Cowgirl boots are comfortable apparels that are good-looking as well. They are suitable for exploring off-road environments. Most models also have stylish leather shafts and impact-absorbing soles made from high density rubber or synthetic materials. In this top 10 review article, we have talked about the most endorsed brands for women in 2020.

10. Lucchese Handcrafted 1883 Valeria

Lucchese Handcrafted 1883 Valeria

The hand-built Lucchese Valeria boot deviates from traditional cowgirl boots in many ways. If you own a pair of heavy and irritant boots that you are planning to replace, this is a suitable choice. Its 12-inch ostrich leather shaft has and waterproof design that keeps the feet dry all year around. Lucchese also has a lightweight design with a low-profile heel (1.5-inches) that does not strain the joints or knees. During a party or a date night, you can dance in them for hours without tiring your legs.

The Lucchese 1883 Valeria cowgirl is an eye-catching product. Its subtle traditional-themed shaft has metal studs and thick embroidery that stands out from afar. It also has an updated toe profile (snip), which blends well with most clothing. During the weekend, you can wear it with a pair of jeans to the park or a fair. It also blends well with short skirts.

What We Like
  • Comfortable ostrich leather
  • Low-profile heel (1.5 inches)
  • Stunning studs and embroidery
  • Durable leather outsole
  • Easy-to-use pull straps
Our Verdict

Even though traditional-looking, Lucchese is a comfortable and stylish cowgirl boot made from light ostrich leather. Its accented 12-inch shaft is sleek. It also has an elegant snip toe profile that blends with all clothes.

9. Madden Girl Sanguine Boot

Madden Girl Sanguine Boot

In the past, women ignored cowgirl boots because of their heavy or clunky designs. However, with the development of light and modern-looking shoes such as Madden, the cowgirl-boot craze is back with a bang. If you buy one, you will receive a stylish Cognac Paris sanguine boot with a 100% manmade design. Madden Girl is a durable product. Its embroidered top does not crack, rip, or collapses when worn daily. The shaft is waterproof and has a scalloped top will pull tabs that you can use to wear and remove it quickly. You will enjoy having one at home.

To own a durable pair of stylish boots, only a few modern models can rival the Madden Girl Sanguine Boot. Its fade-resistant leather shaft retains its charming looks for years. To maintain its good looks, clean it often and polish it with a suitable leather conditioner. You will also love its unique western-styled snip toe design with a stacked heel. It looks stunning under most clothing. Its heel, on the other hand, absorbs shock well to lower the strain on feet and legs while exploring off-road.

What We Like
  • Unique western-styled boot
  • Fade-resistant leather shaft
  • Durable manmade parts (100%)
  • Shock absorbing stacked heel
  • A comfortable top line (scalloped)
Our Verdict

Madden Girl is a manmade Sanguine boot with a sturdy synthetic heel and a comfortable 11-inch shaft. It is a durable product with a stylish snip-toe outlook (western-style) with decorating stitches on the shaft.

8. Soda Women’s Red Reno Western Cowboy Boot

Soda Women's Red Reno Western Cowboy Boot

Some women find Soda’s Red Reno theme to be dramatic. However, if you are comfortable wearing a pair of red boots to work, it is an excellent product. Its knee-high design, for instance, is comfortable and warm. Worn in chilly or rainy days, it not only keeps the feet dry but comfortable as well. Made from embroidered synthetic leather, it has an eye-catching design (10-inches) that serve women well for years.

Due to their knee-high designs, wearing and removing cowgirl boots is a challenge for some women. Fortunately, with Soda, this is a non-issue. Its wide and scalloped boot opening can fit thin and thick calves comfortably. It also has sewn-in pull-on tabs for easy wearing/removal.

What We Like
  • Stable leather shaft (11-inches)
  • Sturdy pull-on tabs (sewn-in)
  • Wide and comfortable boot opening
  • Heavy-duty synthetic sole
Our Verdict

Soda is a solid women’s boot with a durable synthetic sole and a sturdy leather shaft. Its knee-high design (10-inches) is warm and comfortable. It also has pull tabs for easy wearing and an embroidered shaft that looks good.

7. Charles Albert Modern Western Cowboy Boots

Charles Albert Modern Western Cowboy Boots

Low top cowboy boots such as Charles Albert blend well with formal and casual clothes. They are also comfortable and come in a plethora of exciting designs for women of all cadres. The distressed outlook of this modern Charles Albert one, for instance, is eye-catching. Its shorter shaft (8-inches), on the other hand, is not only stable but also easy to slip on or off. The leather pull tabs on its sides ease the process further.

The synthetic leather used to make this stylish Charles Albert boot is lighter than traditional full-grain ones. If you walk to work or like to spend a lot of time outdoors, ad one to your wardrobe today. Its thick and stacked synthetic sole (2.5-inches) protects the feet on rugged terrain.

What We Like
  • Lightweight synthetic leather
  • Eye-catching distressed outlook
  • Stable low-profile shaft (8 inches)
  • Has two thick pull tabs (leather)
Our Verdict:

Charles Albert has a stylish distressed look made from synthetic leather. Due to its light and comfortable design, it is suitable for commuting daily.

6. Volatile Denver Cowgirl Boot

Volatile Denver Cowgirl Boot

Volatile Denver is a USA-made cowgirl boot with a stacked synthetic heel and a durable synthetic shaft. If you want a rugged cowgirl boot, thus, that you will wear for years, it is a perfect choice. Although taller than the Charles Albert boot by 2.5 inches (10.5 inches), Volatile Denver is a comfortable boot. Its scalloped top, for instance, does not rub onto and irritate the calf. The shaft’s lined and flexible design is also warm and comfortable, which makes Volatile Denver a good everyday boot.

Volatile Denver is a very tall cowgirl boot. However, while preparing for school or work, slipping it on and off is a simple task for two reasons. The double loops on its opening, for instance, are convenient. Use them to slip this boot on with ease whenever you are going out. Its wide opening also fits all women, while its stacked heel is tall yet very stable.

What We Like
  • Stable stacked heel (3-inches)
  • Embossed leather shaft (10.5 inches)
  • Dependable USA-made boot
  • Wide boot opening (14.25 inches)
  • Sturdy pull-on loops (two)
Our Verdict

Volatile Denver is a durable synthetic boot with a stable 3-inch heel. Its round-toed design fits women with narrow and wide feet. It also has a durable shaft with decorative studs and stitches that enhance its look.

5. Country Love W101-1001 Pointed Toe Cowboy Boots

Country Love W101-1001 Pointed Toe Cowboy Boots

The synthetic Country Love W101-1001 cowboy boot is a durable item with a comfortable pointed-toe design. Worn with a pair of fitting pants or jeans, you will look stunning in this boot. Moreover, even with its significantly tall shaft (12-inches) walking in this pair of cowboy boots is easy. Its flexible shaft (synthetic) does not affect the movement of its users. It also has smooth and waterproof seams, which do not irritate the feet. You can walk with them in the rain for hours without problems.

The outdoor-ready rubber sole on this cowboy boot works well on all terrains. If you venture outdoors on horseback often, you will enjoy using this pair of cowboy boots. The shock absorbing properties of the soles protect the feet from injuries. They also grip loose and slippery terrains well and have a thick 2-inch heel which orients ankles naturally. Therefore, you can run or ride in them as well without sacrificing safety.

What We Like
  • Stylish pointed-toe boot
  • Shock-absorbing rubber sole
  • Water-resistant seams (smooth)
  • Boots have a comfortable lining
  • Flexible shaft (synthetic leather)
Our Verdict

Country Love W101-1001 cushioned interior is comfortable. If you want a tall boot that you can walk and ride a horse in comfortably, it is also a good brand. Made from synthetic leather its 12-inch shaft is light yet durable.

4. West Blvd – Miami Cowboy Western Boots

West Blvd - Miami Cowboy Western Boots

Western-style cowgirl boots blend well with most clothing. If you need a comfortable pair for an upcoming day or night even, we have found a suitable one for you. The all-manmade West Blvd boot is a style Tan Pu accessory with a shaft measuring 10-inches from arch to arch. The shaft is stable, durable, and has a lined interior that does not irritate wearers with sensitive skin. It also has a low and stable platform (0.25 inches) made of heavy-duty synthetic material with shock-absorbing properties.

Do you have a full 14-inch calf? Because of its wide circumference (14 inches), this all manmade boot will fit you comfortably. Using the two pull tabs on its side, you can slip it on and off easily without bruising your skin. West Blvd has a warm shaft with a soft leather insole that snuggles the foot and comfortably as you walk to work or school. You can also wear it to protect your legs from scratches as you camp in the woods.

What We Like
  • Long lasting synthetic sole
  • All manmade synthetic shaft
  • Wide boot circumference (14-inches)
  • Good year-around performance
Our Verdict

West Blvd is a synthetic all-manmade boot that is comfortable all year around. It 190-inch leather shaft is warm, durable, and has a wide opening (14 inches).

3. Refresh Women Wild-02 Western-Style Cowboy Boots

Refresh Women Wild-02 Western-Style Cowboy Boots

Refresh Women Wild-02 is a renowned USA-made cowboy boot with a durable western-style design. It comes in many striking colors. Whether you are looking for black, brown, and or tan cowboy boots, you can get a fitting one online. Its ruffled shaft also stands out. Even though it is not as comfortable as straight and lined ones such as West Blvd, you will love its lightweight synthetic structure. You can walk in it for a long time or even hit the dance floor without getting tired. The rubber sole on this cowgirl boot is flexible and designed to grip all surfaces.

This fashion-forward western-style cowgirl boot is a suitable everyday wear. Their pointed toe designs look good under most clothing. Moreover, the smooth leather used to make them has a low maintenance design that you can clean easily after use. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean mud and loose soil. You can then wipe its shaft with a damp cloth and polish its surface with a conditioner. Most people can do this easily.

What We Like
  • Durable synthetic leather
  • Comfortable low-profile heel
  • Has a fashion-forward design
  • Flexible rubber sole
Our Verdict

Refresh Women Wild-02 is a lightweight everyday boot for women with a comfortable faux leather upper. The material is easy to clean. It is stylish and has a wide opening that does not strain or irritates people.

2. Justin Boots Gypsy Collection Boot

Justin Boots Gypsy Collection Boot

There is more to this gypsy collection Justin boot’s multi-colored shaft. If you have wide feet that bruise easily in boots, you will love this one’s broad western-style design. It fits and cradles the foot comfortably. It also has a low-top heel that does not strain the ankles and a wide boot opening (11.5-inches). You will have an easy time slipping it on and off.

Cowgirl boots are famous for their toughness. Justin Boots, for instance, has a sturdy leather shell (100%) that is resistant to stains, cracking, and warping. The material also has a stylish feminine design with thick brogue seams that accentuate its outlook. Justin Boots Gypsy boots come in many exciting colors in stores, which include aged brown and black.

What We Like
  • Exciting color options
  • Stylish feminine design
  • Wide opening (11.5 inches)
  • Sturdy leather (100%) shell
  • Non-irritant low-top heel
Our Verdict

Justin Boots is a low profile gypsy collection boot made of 100% leather. It has a comfortable opening (10.5-inches) and a feminine 11.5-inch shaft that comes in many exciting colors. You will look good in these boots.

1. Ariat Legend Western Cowboy Boot

Ariat Legend Western Cowboy Boot

Considered the best cowgirl boot in 2020, Ariat Legend is a premium western-styled boot made from 100% leather. Its stylish oiled outlook is suitable for casual and formal use. You can also wear it off-road or ride a horse in it without its sole separating from its shaft. The thick nylon thread used to stitch its rubber sole its upper does not snap easily over time. Ariat Legend measures 11-inches tall. If you are comfortable with the height, go ahead and buy one today. The shaft is smooth and warm.

Every year, many women suffer serious foot injuries whenever they trip in cowboy boots. Fortunately, with Ariat Legend, this is never an issue. To boost support, Ariat has integrated an advanced torque stability technology in its sole, which responds well. In synergy with a composite shank, the system orients the feet naturally to minimize slipping and thus injuries. It also improves energy transfer from the foot to the boot which lowers fatigue. As such, you can walk, run, and dance in these boots all night.

What We Like
  • Advanced torque stability technology
  • Comfortable 11-inch tall boot
  • Stable composite shank
  • Impact-absorbing sole (rubber)
Our Verdict

Ariat Legend is one of the most stable and comfortable cowgirl boots in our list. Made from full-grain leather (100%), it also has a durable 11-inch shaft with a convenient boot opening measuring 13.75 inches.

What to Look For in the Best Cowgirl Boots


While shopping for cowgirl boots, most women order the first stylish pair of boots they come across. However, to get a functional product that you will enjoy using, the first attribute that you must check out is its shaft. What is its size? If you have short legs, an overly tall cowboy boot will frustrate you over time. A light low-cut boot will serve you better. You should also check its opening. Can it fit your legs or calves without bruising or irritation? Cowgirl Boots with wide and comfortable shafts such as the Ariat Legend one are fun-to-wear in the long-term.


The design, size, and the material used to make the sole of boots are equally essential to check out while shopping. If you explore rough off-road terrains often, a solid one made from quality materials such as rubber will serve you well. Their impact absorbing designs cushion the feet of people from injuries. They also have a better grip than hard synthetic ones do and are therefore fun-to-use on-road and off-road.


Which are the hallmarks of a comfortable pair of cowgirl boots? First, look for a brand with a smooth lining. Premium ones made from fabric or leather cushion the feet comfortably while in use. Second, check the structure of your cowboy boot of choice. Pointed ones such as Refresh Wild-02 blend well with most clothes. However, people with wide feet might have a challenge walking in such a boot. A premium broad-toed brand such as Justin Boots Gypsy will fit and thus serve you better.


Cowgirl boots are versatile apparel made of leather. It this article, we have reviewed good feminine models that offers years of excellent service. Whether you like casual or official clothes, you will look good in one.

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