The need to keep up with time led to the development of the first clock in 1956. Later, it evolved into pocket watches, which served the same purpose. However, in the modern world, everyone wants to own a portable watch that is multipurpose. A smartwatch is an advanced tech-watch that is more than a watch on your wrist. It enables you to monitor your health parameters like blood pressure. You also get many applications in one compact gadget without paying a premium price for them.

List of the Best Cheap Smartwatches in 2020

10. Garmin Forerunner 35

Garmin Forerunner 35

The Garmin Forerunner 35 is an easy to use GPS running watch. It will help you monitor your heart rate on your wrist during the day and at night. Its inbuilt GPS tracker will monitor your running speed and the route you take. Besides, it will record your fitness progress by tracking the number of calories used. It has a run and walk mode that tells you when to stop running and take a walk or when to slow or speed up.

This gadget is also compatible with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. It can notify you when you receive a text message and notification from your social media applications. Therefore, you do not have to reach your phone to read messages. If you are listening to music from your other devices, you can as well change the song or adjust the volume via this smart gadget.

Why We Like
  • In-built GPS adapter
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Social media applications
  • Tracks fitness progress
Our Verdict

Garmin Forerunner 35 is an excellent smartwatch for tracking fitness, answering calls, and receiving texts. It fits comfortably in hand and comes in many exciting colors for men and women.

9. Letsfit Smart Watch

Letsfit Smart Watch

Keep fit by tracking your daily activities using the Letsfit Smart Watch. This watch measures real-time exercise statistics and synchronizes them directly to your phone. It will record the distance you cover and the amount of energy you have used. It will also avail you analyzed data in the form of a chart. Its different sports mode selections will ensure you work out better and enhance data accuracy.

Its LCD has four dial modes to choose. It has an auto-brightness that responds to different lighting environment. Its waterproof ability offers protection on rainy days and shallow water activities. It comes with an application to help you monitor your real-time heart rate 24/7. It is very convenient to receive all your text messages on your wrist and to receive and hang up calls. Finally, its smart system can provide you the last ten notifications when needed.

Why We Like
  • Waterproof smartwatch
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Auto-brightness control
  • Real-time workout statistics
Our Verdict

Do you have a hard time tracking your performance while working out? With Letsfit, you can evaluate exercise statistics in real-time. Its inbuilt heart rate monitor and LCD are valuable as well.

8. Amerzam Smart Watch

Amerzam Smart Watch

The Amerzam Smart Watch does not require a sim card for you to enjoy smart features and connect with your smartphone. It conveniently uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your phone. The display features a fantastic full touch screen for ease of operation. With this watch, you can receive notifications, texts, and Facebook or twitter messages from your phone.

This device has a heart rate detection to monitor your different heart rate values in various activities. You will hence be able to know the number of hours you sleep comfortably without disruptions. Its fitness-tracking mode comprises of different sports modes such as riding, walking, skipping, among others. These modes will advise you on how to perfect each activity by recommending the speed and time for each. Additionally, enjoy and control music from your smartphone on your wristwatch comfortably.

Why We Like
  • Fitness tracking mode
  • Touchscreen (LCD)
  • Onboard music controls
  • Social media functionality
Our Verdict

Smart devices such as robotic vacuums are beneficial at home. To track fitness and or make calls from your watch, order the Amerzam Smart Watch as well. Its fitness-tracking mode, you can monitor skipping and walking distances in real-time. You can also read texts, make calls, and access social media accounts from this watch.

7. YIIXIIYN Smart Watch

YIIXIIYN Smart Watch

The YIIXIIYN Smart Watch is superior quality and still a very affordable smartwatch. Its design is stylish, with a sleek OLED display. The casing is entirely stainless steel carefully molded and laminated. Its convex design strap is very comfortable. The strap also has a matte surface to ensure your sweat flows under it smoothly.

The uniqueness of this gadget is its dual working mode. The Bluetooth mode is where you can connect to your smartphone and be able to read notifications, text, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook messages. You may also engage the network Sim card mode to also make and receive phone calls, view, and reply to your texts on your wrist. This versatile watch will assist you in tracking your fitness activities and your health status. It features a pedometer and a sleep monitoring mode. It has a regular reminder to help you balance your work and life.

Why We Like
  • Sleek OLED screen
  • Sleep monitoring mode
  • Durable case (stainless steel)
  • Sweatproof strap (matte)
Our Verdict

Are you shopping for a long-lasting and stylish smartwatch that can track workout metrics? In addition to the sleek display (OLED) of this phone, you will like its longevity and comfort as well. Water or sweat does not ruin it over time.

6. UMIDIGI Uwatch2 Smartwatch

UMIDIGI Uwatch2 Smartwatch

Suitable for all genders, the UMIDIGI Uwatch2 smartwatch comes with a full-touch over one-inch IPS color screen. It is sleek and enhances the way you view content on the screen, whether at night or day. Your eyes will not strain to read a number or letter. Its advanced fitness-tracking mode measures the distance you cover and the number of steps you make. It will also calculate the time taken and the number of calories consumed.

Besides, it will monitor your heart rate and pressure in real-time and all day. Keep a record of all your different activities and share it with your phone via Bluetooth to keep you motivated. As you work out, you will receive vibration alerts for all your SMS and social media messages directly on your wrist. Its battery can last up to ten days on daily usage.

Why We Like
  • Real-time notifications
  • Generates vibration alerts
  • IPS color screen (full touch)
  • Has a calorie counter
Our Verdict

With the UMIDIGI Uwatch2, calorie counting and or tracking fitness will be an easy task for you. It is sleek, comfortable, and has a full-touch screen (IPS).

5. COLMI Smart Watch

COLMI Smart Watch

The COLMI Smart Watch design has a more accurate health tracker that rides on its inbuilt optical sensors and health chip. It has an all-round the clock heart rate monitor, blood oxygen tracker, blood pressure, and intelligent sleep monitoring. It will keep you updated for a healthier and better living. Finally, you get a real-time pedometer and a calorie counter, which elucidates the calories consumed while in the activity mode.

It is compatible with most smartphones via Bluetooth to enable access to your phone applications. It will alert and remind you of incoming and missed calls as well as receive messages from your social media applications. Its full touch screen is an HD display screen that is easy to operate. This watch has an all-metallic casing and tempered glass for higher durability. Its waterproof properties allow you to wash, shower, and swim with it in a pool comfortably.

Why We Like
  • Full-touch HD screen
  • Waterproof smartwatch
  • All metal case (durable)
  • Phone and social media alerts
  • In-built sleep monitor
Our Verdict

The full touch LCD of COLMI is clear (HD) and therefore, easy to ready during the day and at night. Its steel case is durable, while its heart, fitness, and sleep trackers are accurate.

4. MorePro GPS Smartwatch

MorePro GPS Smartwatch

The MorePro GPS Smartwatch does not require your phone to deliver accurate information. It utilizes GPS technology to provide you with accurate data on different sports modes you have chosen depending on your health goals. It also has a high waterproof rating making it the best to have for professional swimming. Finally, it records your swimming distance, laps, strokes, time, calorie, SWOLF, and average pace. It also includes a stopwatch and a compass for direction.

The GPS uses satellite track and map your running path. This data will help you become more active, healthier as you stay connected. This watch will monitor your heart rate on a real-time basis and warn you when it is deteriorating. For life conveniences, its intelligent vibration notification alerts you when you receive a call or message. Also, track the quality of your sleep, in terms of depth and duration.

Why We Like
  • Tracks via GPS satellites
  • Intelligent notification (vibrates)
  • Waterproof smartwatch
  • Free stopwatch and compass
Our Verdict

Because MorePro tracks movements via GPS, it is an accurate smartwatch around. Its compact and stopwatch are useful add-on features, while the real-time notifications it generates are ideal.

3. KUNGIX Full Touch Smart Watch

KUNGIX Full Touch Smart Watch

The KUNGIX Smartwatch features a full touch screen design with a larger high definition color screen. It is a lightweight and simple design but loaded with great features for a better experience. This watch will keep reminding you of any call you have missed or unread messages. You will also get vibration alerts to notify you of incoming social media messages. The messages will also be displayed your smartwatch screen immediately.

You will live a better, healthier life using the watch’s heart rate and sleep status monitor. It includes fourteen sports activities you can do. To keep you psyched up; it records and retains data on all your activities. Hence, you will not lose track of your health progress. Its 5ATM waterproof rating allows you to take a shower and swim in a pool with it comfortably. The battery is excellent, offering ten days of service after two hours full charge.

Why We Like
  • Fast charging (2-hours)
  • Waterproof smartwatch
  • Sleep status monitor
  • SMS and phone notifications
Our Verdict

KUNGIX is a waterproof watch that generates vibration alerts for call, SMS, and social media messages. Because it is waterproof, you can wear it in the rain issue-free. You can also use it to track sleeping patterns and make changes to stay healthy.

2. Watozo Bluetooth Smartwatch

Watozo Bluetooth Smartwatch

If you are looking for more fabulous features, the SmartWatch Bluetooth smartwatch is a perfect choice. It is a multifunctional design that can operate through Bluetooth connectivity or SIM card network. It is fully compatible will all iOS and Android phones. This watch will buzz a reminder for every message or call that you miss. Its high definition screen will display notifications and messages more clearly.

Make your life easier and enjoyable by controlling your phone’s camera and music remotely with this watch. Its battery has a larger capacity to sustain the watch for a longer duration of up to seven days. Besides, it comes with a free replacement battery. It also features sedentary reminder to alert you when you sit or stay idle for too long. Monitor also the quality of your sleep with its sleep detector. Its anti-sweat strap finishing and stainless casing guarantee you durability and comfort.

Why We Like
  • Built-in sleep monitor
  • Free replacement battery
  • Remote camera control
  • Sweat-resistant strap
Our Verdict

Are you looking for a sweat-resistant smartwatch that can monitor sleep and activity in real-time? Once paired to a phone via Bluetooth, Watozo offers the preceding benefits and more. Apart from its soft strap, you will like its advanced phone functions. Making/receiving calls is easy.

1. iFuntecky Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

iFuntecky Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

As a fitness watch, the Fitness Tracker smartwatch is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones. It will synchronize all your activities, type of activities, and the dates to your phone via Bluetooth. It has advanced exercise recording that features footstep counts and speed per kilometer. Finally, iFuntecky has a real-time heart rate monitor to help you keep track of health issues. Besides, it monitors not only your sleep duration but also the quality of sleep throughout the night.

As you exercise, you will not miss an important call or urgent message, thanks to the call and message push feature. Additionally, you will be able to take a photo with your phone and adjust to your favorite music remotely. Its rechargeable battery powers it optimally for nearly a week. Its charging system comprises of magnetic charging points for ease of connecting and disconnecting without damaging the watch.

Why We Like
  • High capacity battery
  • Sleep duration monitor
  • Magnetic charging points
  • Supports iOS and Android
Our Verdict

You can use iFuntecky as a day-to-day fitness tracker or for receiving calls or text messages. It supports Android and iOS phones and has a high capacity battery that powers it well for 7 days.

Shopping Guides for Smartwatches


The experience you will have with a smartwatch depends on the types of features on offer. Fitness and sleep trackers, for instance, are valuable for people who are conscious about their health. A smartwatch with such features will help you to monitor your calorie intake in real-time. You can also track your activity and make changes if needed, which boost the quality of life.


While selecting a smartwatch, remember that you will be using the device for at least 12 hours every day. Thus, for the best experience, look for a comfortable accessory that you will enjoy using. It should have smooth and non-irritant straps. Lightweight watches that are resistant to water and sweat are also beneficial to men and women.


Smart devices such as digital voice recorders and smartwatches are delicate. Before ordering a watch, thus, it is a good practice to evaluate its longevity then make an informed decision. Popular brands made from high-quality materials such as steel of ABS plastic, for instance, are ideal. They do not break down when dropped and therefore offer people years of excellent service.

Conclusion: Smartwatches have taken over the watch space due to their multi-functional designs. You can use one to make or receive calls. Our top ten models also have sports/fitness trackers, sleep monitors, and GPS adapters for tracking the position of users. Thus, a new one will have a positive impact on your life if you handle it well.

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