Nothing is a heart-warming as a hot omelet on a chilly Sunday morning. Eggs are also nutritious are relatively easy to prepare whenever you are going to work. Make sure that your eggs are the best, though. Instead of buying the antibiotic and steroid laden with a negative effect on health, produce your own. If you can afford one or two layers and one of the best chicken coops we have reviewed herein, you will be ready to go. The coops are durable, functional, and do not need vast free space to work well.

10. Pets Imperial Sandringham

Pets Imperial Sandringham

Do you have a small family that enjoys eating eggs in the morning? To ramp up egg production at home, you will need a large and functional chicken coop such as the Pets Imperial. Its all-in-one design is super convenient for two reasons. First, you get everything your chickens will need to stay healthy and lay eggs. These include a resting area, a set of nesting boxes, and a run that accommodates up to eight chickens. The run has a large, airy, fox proof design with a lockable door for accessing the inside of the coop. Second, this is a portable coop. It comes flat packed with a set of instructions on how to set it up and maintain it well.

Can the Pets Imperial Sandringham satisfy the needs of a small to medium-sized family? The answer is yes. If you have 7 feet of free space in your backyard, you can keep up to eight chickens in this wooden coop. It has a spacious interior. Moreover, because its run is open and airy, the risk of transmission of diseases to chickens is somewhat low. Your chicken will love “calling” this coop their new home.

What We Like
  • Animal-friendly timber
  • Has a fox-proof design
  • All in one (plus nest boxes)
  • Fits 4-8 chickens
Our Verdict

Whether you are planning to rear chickens as a hobby or for fun, this coop will serve you well. It is spacious, bird-safe, and has quality components that last for many years.

9. Omitree 9.6-foot Chicken Wood Coop

Omitree 9.6-foot Chicken Wood Coop

Even though you will need slightly more place to set up an Omitree chicken coop, it is a worthy product. Its extra-large run (82x27x19-inches), for instance, keeps pets healthy and happy. They can run all over the place and or peck on the ground without them feeling claustrophobic. It also has a spacious living area (31x27x19-inches) with next boxes and a side access door for cleaning. Unfortunately, because of its sheer size, Omitree does not ship this coop at night. It also needs a fair amount of set up for it to work as required.

While buying outdoor items such as tabletop grills, people want products that can boost the value of their homes. If you are looking for a coop, Omitree meets this threshold. Its wooden frame is not only sturdy but also has a stylish white and grey finish. It also withstands the elements well, which is a plus for people who want to raise hens long-term.

What We Like
  • Stylish white/grey theme
  • Heavy-duty wooden frame
  • Large run and living area
  • Fits 2-4 Bantam chickens
Our Verdict

Omitree is a 9.6-foot wood chicken coop with a stylish and weatherproof design. It not only lasts for long but also creates an ideal resting/nesting area for up to four chickens.

8. Pets Imperial Double Savoy Coop

Pets Imperial Double Savoy Coop

Small chicken breeds such as the Rhode Island Red are easy to raise because of their requirement for small space. They are also productive and less susceptible to disease than some hybrids are. However, to boost their health and productivity, you need a warm coop such as the Double Savoy from Pet Imperial. Its spacious design fits up to 10 small birds. It has two net boxes for eggs and a pull our tray (galvanized metal) that captured droppings for easy cleaning.

The Double Savoy coop comes flat packed for easy transport and installation at home. Moreover, if you want a chicken-safe coop that will protect your chicken from predators, it is the best. The warm and all-natural timber used to manufacture it is hen-safe. It does not rot and lacks irritant finishes that might harm your chicken. It also has a 100% coyote and fox-safe design with clear instructions for its installation. Your kids will love this coop.

What We Like
  • Coyote and fox proof
  • All-natural wood frame
  • Pull out metal tray
  • Fits up to 10 chicken
  • Weatherproof design
  • Clear instructions
Our Verdict

Raising chicken in a Double Savoy coop from Pets Imperial is fun for many reasons. Because of its spacious design, for instance, you can keep up to 10 chicken in this coop. Its treated wood frame is safe for hens, solid, and looks good outdoors.

7. Tangkula Chicken Coop

Tangkula Chicken Coop

Tangkula is a minimalistic chicken coop (67 inches) that is beneficial to people with small backyards. However, devoid of its size, you should not question the value of this coop. The wood and mesh used to make this coop are stylish. They are also resistant to water or corrosion and lack toxic finishes that might harm chickens in the long term. Once installed in your backyard, you will never worry about the health of your hens. They have ample space for resting and roosting. It also has a large, airy, and well-protected run.

The Tangkula Chicken Coop is a versatile product. Besides raising chickens in one, you can raise rabbits as well issue-free. It ships ready to use and has a low maintenance design that you can clean fast when dirty. The side-mounted drawer of this wood coop slides out to expose its floors. Thus, when your chickens are outside, you can remove it and turn litter or add a new batch for your hens.

Our Verdict
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Space-saving (67 inches)
  • Predator proof design
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Stain/corrosion-proof
Our Verdict

Do you have a small space on your yard that you want to raise chickens for subsistence use? The all-in-one Tangkula Chicken Coop takes up only 67 inches of space. Its non-toxic, predator-proof design creates a good home for hens.

6. PawHut Farmhouse Wooden Chicken Coop

PawHut Farmhouse Wooden Chicken Coop

Like the Tangkula Chicken Coop, the PawHut Farmhouse is a compact coop that works well in small spaces. Moreover, if you cannot afford one of the expensive brands available in stores, this is a better option. How does an original one stand out from the competition? First, you will love the all-in-one farmhouse design of this chicken coop. It features a stylish display top with ample resting space for chickens. It also has an egg case that you can access from the outside and a run with a protective mesh. The run is airy and well lit.

To make chicken rearing fun, you need a low maintenance chicken coop that you can clean fast when dirty. PawHut has connected the floor of this chicken coop onto a pullout drawer for accessing chicken litter. As such, instead of cramming yourself in a tiny space to clean, you can handle the job in minutes easily. The wood and mesh used to make this chicken coop are durable also lock toxic finishes.

What We Like
  • Non-toxic wood/mesh
  • Spacious run (protected)
  • Ladder and ramp access
  • The floor is easy to clean
  • Functional egg case
Our Verdict

Even though small, the PawHut Farmhouse has everything you will need in a chicken coop. It has a spacious resting area with an egg case for layers. You also get a modest run with a protective mesh that keeps predators such as foxes out.

5. PawHut Deluxe Wooden Chicken Coop

PawHut Deluxe Wooden Chicken Coop

You do not need a big budget to own a comfortable coop for your chicken. If you cannon make your own, ready-made wooden models from PawHut Deluxe are beneficial as well. With this model, for instance, you get a heavy-duty wooden coop with a small footprint (87x57x32-inches). The material is safe for chickens. It also has a durable and eco-friendly design that does not fade nor stains over the years.

You will love the plethora of functional features of this deluxe coop from PawHut. Its fence run, for instance, has a large and airy design that protects hens from predators. Moreover, because of its roofless design, your chickens will get ample amounts of the sun, which strengthens bones. Its living quarters is also large and functional. Its side-mounted nesting boxes, for instance, ease access to eggs. It also has screened windows that keep its interior cool and perches that your chicken can rest on during the day or night.

What We Like
  • Durable wooden coop
  • Side-mounted nest boxes
  • Large and protective run
  • Well-aerated interior
Our Verdict

Some people bundle their chicken in stuffy barn houses with the hope they will produce delicious eggs. To get good returns, feed your hens well and provide them with a comfortable coop such as PawHut Deluxe. It is affordable, protective, and does not need a lot of space to work well.

4. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop

Are you considering buying four pet hens that can provide you with eggs and entertain your child as well? If you need a low profile coop that works well in small spaces, check out Petsfit. Its weatherproof design works well outdoors without rotting or warping over time. It also has a stylish design (red and white) with two side-mounted nesting boxes that most kids can access from the outside.

The Petsfit offers ample living space for up to four regular size chickens. Even though it does not have a run, its large sleeping area compensates for this. Its lift-out floor panels, on the other hand, are not only cool, but also ease cleaning.

What We Like
  • Two nest boxes (separated)
  • Limited warranty (1-year)
  • Rain/water-resistant wood
  • Removable floor panels
  • Durable freestanding coop
Our Verdict

If you do not mind your chicken running all over your lawn, buy the Petsfit wooden coop. Even though it lacks a run, it is a spacious item made from rain-resistant wood. Up to four chickens can live and lay eggs in this coop issue-free.

3. Best Choice Products Wooden Chicken Coop

Best Choice Products Wooden Chicken Coop

Are you a fan of fancy and chicken coops that double as accent pieces for yards as well? The wooden 79.5×26.5×51.5-inch model from Best Choice Products has many desirable attributes. Its bright, all-wood design, for instance, stands out. The wood shingles integrated into its design, for example, has a “cool” traditional look that people love. Wood is also a safe, all-natural material that creates a protective and rainproof shelter for your chickens.

Unlike the Petsfit coop, Best Choice Products has a spacious run that can fit up to four birds at a time. The run works on concrete and grass and has a protective mesh liner that keeps out foxes and coyotes. It is also rust-resistant and has a lockable adult-sized door for access the coop. The Best Choice Products has a chicken ramp for easy access to its resting and nesting quarters. Its removable floor is easy to clean. Finally, you get two nest boxes on the back with protective tops (wood) that you can open to access eggs.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting wood
  • Comfortable living area
  • Weather-resistant parts
  • Removable bottom
  • Large and protective run
Our Verdict

Because of its unique style, Best Choice Products is an excellent centerpiece for gardens. It also has a spacious and chicken-safe design, which includes a large run.

2. BestPet Chicken Coop/Cage

BestPet Chicken Coop

In the past, the sole use of chicken coops was to provide a desirable nesting area for chickens. However, this has changed. While housing and nesting are among their main used, they also double as enclosures or playpens for chickens. Currently, the BestPet Chicken Coop/Cage is the best product in this category. The spacious metal structure is sturdy and airy. It also has a lockable design, which consists of epoxy-coated wires that resist corrosion and rust.

The BestPet Chicken Coop/Cage is a multi-functional product. Apart from keeping chickens in it, you can also use it to house rabbits and ducks as well with good results. Mammals such as guinea pigs also have an enjoyable time in this cage because of the level of protection it offers. You get a free roof cover that protects pets from the rain and UV.

What We Like
  • Waterproof vinyl cover
  • Epoxy-coated steel frame
  • Secures chickens and ducks
  • Light and easy to assemble
  • Corrosion and rustproof
Our Verdict

Even though the BestPet Chicken coop and cage is not suitable for nesting, it creates an appropriate play area for chicken. You can also use it to protect chickens from hawks or the rain and prevent them from damaging your flowers.

1. OverEZ Large Chicken Coop

OverEZ Large Chicken Coop

With this large OverEZ chicken coop at home, you can raise up to 15 chickens in a small area. This is a good-looking product. It also has a feature-rich design that stands out in many ways. The panels, for instance, come pre-assembled by Amish-trained artisans. As such, setting up this chicken cook is a piece of cake with handheld tools. It also has pre-assembled nest boxes (lockable) and a wooden ramp for hens.

Many people have an issue with cleaning chicken coops. They are stinky. Most models also have narrow doorways that are hard to get through while cleaning resting and or nesting areas. OverEZ large is different. It has a large door that you can open and scoop bedding materials when dirty. You can also hose it down every six months without ruining its floor or affecting the health of your hens.

What We Like
  • Fits up to 15 chicken
  • Durable wooden coop
  • Lockable doors and nest box
  • Easy to put together
Our Verdict

OverEZ is a commercial-grade chicken coop that looks good too. The floor and sidewalls (resin-treated) are waterproof. It also has a spacious and airy interior that fits up to 15 hens. Your kids will love having this coop at home.

How to Choose the Best Chicken Coop


Most breeds of chicken require two to three square feet of space to grow healthy. Therefore, whenever you are choosing a coop for your flock, the size is an essential attributes to check. How much space does it occupy? Will it accommodate the number of chickens you are planning to raise? If possible, buy a slightly larger coop.


Which is the material used to make your chicken coop of choice? While shopping online, it is tempting to order the cheapest coop available. However, if it will rust, rot, or fail to protect your chickens from predators, it is not worth your money. For the best results, look for a heavy-duty coop made from treated wood and or steel. They last for long, protect chickens from the elements, and look good.


While ordering a chicken coop, watch out for add-ons such as a ramp, nesting boxes, and a ramp. Coops with lift up or slide our floors are also ideal because they are easy to clean.

Conclusion: Raising chickens is not as hard as some people think. If you can get a good variety of chickens and one of our recommended coops, expect many delicious eggs. These coops work well in small spaces. They are also durable and have all the parts you will need to shelter, nest, and protect hens.

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