Digital voice recorders are dependable items that record quality audio in most settings. They are portable, easy to use, and have on-board storage for lectures and presentations, to name a few. With one, therefore, you will never strain to write notes in class. Compact yet sensitive models, on the other hand, are beneficial to journalists who travel often. If you are looking for one for day-to-day use, we have you covered. Our top ten brands to purchase in 2020 include:

10. EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

EVISTR 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

The EVISTR Digital Voice Recorder is a high-quality device suitable for anyone keen on getting a clear audio recording. It features a voice cancellation microphone to filter ambient sound and deliver clear audio recordings. This design is user-friendly as it captures audio that is compatible with several operating systems such as MAC, LINUX, and WIN. The unique thing about this recorder is that it records audio files MP3 and WAV multi-media formats. These are compatible with all digital media players, which deliver undisrupted audio playback in the home. Further, all your recordings have timestamps for easier retrieval.

A striking feature for first-time users of audio recorders is the simplicity of operating it. It is as simple as, record, stop and play process, and all functionalities are marked out and easy to use. Also, this digital recorder is convenient for lectures and meeting. It only records when someone is speaking, and hence maximizes memory and saves playback time.

What We Like
  • MP3 and WAV formats
  • Easy to transport
  • Supports all media players
  • Clear audio recording
Our Verdict

Do you struggle to write clear notes during lectures? Consider recording your notes instead using an EVISTR digital voice recorder. It captures clear audio in WAV and MP3 formats. It also has a portable design with 16GB of internal storage space, which stores hours of audio.

9. Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder

The mono digital design of this recorder is convenient for students since they can use it for recording lectures. Its battery-powered system works for up to 60 hours. You, therefore, have a guarantee of weekend lectures without having to recharge. When it comes to storage, all recordings are in mp3 format to maximize on the 4GB memory store provided. You can also expand storage space via the micro SD slot up to comfortable handling capacity of 32GB.

Sony ICD-PX370 comes with an auto voice functionality, for recording your favorite tunes. Besides, its scene mode setting features allows you to set your environment to optimize on ambient sound filtration. The function ensures high-quality recording. Notably, the design is so sleek, and you will love its palm and curved edges. Also, it has an in-built USB connector that allows you to plug it directly into your laptop without the use of a USB cable.

What We Like
  • Micro SD card slot
  • In-built USB connector
  • Auto voice recorder
  • Inbuilt memory (4GB)
  • Powerful battery (60 hours)
Our Verdict

Sony ICD-PX370 is a compact and portable digital voice recorder with expandable storage. Even though the 4GB storage space on offer is enough for most people, you can expand it using an SD card if needed. Recordings are clear and transferable to computers via a USB connection.

8. EVIDA 8GB Mini Portable Audio Recorder

EVIDA 8GB Mini Portable Audio Recorder

In comparison, to other models, EVIDA audio recorder is lightweight and portable. It is even surface, and mini size makes it easy to slide into your pocket, just like your slim phone. Its microphone is truly micro but highly sensitive to capture high-quality audio. Other than being feathery, it is also comfortable, and you can carry anywhere and anytime. It is simple to use especially its A-B repeat functionality, which allows you to playback a specific section of recording for clarity. Other features are also user-friendly, clearly displayed, and eat to use.

It also has a voice-activated recording feature, which ensures that it records only spoken words. For clarity, it ignores silent moments or unclear sounds that are not important for your records. This recorder is also versatile since it has an inbuilt Mp3 player. Therefore, during your free time, you can invite your friends to relax and listen to clear and loud tunes.

What We Like
  • Active voice recording
  • Inbuilt MP3 player
  • Sensitive microphone
  • A-B repeat function
Our Verdict

Whether you are a student or a reporter, EVIDA will satisfy your needs for many reasons. First, you get double (8GB) the storage space of Sony ICD-PX370. It also has a portable design that supports active voice recording. The system stops recording when there is silence.

7. Homder 16G Touch Screen Voice Activated Recorder

Homder 16G Touch Screen Voice Activated Recorder

Homder 16G is an advanced digital voice recorder with novel features. First, it has an ultrasensitive touchscreen with a colorful screen. The versatility of this product is also unmatched since you do not require a separate iPod to store and listen to your favorite music. It also comes loaded with an inbuilt 16GB memory, which allows you to save your entire library of music. There is also lots of memory space for over thousand-hour recordings.

You will never worry about the security of the data or the files stored in this voice recorder. Its system supports password protection of media files. You can also bookmark sections, like in a book, while working on your recordings and schedule a recording any time. Thus, during meetings, you will never miss essential discussions whenever you are late. Once set up on the table or a stand, this device will start recording automatically and save the file for review.

What We Like
  • On-board schedule
  • Large memory (16GB)
  • Password protection
  • Colored touchscreen
Our Verdict

Whether you are looking for a high capacity digital recorder or one with a schedule, Homder delivers. Via its colored touchscreen, you can schedule when and how it records sounds. You can also preview files and save thousands of minutes of recordings in its in-built 16GB memory.

6. Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-853

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-853

The Olympus WS-853 comes loaded with features that deliver high-quality recordings for professional use. It has a dual stereo mic on both ends, which capture sound at 180 degrees. These generate clear recordings indoors and outdoors with little effort from people. Besides, you will not need to keep adjusting microphone sensitivity or environmental setting as you record. Its intelligent auto mode handles this for you. It also filters environmental noise automatically.

Olympus WS-853 is a user-friendly recorder for first-timers. It has a clear screen with large fonts that display all commands. These features select and direct you on various available options. Over time and with experience you can then switch to normal mode. It has an inbuilt USB connector, which allows you easy and quick access to data via a plug-and-play process.

What We Like
  • Reputable brand
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Noise-cancellation
  • Dual stereo mic
Our Verdict

The dual stereo microphone on this digital voice recorder is twice as sensitive as the standard ones in some models. It not only picks up sound well but also has an adjustable sensitivity, which is beneficial to reporters. Finally, its noise cancellation technology filters unwanted sound.

5. TENSAFEE Digital Voice Recorder

TENSAFEE Digital Voice Recorder

TENSAFEE is a versatile digital voice recorder that will meet your other needs besides recording. You can use it to play Mp3 files, for instance, via an inbuilt loudspeaker or headphones. The recorder also has a voice activation feature that turns on audio recording the moment it detects audible speech from the far end of the room. The microphones have intelligent noise reduction to filter unwanted sounds and efficiently maximize storage.

It features one-button operation; thus, you can access most options from one button. Also, you can navigate right, left, up, and down without exerting a lot of effort. Storage is not an issue since it has a 32GB internal memory, which is enough to save thousands of hours recording as well as your music library. Likewise, you can easily playback sections of audio recording using A-B repeat play mode as many times as you want. It also has a 360-mic, which makes it suitable for recording audio indoors and outdoors.

What We Like
  • 360-degree microphone
  • Large memory (32GB)
  • A-B repeat play mode
  • In-built loudspeaker
Our Verdict

TENSAFEE is one of the best digital voice recorders for students. Its sensitive microphone (360 degrees) picks sound accurately in large rooms. Thus, you do not have to be close to a speaker to use it. It also has simplified navigation, a large memory (32GB), and a loudspeaker.

4. Aiworth Digital Voice Activated Recorder

Aiworth Digital Voice Activated Recorder

The Aiworth voice recorder features on-power security protection and a voice-activated recording, which triggers automatically. It also features a dual and highly sensitive mic that captures clear audio for professional use. The simple but smart thumb drive design of this recorder is light and portable. Finally, you will like its ample storage space and its 24-hour battery life.

Aiworth is an eye-catching item, which you can share with friends without feeling ashamed. It is also easy to conceal as a flash drive and supports automatic start and stop, which people like. Other useful features are its 16-level playback speed and A-B repeat function. In synergy, they enable you to preview and or listen to your recordings at your preferred pace.

What We Like
  • Light and portable recorder
  • 16-level playback speed
  • 24-hours capacity battery
  • Auto start and stop technology
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a portable digital recorder for travelling? Even though light and compact, Aiworth has the functionality of a full-sized digital voice recorder. It records clear audio in all environments. It also has a battery-powered design (24 hours) with adjustable playback speed.

3. GH DYNAMICS Mini USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder

GH DYNAMICS Mini USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder

The GH DYNAMICS recorder has an innovative design with many specifications. First, its versatile design serves two purposes. You can use it as a voice recorder and as a USB flash drive at home, school, or work. The idea behind this design is to provide you with an essential device that meets all your basic needs. It also supports voice-activated recording, which saves storage space by snipping silence. It also ensures that you capture all relevant content while recording.

GH DYNAMICS has a highly sensitive mic, which assures you of top-quality recording and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can plug it into your computer to transfer, backup, and or share files. You can also listen to audio via an android phone using the micro USB plug or charge its battery as it records. The size of this recorder is perfect for travelling.

What We Like
  • Micro USB technology
  • Good quality recording
  • Doubles as a thumb drive
  • Voice-activated recording
Our Verdict

GH DYNAMICS is a portable voice recorder, which doubles as a UBS thumb drive. Its voice-activated system ensures that you do not miss a recording during lectures or press conferences. It also picks up loud and clear sound (digital) for personal and professional use.

2. TCTEC-US Surveillance Digital Voice Recorder for Students

TCTEC-US Surveillance Digital Voice Recorder for Students

TCTEC-US Surveillance has manufactured this 16GB digital voice recorder with its users at heart. Its technologically advanced design delivers a magical experience in most settings for two reasons. First, it has a versatile pen shape with enormous capabilities. The active voice recording technology on offer and its long run time (15 hours) are desirable. Second, the recorder features an intelligent noise reduction technology, which ensures recordings are clear and as spoken. It is compatible with Windows as well as MAC computer operating systems.

Besides recording, this multipurpose device, and you may use it as an mp3 player for your music by plugging your headphones directly on the pen. It is also a stylish, beautiful pen to write with as you record without interfering with audio quality. To protect it from fall, the manufacturer utilizes zinc alloy, and hence, it is a durable product, which will last for long. Elegantly packed, this device may be a special gift for a professional or a high school student.

What We Like
  • Concealable pen theme
  • Stunning audio quality
  • Doubles as an MP3 player
  • 15-hour recording time
Our Verdict

The TCTEC-US Surveillance records and stores up to 15 hours of audio without running out of power or space. Its premium microphone picks up quality sound, while its pen-shaped design is easy to conceal during undercover missions. You will love having one in your spy kit.

1. Homder Professional 8GB Voice Activated Recorder

Homder Professional 8GB Voice Activated Recorder

Homder is ideal for professors, lawyers, writers, and journalists for many reasons. Its expandable storage (up to 72GB with a MicroSD card) satisfies the needs of most people. Its sleek shape is easy to handle and operate with one hand, which is a plus. While recording, you can quickly capture and save your audio using one button. You can also attend to other tasks while recording, which makes it a highly flexible audio recorder. Finally, for reference, retrieval, and easy playback, you can set this digital voice recorder to timestamp audio.

Homder has a dual microphone design with each facing a different side to improve coverage. While seated in a large lecture hall, therefore, you can capture clear audio irrespective of the direction you are facing. Second, the security of this recorder is good. You can protect your recordings with a secure password to prevent unauthorized access. As you record, you can also monitor the quality of its recordings using headphones to make sure you will not miss a word.

What We Like
  • Expandable storage (72GB)
  • Supports password protection
  • Sleek and comfortable design
  • Time-stamping abilities
Our Verdict

With Homder, you will record high-quality timestamped audio files indoors and or outdoors. It has a sleek and long-lasting design, which fits comfortably in hand. Furthermore, to prevent unauthorized access to files, you can password-protect its system in a few simple steps.

Shopping Guides for Digital Voice Recorders


Did you know that the sensitivity of your audio recorder of choice influences the quality of the sound you get? In large rooms, for instance, highly sensitive audio recorders work better. They not only capture sound from all directions but also streamline the recording process, which is beneficial to people of all cadres. Thus, check the type, number, and quality of the microphones in your product of choice. Most high-power dual-microphone models work well.


Look for a product that you can carry easily. If you are a student, for instance, a compact model that can fit in a small student’s backpack will serve you well. They are easier to handle. Moreover, if you are a reporter, you can conceal one easily and record sound anonymously.


Always check the storage space of your recorder of choice before buying. If you record hour-long lectures every day, for instance, a cheap recorder with little storage will let you down. The inbuilt memory of your brand of choice should be as large as possible. Moreover, look out for recorder with expandable MicroSD card slots. They offer even more secure storage.

Conclusion: Are you a student, reporter, or private investigator? Are you looking for a portable and sensitive digital voice recorder with tons of storage space? Our top ten picks stand out in many ways. First, most people can use them with ease. They also have a long run time (battery-powered) and large inbuilt memories that can satisfy the needs of most people.

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