Roller skating is fun for kids and adults. It is also an excellent form of exercise, which improve the balance and cognitive development of children. Investing in the right product will provide endless fun for your kids and ensure they are comfortable, confident, and safe while skating. Below, we have reviewed the best children’s roller skates on the market in 2020. Any of the following top ten brands will serve your boy and girl well for a few months:

10. Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Roller Skates

Candi Girl Lucy Adjustable Roller Skates

Skating is a healthy and life skill activity for children of all ages. It is also a low impact exercise, which kids can engage in anywhere, including indoors. If you are looking for the best way to boost the activity level of your child, the Candi roller skate is the best gadget. The high-top boot has a comfortable lining (padded) and good ankle support to ensure the child is safe. The synthetic faux leather upper has a stylish look, which its classic laces ensure a custom fit. Thus, kids with small and wide feet can wear skates issue-free.

The latest technology incorporated in the design of these roller skates boosts their performance indoors and outdoors. Their adjustable sizing, for instance, grows with your child’s feet. Use the EZ twist knobs on both shoes to customize their size on demand. The light, high impact chassis makes skating easy and seamless.

What We Like
  • An adjustable size
  • Faux-leather upper
  • Padded lining (soft)
  • Durable high top boot
Our Verdict

Candi Girl Lucy is a comfortable high top boot for girls that you can adjust for a custom fit. The faux leather used to make its upper is stylish and durable, while its plush interior does not irate children.

9. Kuxuan Saya Adjustable Roller Skates

Kuxuan Saya Adjustable Roller Skates

Kuxuan adjustable roller skates will accommodate the growing feet for your young girl over the years. The small size ranges from 10 -13, while the medium size ranges reach size 13. Apart from their adjustable feature, these skates also have eight illuminating wheels that will make your girl a shining star. They illuminate at night to keep your girl safe from any collision with other skaters at dusk or dawn. Finally, the wheels of these skates have a self-generating power system, which eliminates the need for chargeable batteries.

The roller skates by Kuxuan have durable PU wheels (54mm x 32mm) and an impact-resistant polymer plastic boot. The latter is durable and designed to enhance the performance of kids while riding. Finally, the safety ratchet buckle, laces up closure, and power straps on these skates provide triple protection for your young one. These skates are light (4.2Ibs) and thus easy to ride everywhere.

What We Like
  • Many kid’s sizes
  • Lightweight (4.2 pounds)
  • Polymer plastic boot
  • Large PU wheels
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for a pair of skating boots that will protect your child’s feet from injuries? These impact-resistant Kuxuan Saya are ideal. The polymer plastic used to make them is protective. Its padded interior is soft, while its large PU wheels work well on most surfaces.

8. Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

Quad skates are the most popular and recognizable skates on the market. Chicago takes pride in designing some of the most functional and comfortable models available today. You will love the quality, comfort, balance, and excellent traction of these shoes. They also have a 2-piece boot design with a padded inner collar for comfort and a mesh upper for excellent breathability. Finally, these classic quad skates have a large front brake, which is perfect for fast starts and sudden stops. The 60mm composite wheels offer good traction and stability. More so, they can work on any flat surface.

Chicago Quad skates are perfect for both novices and experienced skaters. The adjustable quad grows with your kid. The breathable nylon mesh, padded collar, two-piece boot construction, and ratchet buckles provide comfort and stability.

What We Like
  • Sturdy ratchet buckles
  • Two-piece construction
  • Breathable mesh outsole
  • Padded/lined interior
Our Verdict

Whether you are choosing ballet shoes or the best roller skating shoes for your child, comfort is vital. Look for a fitting product with a padded/lined interior that does not irritate the feet. The Chicago quad roller skates meet this threshold. Kids of all ages love them.

7. Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate

Chicago Boys Sidewalk Roller Skate

Sidewalk Roller is another great shoe by Chicago Skates. Sidewalk Roller skates have a sizeable front brake for a quick start and a sudden stop. Their reliable designs will give your boy endless fun moments. The skates also feature authentic high-top boots that offer excellent ankle support. The padded ankle collar provides maximum comfort, which makes skating enjoyable. Finally, Chicago Sidewalk skates have oversized urethane wheels, which are ideal for gliding. The wheels have adjustable trunks for effortless turning effortless.

These iconic quad skates are lightweight and have a lace-up front with Velcro straps for a comfortable and secure fit. Designed for both indoor and outdoor, they are safe and fun skate for little boys.

What We Like
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Padded ankle collars
  • Good ankle support
  • Large urethane wheels
Our Verdict

Does your child spend a lot of time in an indoor skate park during his or her free time? Chicago Boys Sidewalk has oversized PU wheels that work well indoors and outdoors. It also has a supportive high-top design that lowers the risk of foot injuries while in use.

6. Roller Derby Fun Roll

Roller Derby Fun Roll

To bring the joy of skating to your kid, buy the best roller skates for beginners. The Roller Derby, for instance, makes skating safe, comfortable, and fun for kids aged 4+ years old. The fun roll is ideal for young skaters due to its great balance, wide stance, and low center of gravity. It also has a padded liner and supportive boot that makes it easy for young ones to get rolling. By twisting a knob on the chassis of these boots, you can expand them up to five shoe sizes. As your child grows, therefore, you do not have to buy a new pair of skates every day. The reinforced polymer use to make the frame of these roller skates is durable. It is stylish and non-marking.

The urethane wheels are perfect for both indoor and outdoor skating. G-force 608ZB carbon bearings provide a smooth roll.

What We Like
  • No-marking brakes
  • Works indoors/outdoors
  • Supportive (high top)
  • Padded interior liner
Our Verdict

The Roller Derby is a fun-looking roller skate for kids that work indoors and outdoors. Its supportive high top design lowers the risk of injuries, while its non-marking rear-mounted brakes do not ruin floors.

5. Pacer Comet Kids Light-Up Roller Skates

Pacer Comet Kids Light-Up Roller Skates

If you have been searching for top-quality skates for your child, then Pacer Comet is a suitable brand. Although a little bit pricey, you get high-quality skates, which last for long. The boots have a deluxe sport profile with lace and Velcro closure systems. Moreover, because Pacer Comet Roller skates weigh 4.12 pounds, they are light and easy to use. Kids of all ages can ride them safely in most parks. Therefore, it is a suitable Christmas gift for children as well.

Pacer Comet roller skates are available in many exciting colors/themes and sizes. They are also easily adjustable to grow with your child. The lace-up front gives a customized fit.

What We Like
  • Deluxe sport profile
  • Lightweight (4.12 Ibs)
  • Velcro and lace closure
  • Excellent gift item
Our Verdict

The style, comfort, and safety of the Pacer Comet skate make it an excellent gift item for children. Once secures with lace and a Velcro strap, your child can skate at fast without injuring his or her feet.

4. Nsasy Roller Shoes/Skates

Nsasy Roller Shoes

Nsasy is professional at making funny and comfortable footwear designs for kids. The company’s quality control team ensures every manufacturing process is smooth for perfect results. The manufacturer’s dedication and attention to detail design ensure the products are comfortable and quality. Thus, with Nsasy, you are getting the best roller shoes for kids. Nsasy skates come in a range of colors and styles for boys and girls. However, for a perfect fit, kindly refer to the size table offered by the manufacturer. To be in a safer side, choose the roller shoes a size bigger than the regular wear. It will give your child a room to grow in the skater shoes.

To transform Nsasy rollers into regular shoes, you can remove the two wheels without ruing their structure. As such, their versatility makes them unique and suitable gift items for kids for birthdays.

What We Like
  • Removable rollers
  • Come in many sizes
  • Stylish colors and theme
  • Light-up rubber soles
Our Verdict

Nsasy is not your traditional roller skate. Instead, you get a stylish light up shoe for kids with a removable roller. These shoes ride smoothly on most surfaces and have light padding for comfort.

3. Roller Derby Trac Star Roller Skate

Roller Derby Trac Star Roller Skate

Introduce your boy to skating with this iconic roller skater by Roller Derby. The skate is available in black and red and can adjust up to four sizes. Roller Derby Roller skate is ideal for young skaters. It offers excellent comfort and support even without laces to tie. You can pull it on and off quickly due to its flexible design. The real trucks are great for controlled turning, provides great traction and enthralling skating experience. Your child will enjoy a smooth ride indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its 54mm urethane wheels, Roller Derby has excellent grip and bounce on pavement and tarmac.

Cam-lever buckles are easy for children to use. The lightweight chassis with real cushions and trucks are ideal for controlled turning and cruising. The Roller Derby skate has a padded liner and a high-top design that cradles the feet if kids comfortably while rolling.

What We Like
  • Cam-lever buckles
  • Comfortable lining
  • Stable high-top design
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Large urethane wheels
Our Verdict

Roller Derby skates are stylish hand-made shoes in black and red. If support is an issue for your child, you will love its high top design. It cradles and supports the ankles comfortably without affecting movement. The large urethane wheels ride smoothly on all surfaces.

2. Roller Derby Girl’s Adjustable Trac Star Roller Skate

Roller Derby Girl’s Adjustable Trac Star Roller Skate

Skating ranks among the best fitness activities with benefits like flexibility, weight control, endurance, digestion, and stamina. Roller Derby girl’s skates will introduce your girl to enthralling sports that will leave her happy and fit. The skates are available in mint and pink colors, which are brilliant girlish colors. EZ push button has various adjustable sizing with medium sizes ranging from 12 – 2 while the large fit ranges from size 3 – 6.

The boots have no laces to tie, but they are comfortable and easy to wear. Lightweight chassis have cushions and trucks for smooth and controlled turning and cruising. Roller Derby Girl’s adjustable skates have 54mm urethane wheels, which ride smoothly indoors and outdoors. More so, the pair is beautiful and affordable.

What We Like
  • 54mm urethane wheels
  • Lightweight chassis
  • Has an adjustable size
  • Controlled cruising/turning
Our Verdict

Riding some roller skates for kids is a challenge because of their weight. Other models have poorly balanced chassis that limit speed or compromise the safety of kids. With the Roller Derby, however, these are a non-issue. Its comfortable and supportive design is easy to use.

1. FireStar Youth Roller Skate

FireStar Youth Roller Skate

Our top pick of the best children’s roller skates is FireStar Roller skate by Roller Derby. The booty has a synthetic upper with cushioned liner and padded collar for comfort and breathability. The sporty design of this boot ensures your child is safe while rolling. Power strap and classic laces provide a comfortable and custom fit. This roller skate is light (4.2Ibs), which makes skating easy and fun.

More so, the patented torsion beam chassis offers excellent control while turning on the sidewalk or the tarmac. The Non-marking toe stop on both skates boosts their performance indoor and outdoor.

What We Like
  • Non-marking toe stop
  • Work indoors and outdoors
  • Lightweight (4.2 pounds)
  • Power strap and classic laces
  • Comfortable synthetic upper
Our Verdict

Skating in the FireStar youth skates indoors and outdoors is fun for novice or experienced skaters. They are lighter than similar brands and have smooth-rolling wheels (with to stops) that work well indoors and outdoors. You will love their style and comfort as well.

How to Select the Best Roller Skates for children


Roller skating is a fun activity for boys and girls. However, it can also be a safety hazard when kids are wearing the wrong pair of shoes. To prevent the sprain and or bruises that some children suffer often, check the comfort of your shoe of choice before buying. Does it have a soft and padded interior? Kids have delicate feet and skin. Thus, soft and thickly padded roller skates serve them better than thinly padded ones do. Keep this in mind while shopping. Sturdy skates that roll smoothly on all surfaces are also ideal.


The wheels of roller skates for children are of many different types and sizes. Large polyurethane ones, for instance, ride smoothly on all terrains or parks. However, the boost in height affects their stability, which can be an issue for novices. However, even though stable, low-profile wheels require a bit of effort to ride uphill. Thus, before choosing one, check the level of skill of your child. If he or she is a novice, stability and not speed should be your main priority.


Children who love skating spend many hours outdoors in parks and tarmac. Therefore, buying yours a cheaply made synthetic one for his or her birthday will be a waste of money. Look for a pair of durable roller skates instead. The chassis should be durable. The quality of the material used to make the upper should flexible yet durable as well. Thick mesh and faux leather are popular options.

Conclusion: Video games have taken over the lives of kids. However, because children sit for hours playing, they increase the risk of health issues such as obesity. However, with the best roller skates for children, you can roll back such problems and improve their health. Our ten picks are the most endorsed to date. They are comfortable and fun to use.

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