bike. Finally, the engine has an efficient four-stroke system that shifts fast and achieves faster speeds.

With Apollo DB-007, you will never sacrifice personal comfort or safety outdoors. Well-built, for instance, it withstands abuse well. Seat height is approximately 36.6-inches tall.

Whether you are a youth or adult, you can mount and ride it easily. Padding is also optimal, while its ergonomic frame and handlebars maximize safety and comfort further.

At full throttle, Apollo DB-007 reaches top speeds of up to 55 miles per hour (MPH). Front (17-inches) and rear (14-inches) tires are competition-grade, while its four-speed manual clutch is easy to operate under pressure. This 148-pound steel dirt bike never disappoints.

Our Verdict

We have on the 10th spot for you this Apollo DB-007! It is made of a heavy-duty 148-pound design and it has all competition grade kind of tiers. Do get this bike because it can run on the top speed range of 55MPH. It has a completely padded seat which is comfortable as well. Its frame has an ergonomic design and its engine is of 125cc.

  • Heavy-duty 148-pound design
  • Competition-grade tires
  • Top speed of 55MPH
  • Padded and comfortable seat
  • Ergonomic frame and handlebars
  • Powerful 125cc engine (four stroke)
  • Overpriced
  • One sized

9. Taotao DB17

Taotao DB17

Dirt bikes are fun recreational machines that ride on the toughest of terrains. Available in blue, for instance, Taotao DB17 is a stylish 125cc model with a high-performance design that buyers like.

Fitted with a 4-stroke gas-powered engine, its performance in all environments is desirable. Whether you like riding on smooth tarmac roads or challenging muddy ones, you will cruise through obstacles easily and have a memorable time.

The manual 4-speed gear it comes with is also easy to use. Well-placed on its frame, you can shift from lower to upper gears (and vice versa) effortlessly and perform better.

Taotao DB17 has a comfortable padded seat. Shock absorbers are professional-grade, while its large (17-inch front and 14-inch rear) all terrain tires never disappoint its riders.

Apart from its superior performance, individuals like Taotao DB17 to its competition because of its durability and safety. Its sturdy steel frame, for instance, does not buckle under pressure. It also has a comfortable air-cooled design that does not overheat as its competitors do and have powerful rear and front brakes. You will enjoy riding this bike.

Our Verdict

On the 9th spot, we have this dirtbike for you and it is Taotao DB17, its engine is of 4-stroke and it is of 125cc. It has a responsive form 4-speed gearbox and its all-terrain tiers are purely durable. Its rear and front side brakes are powerful in terms of their performance and its steel frame has a pure and genuine sturdy design.

  • 125cc 4-stroke engine (gas powered)
  • Responsive 4-speed gearbox
  • Durable all-terrain tires
  • Powerful rear and front brakes
  • Sturdy steel frame with padded seat
  • Responsive CDI ignition system
  • None



Never buy a poorly made motorcycle. Most models are unsafe, uncomfortable, and have low-grade parts that malfunction after one or two riding sessions.

To ride like a professional, consider spending more money on a competition-grade dirt bike such as PCC MOTOR Coolster. It is durable and has numerous premium features that users like.

With an original PCC MOTOR KLX STYLE Coolster bike, for instance, you get a KLX-style 125cc engine (gas powered) that offers value on all terrain. It is powerful.

It is also fuel-efficient and has a self-cooling technology that keeps in working optimally. Unlike some models, for instance, forget about it overheating and exploding under pressure.

With a new PCC MOTOR KLX STYLE Coolster, you do not compromise style for function. You get both. In addition to its high-performance engine, you get a durable steel alloy frame with an aesthetic black theme.

The frame is also lightweight and designed to support over 200 pounds without buckling under pressure. Even though this dirt bike has a small front (14-inches) and rear (12-inches) tires, you get effective double-piston brakes. You also get a durable billet chain (with a guard) and a stylish big bore exhaust.

Our Verdict

On this 8th spot, we have for the dirt bike lovers this PCC MOTOR Blue DIRT BIKE COOLSTER 125CC, do get this dirt because it has a 125cc engine and it is also gas powered. Its steel alloy frame is durable in its terms and its billet chain is longlasting. It is made of a blue-themed body and its big bore exhaust is efficient in its working terms.

  • KLX-style 125cc engine (gas powered)
  • Durable steel alloy frame
  • Durable billet chain
  • Eye-catching blue-themed body
  • Efficient big bore exhaust
  • Smaller front and rear tires

7. Tao DB10

Tao DB10

Are you shopping for a new dirt bike to replace your damaged and or under-performing one? Even though Tao Tao DB10 is not as powerful as other dirt bikes reviewed herein (110cc), its reliability is desirable.

Its premium components and quality of construction are also desirable. To help you to power through the toughest of terrains, for instance, you get an aero-cooled one-cylinder engine that performs well. It is also durable, high-powered, and has a fully automated system that betters the experience of riders.

Tao Tao DB10 has a fuel capacity of approximately four liters. In addition to its low cost, it is also easy to maintain, which appeals to most individuals.

The advanced hydraulic brake system it uses delivers instant stopping power to maximize safety. Whether you are practicing or competing, therefore, expect memorable results with this innovative bike.

With each Tao Tao DB10 you buy, you get a lightweight blue themed dirt bike with 10-inch all-terrain tires. Whilst smaller, these tires have a lower center of gravity, which improves stability and safety of riders further. By orienting riders closer to the ground, falls are not as devastating as those of taller dirt bikes. Buy yours from Amazon today to get a 1-year transmission and engine warranty and a 30-day warranty for defective parts.

Our Verdict

You can get this Tao DB10 for yourself, it has a 4-stroke engine and it works on an air-cooled basis. Its engine only consists of a single cylinder and that engine works on an automatic basis. Its fuel capacity is of 4 gallons.

  • One-year transmission and engine guarantee
  • Lightweight blue-themed frame
  • 30-day warranty on defects
  • Stable 10-inch tires (all terrain)
  • Air-cooled one-cylinder engine (110cc)
  • Effective hydraulic brakes
  • A small dirt bike

6. Flying Horse Dirt Bike

Flying Horse Dirt Bike

To enjoy dirt biking, power, safety, and ease of use are three essential attributes that you should look out for on a dirt bike. Your preferred model should also be comfortable and made of professional-grade parts that handle abuse well.

Even though numerous brands meet this threshold, Flying Horse Dirt Bike is one of the best. It is affordable and has a professional-grade and feature-rich design that makes outdoor exploration fun.

Fitted with a 50cc two-stroke gas engine, for instance, this dirt bike performs well in all environments. The unique roaring sound it generates is enthralling, while the heavy-duty shock absorbers it comes with soothe impact well to maximize comfort. The risk of back injury is also low whenever you are exploring rugged terrain or doing high impact moves.

With this Flying Horse Dirt Bike, you get rust-proof alloy rims that do not bend nor lose their shape over time. You also get an efficient exhaust system (two stroke) and an easy-to-use automated transmission system.

Even though this bike weighs 40 pounds, it supports up to 127-pound loads. Visit Amazon and purchase yours today.

Our Verdict

On this 6th spot, we have Flying Horse Dirt Bike, this dirt bike can give you the ultimate highest performance. It consists of air-cooled 49cc 2-stroke engine and it works on an excellent power system. It contains a tuned expansion chamber and it operates on a fully automatic transmission. It is also lightweight and it is easy and convenient to maneuver. It can be easily stored and this dirt bike is featured with front-hand operated disk brakes and rear-hand operated disk brakes.

  • Supports up to 127-pound loads
  • Lightweight 40-pound design
  • Durable and rustproof alloy wheels
  • Efficient two-stroke exhaust system
  • Powerful 50cc two-stroke gas engine
  • Automated transmission system
  • Ill-fitting fenders
  • An overly stiff suspension system

5. Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37

Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37

Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 is a comfortable high-profile dirt bike with large 17-inch tires. These all-terrain tires are durable and made of quality rubber that grips both smooth and rugged surfaces as well.

Power output is also desirable. The gas powered 125cc engine that it comes with performs well in all weather conditions without overheating.

This dirt bike has an appealing grunge-looking design (black-themed) that appeals to most individuals.

Its well-spaced handlebars are comfortable, while its well-constructed air-cooled body does not overheat under stress or pressure. Devoid of your terrain or the course you are exploring, this bike will keep on going without compromising comfort.

At full throttle, Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 reaches speeds of up to 55.89 miles per hour (MPH).

Its load limit is around 220 pounds, while its higher ground clearance (12.6-inches) and seat (32.8-inches) enable individuals that ride over large obstacles easily.

Our Verdict

We highly recommend this Apollo Precision Tools AGB 37 because it is made according to higher-ground clearance terms and it can support up to 220-pound weight. Its speed range is 55.89MPH and it is attached to comfortable and well-spaced handlebars.

  • Higher-ground clearance (12.6 inches)
  • Supports up to 220-pound loads
  • Top speed of 55.89MPH
  • Comfortable well-spaced handlebars
  • Rugged all-terrain tires
  • Gas powered 125cc engine
  • Low-grade carburetor

4. Bburago KTM 450 SX-F #5

Bburago KTM 450 SX-F #5

Christened the Ryan Dungey, this 1/18 KTM 450 SX-F #5 motorcycle from Bburago performs well on all terrains.

Fitted with durable rubber tires, for instance, it grips and rides sturdily on most surfaces (smooth and off-road).

Its light die-cast frame is durable, while its multi-colored chassis and plastic components boost both its style and function.

To maximize the comfort of riders, Bburago 1/18 KTM 450 SX-F #5 comes with a well-padded seat that cradles riders as well.

Handlebars, on the other hand, are sturdy and ergonomic, while its superior suspension system smooths rides on rugged terrains.

Even with its superior design, you do not have to break your bank to own an original 1/18 KTM 450 SX-F #5 dirt bike.

Now available on Amazon, it is affordable.

It is also durable and has professional-grade parts/ components that lower maintenance costs.

Our Verdict

On this 4th spot, we have for the passionate lovers of dirt bike this Bburago KTM 450 SX-F #5! it has rolling wheels. Its dimensions are L-4, H-2.5, W-1.35 Inches and these are the recommended dimensions and measurements which should be followed by any top dirt bike manufacturing company. It is made of top-quality diecast metal and it has some plastic parts too. Its suspension system works on the superior basis and its tires are made of pure rubber stuff.

  • Professional-grade parts and components
  • Sturdy and ergonomic handlebars
  • Durable rubber tires (all-terrain)
  • Superior suspension system
  • Multi-colored die-cast frame
  • Flimsy plastic

3. Coleman Powersports 70DX Dirt Bike

Coleman Powersports 70DX Dirt Bike

Because of its simple design, most individuals often underestimate the value of this Coleman Powersports 70DX Dirt Bike. Do make a similar mistake. Ideal for beginners and professionals alike, its full sized frame is stable and designed to support individuals of all stature.

Its 72cc engine is powerful, while its high height is perfect for off-road riding. It breezes through mud and dirt roads, for instance. It also blazes through the obstacle course without compromising the stability and or the safety or riders.

Coleman Powersports 70DX Dirt Bike has a load capacity of 400 pounds. Whether you are an adult or a youth, it will support your weight well for a comfortable and safe ride.

Its front and rear suspensions are also effective, while its aero-cooled bore stroke engine has a top speed of 67 miles per hour (MPH). You will appreciate its heart-stopping power.

For safety, Coleman Powersports 70DX Dirt Bike has responsive disk brakes (front and rear) that generate instant stopping power. It also has a sturdy 55.9-inch wheelbase and a comfortable seat (36.6-inch high) that cushions shock further to minimize injuries.

Our Verdict

One of the reliable dirt bikes we have for you, it is Coleman Powersports 70DX Dirt Bike, it hs a 72cc Air -Cooled and a 4-stroke engine, it works on CDI Ignition System and it has a 4-Speed Semi-Manual Transmission system. Its Front Dual Hydraulic Forks are of length 54.0″ and its steel frame can last for an extended time.

  • Sturdy 55.9-inch wheelbase
  • Responsive disk brakes
  • Comfortable 36.6-inch high seat
  • Top speed of 67 miles per hour (MPH)
  • 400-pound load capacity
  • Powerful 250cc engine
  • Sturdy full-sized frame
  • Poor setup instructions
  • Weird riding position

2. Razor MX650 Rocket

Razor MX650 Rocket

Unlike loud and noisy gas-powered dirt bikes, Razor MX650 Rocket is a quiet electrical model that works well. Powered by a 650-watt electrical motor, riders can reach speeds of up to 17 miles per hour (mph) on most surfaces.

This is impressive, consider that users only sit and ride along as it does the legwork.

Its unique frame geometry is sturdy, comfortable, and thus, recommended for dirt biking on the toughest of outdoor terrains.

Razor MX650 Rocket has an advanced dual suspension system that delivers a comfortable and smooth ride on all terrain.

Forget about the rough and bumpy rides that your current motorcycle delivers whenever you are entertaining outdoors with friends.

Designed to support up to 220 pounds, Razor MX650 Rocket benefits both adults and youths.

It is also affordable, has all-terrain pneumatic tires, and has a 90-day warranty.

Our Verdict

You can try this Razor MX650 Rocket, it is a compact form electric motocross bike which has a powerful 650-watt electric motor and its speed range is 17 mph. It is an authentic dirt bike which carries a dual suspension and also riser handlebars. It can deliver smooth and too a comfortable ride.

  • Electricity-powered (650-watt motor)
  • All-terrain pneumatic tires
  • An advanced dual suspension system
  • Top speed of 17MPH
  • 40-minute run-time
  • 90-day warranty
  • Fussy chain mechanism
  • Fussy charging system

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket

Featuring a scaled-down blue-themed body with a chain-driven single speed motor, Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket tops our list.

It has a durable and fun to ride design.

Its battery-powered electrical system is significantly quieter while its large knobby pneumatic tires grips surfaces well to maximize stability.

Even on slippery roads, therefore, you will have a safe and memorable experience with an original model of this novel dirt bike.

While this electrical bike is not as fast (12MPH) as its gas-powered counterparts are, children aged 13+ years old enjoy riding it.

Both its brake and twist grip throttle controls are hand operated, which simplifies riding.

It has a chain driven motor along with a twist grip throttle control system.

It has large-size knobby tires and it consists of hand operated rear brake. Its battery life can remain up to 30 minutes.

Our Verdict

This Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket is a scaled down and a battery-powered moto-cross bike. It is super quiet and it can run on the single speed.

  • Hand-operated braking system
  • Hand-operated twist grip throttle controls
  • Knobby pneumatic tires
  • Chain-driven single speed motor
  • Shorter run-time (30 minutes)
  • Shorter height

How to Choose Best Dirt Bikes

Below is the mentioned guide for you which will guide you completely that how best dirt bikes can be purchased:

Super Quiet: Your bought one dirt bike should run on the super quiet terms, it should not produce any unnecessary sound.

Large-Sized Knobby Tires: Its tires should be made of 100% powerful and durable materials and they should be large in size.

Long Warranty Time: Your chosen dirt bike should give you a long warranty time.


Conclusion: Dirt bikes are powerful gas or battery-powered motorcycles that make outdoor recreation fun. If you enjoy the thrill or ridding on mud or on challenging terrains, for instance, out top 10 picks work best. They are durable. Components are professional-grade, while their well-constructed designs are comfortable, safe, and thus, ideal for commuting. If you come in the category of dirt bike lovers then get a hold of this updated list and get the top and high-quality dirt bike for yourself.

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