Unprotected sex increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. Women who engage in unprotected sex out of wedlock are also at a high risk of getting unwanted pregnancies. To lower such risks without denting your sex life, use a condom. They reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections such as HIV while having sex. Condoms are also affordable and excellent contraceptives, which is beneficial to men and women. The best are:



One of the main reasons people avoid condoms is the irritant nature of some brands. If you are one of them, stop using most of the cheap brands issued freely in pubs or lodgings. Lifestyle Ultra-Sensitive condoms have a special skin-safe lubricant that maximizes sexual pleasure. These latex condoms have rip-resistant sheaths with reservoir tips for added comfort and safety. They are safe for people allergic to latex.

LifeStyles come as a package of 100 individually wrapped condoms with a long shelf life. Left on the shelf, they do not degrade as fast as cheap ones do. These relaxed one-size condoms are also easy to wear and remove. You may not like their slight rubber scent though.

What We Like
  • Protective latex condoms
  • Specially lubricated condoms
  • Maximize sexual pleasure (thin)
  • Comfortable reservoir tips
  • Non-allergenic condoms
Our Verdict

LifeStyles latex condoms protect people from contracting infectious diseases or getting pregnant. Each pack has 100 specially-lubricated condoms that do not rip easily. They also have reservoir tips for comfort.

9. Trojan Lubricated Latex Condoms (Pleasure Pack)

Trojan Pleasure Pack

The thought of condoms breaking while having sex is a traumatic one for most people. Fortunately, you can avoid such issues easily by using quality Trojan condoms. If you order this pleasure pack, expect 40 different-styled condoms made from high-quality latex. The ultra-ribbed version stimulates the vagina to boost pleasure. You also get ENZ, Charged, and Double Ecstacy condoms that transform men into “bulls” in bedrooms. All condoms have reservoirs at the end for safety.

Trojan latex condoms rarely burst while in use. The light yet abrasion-resistant latex used to manufacture them does not break nor burst under stress. The material also lacks defects such as holes and cracks that can lower that protective and contraceptive ability of condoms. Before these Trojan condoms hit the shelf, they are tested for safety.

What We Like
  • Lubricated for sensitivity
  • Thin and comfortable condoms
  • Premium package (40)
  • Condoms have special reservoirs
Our Verdict

These specially-lubricated Trojan condoms maximize sexual pleasure while in use. They are comfortable for both women and men and come as a package of 40 reliable electronically-tested condoms.

8. LifeStyles SKYN Original Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN Original Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN condoms are soft and protective condoms made from polyisoprene. Even though these condoms slightly expensive that some latex ones, they are worth buying for many reasons. First, people with latex sensitivity can use the condoms without problems. They are non-irritant and have thin and sensitive sheaths that make sex fulfilling. With LifeStyles SKYN condoms, you get value for cash.

LifeStyles SKYN condoms polyisoprene condoms are allergen-free. If you or your partner develop allergic reactions while using condoms, this is a safe item to use. They are also leak-proof and have lubricated sheaths that flex to conform to the natural structure of the penis. As such, both men and women have a comfortable experience using them.

What We Like
  • Conform to the structure of the penis
  • Non-allergenic polyisoprene condoms
  • Thin and incredibly sensitive
  • Lubricated original condoms
Our Verdict

If latex irritates you and or you want a comfortable pack of condoms that deliver, buy this pack. The ultra-smooth non-latex condoms in on offer (24) are not only non-allergenic but also comfortable to use.

7. Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms


Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms lack add-ons such as scents, flavors, or ridges. However, it is a recommended brand because of its high quality. The 25 condoms in this pack are small one-sized one that fits most men. Worn correctly, they do not slip easily. They also come pre-lubricated, which is a plus for users. Because they are ready-to-use, you do not have to spend more money on lubes to have sensual sex.

Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms are useful for preventing pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. Even though tight fitting, the thin latex used to make them is rip resistant. It does not puncture or crack while in use or when left in storage for many weeks or months.

What We Like
  • Tight-fitting condoms
  • Non-irritant latex material
  • Lubricated and ready-to-use
  • Long lasting pack (25 condoms)
Our Verdict

Snugger fit latex condoms from Lifestyles are very comfortable. They have flexible sheaths, which conform to the natural structure of the penis. These snugger fit condoms are also smooth and non-irritant.

6. Trojan Ultra-Ribbed Lubricated Condoms

Trojan Ultra Ribbed

Some ultra-ribbed condoms have irritant designs that have attracted bad press from women. However, Trojan ultra-ribbed condoms offer better results because of their quality. Their entire length has ribs that stimulate genitals. The ribs are well-spaced and have rounded edges, which do not poke or irritate the skin as some knobbed condoms often do. They offer intense sexual pleasure without irritating users.

Each Trojan package comes with 36 contains 36 latex condoms for contraception and or STI prevention. Furthermore, as the LifeStyles SKYN and LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms reviewed herein, Trojan condoms also come pre-lubricated. You can use them straight out of the box with no irritation. If needed, you can use a water-based lubricant such as KY jelly as well without compromising their integrity.

What We Like
  • Good for contraception
  • Offer STI protection
  • Comfortable rounded ribs
  • Improve sensual pleasure
  • Long lasting pack (34 condoms)
Our Verdict

Trojan condoms have ribbed designs that offer an intense sensual pleasure. They are non-irritant and thus ideal for contraception and or STI prevention. Each package contains 34 lubricated condoms.

5. Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin

Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin

Trojan has many unique condoms that you can use to spice up your love life on a budget. This pack of 24 Bareskin condoms, for instance, stands out in several ways. The latex used to make it is 40% thinner than normal ones. Thus, while having sex, it delivers an intense sexual sensation that men love. Women, on the other hand, love its smooth and non-irritant structure. This condom rarely bruises the skin while in use.

Trojan Bareskin condoms are so light that many people forget that they are wearing one while having sex. However, they are among the toughest and thus ideal condoms for STI prevention and contraception. They also have safe reservoir tips and a silky-smooth lubricant that enhances the comfort and the sensitivity of these condoms further.

What We Like
  • Lightweight Bareskin feel
  • A large pack of latex condoms (24)
  • Have a silky smooth lubricant
  • Made for high-quality latex
Our Verdict

Trojan Bareskin condoms are not suitable for engaging in rough sex. However, to have a memorable sensual experience in your bedroom, they are the best brands to use. Weighing 40% less than standard latex condoms, they are light and comfortable. The silky smooth lubricant in them boosts sensitivity and comfort further.

4. Durex Ultra-Fine Ribbed Dotted Condoms

Durex Performax Intense Condom

To prevent premature ejaculation while having sex buy these Durex condoms. The heat-activated lubricant in them has 5% benzocaine, which desensitizes the penis. They also have ultrafine dots and ribs that stimulate the labia and clitoris. During your special nights with your lover, thus, you will not only last longer but also speed her up.

Durex condoms have many attributes that boost comfort. Even though ribbed, for instance, its structures are ultra-fine and thus non-irritant to women. These ultra-fine condoms also have an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably on the penis and is very easy to wear.

What We Like
  • Electronically-tested condoms
  • Contain desensitizing lubricant
  • Ultra-fine ridges and dots
  • Comfortable condoms (light)
Our Verdict

During your romantic nights, you will never struggle to use these ultra-fine Durex condoms. The dotted and ribbed latex used to make them is comfortable. They are also very easy to wear and remove and have a desensitizing lubricant, which does prolong ejaculation.

3. Trojan Magnum Lubricated Latex Condoms

Trojan Magnum

Trojan Magnum condoms are currently the best for well-endowed people. If the standard ones available free in hospitals have failed to satisfy your needs, this one will. Each package has 36 extra-large condoms that fit most men. Even though manufactured from latex, they lack allergens and or funny smells that might put you off in the bedroom. Trojan has tapered the base of these magnum condoms. Thus, while in use, they grip the penis securely to prevent slippage.

Trojan Magnum condoms are not as sensitive as the Bareskin ones we have talked about herein. However, if you are worried about contraception and or prevention of STI infections, it performs better. The reports of these condoms ripping are not common. They also contain premium lubricants, which do not weaken them over time.

What We Like
  • Comfortable fit (tapered bases)
  • Offer contraception and STI protection
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Fit most men (extra-large)
Our Verdict

Trojan Magnum is a USA-made lubricated condom that offers proper STI prevention and contraception. The 36 extra-large condoms on offer fit most men and women. They are non-allergenic and have a silky smooth lubricant that does not weaken their sheath over time.

2. OKAMOTO Crown Condoms

OKAMOTO Crown Condoms

Many people have a baseless misconception that cheap condoms are always of questionable quality. If you share this thought, try these OKAMOTO Crown Condoms the next time you are having sex. Even though cheap, you get super-thin natural latex condoms with a sensitive Bareskin feel. The condoms are light, easy to wear and have sturdy sheaths that hold up well while having sensual sex. However, if you enjoy rough sex, you should look somewhere else. You can pop a condom if you and your partner are very excited in the bedroom.

To improve the dependability of these condoms, Okamoto uses a precise electrostatic technology during their production. The fit, for instance, is optimal. Worn as directed, you will never worry about these condoms slipping off without warning. These lightly lubricated condoms offer excellent pregnancy protection and contraception.

What We Like
  • Condoms have a long shelf life (2-years)
  • Thin and sensitive latex condoms
  • Reliable electrostatic technology
  • Comfortable non-contoured condoms
  • Slip and burst resistant condoms
Our Verdict

OKAMOTO Crown are comfortable condoms with a highly sensitive Bareskin feel. Their non-contoured designs are not only leak proof but also able to fit most men. They prevent STI and pregnancy well.

1. Trojan Condom ENZ

Trojan Condom ENZ

Used by millions of men and women every day, Trojan Condom ENZ is a dependable and comfortable condom. While it is not as light as OKAMOTO Crown or a simulative as Durex, it delivers is expected from condoms. The electronically-tested latex used to make it, for instance, is leak proof. It prevents pregnancy and STI transmission efficiently whether you enjoy sensual or rough sex. The material also has a smooth, comfortable, and sensitive structure which people like.

Have you used a few brands of condoms that have either slid off and or irritated your partner while in use? Trojan Condom ENZ condoms have tight-fitting designs that do not slide of easily. They also have reservoirs for added safety and a smooth/non-allergenic lubricant.

What We Like
  • Leak-proof latex condoms
  • Electronically-tested and approved
  • Smooth and comfortable structure
  • Good STI and pregnancy protection
  • Contain non-allergenic lubricants
Our Verdict

Trojan Condom ENZ is one of the bestselling condoms in not only America but also the world. Its non-allergenic lubricant and smooth latex sheath maximize the comfort of people. You also get tested and approved-safe condoms that prevent pregnancies and most STIs.

Buying Guide for Condoms for Men

Condoms are among the best remedies for preventing unwanted pregnancies. They also protect people from STI and thus make love making fun and worry-free for most people. To get a condom that you can use with peace of mind, follow these buying tips:



In the past condoms were simple sheaths of latex that creates a barrier between men and women while having sex. This has changed. Even though its function has remained largely the same, condoms are nowadays of several types. Ribbed condoms offer the most pleasure. However, women with sensitive vaginas find their ribbed or knobbed surfaces unbearable while having in sex. Bareskin condoms from Trojan and Okamoto are also popular among men and women. Their lightweight designs give them an edge over standard latex condoms. They are also sensitive and designed to offer an enjoyable sensual experience while in use. Unfortunately, because models such as Trojan Condom Sensitivity Bareskin are 40% thinner than normal ones, they are susceptible to tearing. Discuss your available options with your partner and order a pack of condoms you will enjoy using.


While shopping for condoms, most people rush for popular brands one such as Trojan, Durex, and Okamoto. For the best experience, however, always check the material used to make your condom of choice before buying. Latex condoms, for instance, are leak proof. As such, they are among the best for contraception and disease prevention. Unfortunately, people who are sensitive to rubber find such condoms unbearable to use. They not only irritate the skin of such people but also compromise their sexual experience as a whole. If you are one of them, look for condoms made from a non-allergenic material such as polyisoprene. The material is as durable as latex. It is also protective and has an ultra-fine texture which does not irritate people over time. Unfortunately, such condoms cost slightly more money than normal latex ones do. Weigh options and buy the best.


Wasting cash on condoms that burst easily or fail to protect people when needed is a poor decision. Look for a product that you will not only enjoy using but also preserve your health over time. Before buying one, check what other people are saying about its reliability. Does it tend to burst easily while in use? Does it stretch and slip off easily even if you buy the right size. You should avoid such condoms at all costs. A reliable pack of condoms that have been tested and certified safe for use will serve you well. Look for an original one within your budget to enjoy the best experience while making love.


Whenever you are choosing a pack of condoms, fit is crucial. If you have a small penis, for instance, buying extra-large Trojan Magnum condoms to show off will only work against you. They can slip while in use and cause you problems that you were trying to avoid in the first place. For good results, buy comfortable condoms of the right size.


Which brands of condoms are the best to use in 2020? Because men and women are different, you will never find a definite answer to this question. However, on this list, we have provided recommendations of some of the most dependable brands for both men and women. These leak-proof condoms are currently the best for contraception and prevention of STIs such as HIV. They are also comfortable, easy to wear and remove, and designed to make sex sensual and enjoyable.

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