Have you struggled to lose weight for years? If you exercise every day but have failed to get your desired results, check your diet. Make sure you balance protein, vitamin, and fat and carbohydrate intake during breakfast, lunch, and supper. Supplementing good food with the best carb blockers will also benefit your weight loss journey significantly. The all natural herbs used to produce them are safe. Moreover, they not only deliver fast and long-lasting results, but are also easy to prepare with soups, drinks, and food. For the best results, here are the ten best brands to order in 2020:

10. Islands Miracle Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extracts

Islands Miracle Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extracts

Obesity increases the risk of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It also dents the self-confidence of millions of people and thus lowers their productivity at work and school. To manage your ballooning weight naturally and avoid such issues, use this pure garcinia cambogia extract from Island’s Miracles.

The 180 soft shell capsules of offer contain 95% HCA, which makes them good curb blockers. They can lower hunger pangs and thus lower calorie intake naturally, and spur weight loss. The pure garcinia cambogia extracts used to make this supplement are 100% safe. They do not contain additives or allergens that cause jittery side effects.

What We Like
  • All-natural garcinia cambogia
  • Supplemented with 95% HCA
  • Convenient soft shell capsules
  • The product has a money back guarantee
Our Verdict

These soft-shell Islands Miracle supplements are rich in HCA (95%) and garcinia cambogia. By blocking hunger pangs, its users can manage body weight naturally.

9. Natrol White Kidney Bean Carb Intercept

Natrol White Kidney Bean Carb Intercept

The results of several independent research studies show that kidney beans are good superfoods for weight-loss. It not only increases the breakdown of carbohydrates but also helps people with portion control, which induces weight loss. This Natrol White Kidney Bean Carb Intercept supplement offers these and many other benefits.

The 120 capsules on offer each contain 1000mg of a potent kidney bean extract that boosts weight loss naturally. Due to their soft shells, they are easy to swallow with soup or water. You can also open a gel capsule and mix its formula with food, smoothies, or yogurt before meals or exercising. The pills are also all-natural and therefore safe.

What We Like
  • Potent kidney bean formula (1000mg)
  • Metabolizes carbs and fats naturally
  • Safe and all-natural ingredients
Our Verdict

Natrol White is a potent kidney bean extract consisting of 120 soft shell vegetable extracts. By metabolizing fats and carbohydrates, it induces weight loss naturally.

8. Nutra Forge – Pure Forskolin Extract

Nutra Forge - Pure Forskolin Extract

Nutra Forge is an appetite suppressant formulated as potent 3000mg capsules. If you have a problem curbing appetite and have gained a lot of weight; as a result, this is the supplement to use. Its base ingredient, forskolin, is an effective all-natural curb blocker.

Use one tablet twice a day for 30 days to have better control of your appetite and curb calorie intake. Forskolin also boosts the metabolism of the body and does not contain binders or fillers that might harm yours over time. Stay active as well to get faster results.

What We Like
  • Potent forskolin supplements (3000mg)
  • Fast action all-natural product
  • Lacks binders and harmful fillers
  • The 30-day supply of supplements
Our Verdict

Nutra Forge works better than the bitter and unstandardized supplements that people have used for years. Its standardized forskolin capsules are potent (3000 mg) and therefore effective. It curbs appetite and enhances metabolism naturally.

7. White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean Extract

White Kidney Bean Extract eliminates the need for expensive surgeries and of fad diets to lose weight. Rich in BCAAs, L-Carnitine, and Forskolin, it is one of the best carb blockers in the market. All of its ingredients are non-GMO and thus safe for all people.

The all-natural 500mg vegetable capsules are also perfect for losing weight for two reasons. First, the soft shell capsules that you get are tasteless and therefore non-irritant. The coated surfaces of these gel capsules also dissolve faster in the stomach than a normal one. As such, you do not have to wait for months to see good results.

What We Like
  • Fast acting vegetable capsules
  • Rich in L-Carnitine, Forskolin, and BCAAs
  • Renowned carbohydrate blocker
  • Natural fat burning ability
Our Verdict

Even though bloating is a side effect of this White Kidney Bean Extract it is an effective natural supplement. Its easy-to-use veggie capsules are rich in BCAAs, forskolin, and L-carnitine, which have good carbohydrate/ fat-burning properties.

6. Huntington Lab’s Forskolin Supplement

Huntington Lab's Forskolin Supplement

Recommended for men and women, Huntington Lab’s Forskolin Supplement is a standardized extract that works in two ways. To induce weight loss, it boosts not only the metabolism of the body but also its fat burning ability. Moreover, by releasing fatty acids from fat tissue, it raises the body’s fat burning capacity, which leads to weight loss.

Like the White Kidney and Nutra Forge extracts we have talked about herein, this is an all-natural weight-loss supplement. The 60 veggie capsules in its package do not contain colors, artificial flavors, and or fillers that irritate or harm people. Moreover, due to their soft gel covers, these tasteless capsules are easy to swallow with water.

What We Like
  • Standardized forskolin extracts (20%)
  • Lack of artificial flavors, colors, or fillers
  • 60 dietary capsules (soft shell)
Our Verdict

In the past, weight loss supplements had bitter powder formulae that frustrated people. However, these tasteless soft-shell capsules are effective and fun to use.

5. Natures Craft’s Purest Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Natures Craft's Purest Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The 60 dietary capsules in this supplement have pure garcinia cambogia extracts, which is supplemented with 95% HCA. Compared to brands that offer less than 80% HCA, therefore, it burns fat and carbohydrates faster without health implications.

The rapid-dissolving gel capsules you get are fast-absorbing and lack fillers that can induce side effects such as constipation. Whether you are hobbist/professional athlete or an everyday Joe or Jane, therefore, you can use it every day for months. Backed by science, Natures Craft is confidence in the ability of this weight-loss supplement to work as advertised. Therefore, it offers a 100% hassle-free money back guarantee.

What We Like
  • Extra strength (80%) Garcinia Cambogia
  • Supplemented with 95% CLA
  • Money back guaranteed (100%)
  • Curb/fat blocker and burner (synergistic)
Our Verdict

Natures Craft’s is one of the most potent (95% CLA) legal garcinia cambogia extracts for weight loss. It boosts fat and carb burning without jittery side effects.

4. Applied Nutriceuticals Pure Series Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Applied Nutriceuticals Pure Series Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Applied Nutriceuticals Garcinia Cambogia supplement is a package of 90 500mg veggie capsules, which block sugar and fat absorption. It is also a renowned curb blocker, which plays a role in fat hydrolysis by releasing fatty acid from tissues.

Supplemented with 60 % HCA, this is a fast-acting weight loss supplement. Its soft shell capsules dissolve fast in the stomach and start working almost immediately. Combined with eating balanced diets or exercise, you should expect noticeable results in months.

What We Like
  • Contains pure Garcinia Cambogia extracts
  • Rapidly absorbing soft shell capsule
  • The supplement has a long shelf life
  • Supplemented with HCA (60%)
Our Verdict

With this Pure Series Applied Nutriceuticals supplement, weight loss will not be as hard as people make it. Its potent HCA-supplemented formula (60%) is fast-acting. Packed in vegetable capsules, it has a longer shelf life than powdered supplements.

3. NOW Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer

NOW Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer

No matter the time you spend on a treadmill daily, you will never lose weight if your intake of carbs is high. Complement such workouts with a good starch neutralizer such as NOW Phase 2 to get the best results. The 120 vegetable capsules you get each has 500mg of a potent vegetarian formula that not only breaks down carbs but also boosts the absorption of complex carbohydrates to fuel the energy reserves of people.

Thus, instead of your body storing carbohydrates as fat, it will convert them to energy, which you can burn while exercising. Its veggie capsules are soft and easy to swallow.

What We Like
  • Neutralizes starch efficiently
  • All natural vegetarian formula
  • Cost effective weight loss product
  • Does not induce annoying side effects
Our Verdict

NOW Phase 2 is a potent starch neutralizer that converts carbs to energy. Used as required; thus, you will not only lose weight fast but also have enough energy to exercise at home. It is an affordable product produced from natural ingredients.

2. Irwin Naturals Maximum Strength 3-in-1 Carb Blocker

Irwin Naturals Maximum Strength 3-in-1 Carb Blocker

With Irwin Naturals, you will get a maximum strength three-in-one carb blocker that also boosts metabolism. Therefore, if you have a problem managing weight, this product’s targeted approach will help you get results fast and healthily. For instance, with one, you will never have to starve yourself to lose extra pounds. Exercise, reduce your calorie intake and use this carb blocker to get fast and long-lasting results.

Rich in Lipase and Protease enzymes, Irwin Naturals helps the body to break down proteins and fat better, which is beneficial to health. In renowned stores, it comes in a pack of two sealed bottles, each containing 75 ready-to-use liquid soft-gel capsules.

What We Like
  • Boosts the body’s metabolic rate
  • Reduces conversion of starch to calories
  • Dependable all-around carb blocker
  • Easy to use liquid soft gel capsules (150)
Our Verdict

The 150 maximum strength liquid capsules in this pack neutralize carbohydrates, block carbohydrates, and boost metabolism at the same time. Therefore, it is one of the most dependable weight loss supplement that you will come across online.

1. Absolute Nutrition Carb Blocker

Absolute Nutrition Carb Blocker

Ideal for weight loss, these 90 caplets by Absolute Nutrition will boost your body’s metabolic rate and block carbohydrate cravings. Per serving, you get around 700mg of white kidney bean extracts, which boosts starch absorption. It is also rich in Chromium (200mg) and Vanadium (100mg), which help the body to break down sugars faster.

Absolute Nutrition’s caplets come packed with effective all-natural ingredients. As such, if you are allergic to caffeine, this product will not harm you in any way. It is also allergen-free and lacks additives such as ephedra. Before eating starchy meals, swallow two caplets with water or juice up to three times every day for best results.

What We Like
  • Ephedra and caffeine-free supplement
  • Has ready-to-use caplets
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Inhibits the absorption of starch
  • Blocks carbohydrate cravings
Our Verdict

Absolute Nutrition is a nutrient-packed carb blocker that can regulate blood sugar as well. Formulated as caplets, it also inhibits starch absorption and enhances the metabolic rate of the body, which cuts weight. It does these naturally and safely.

How to Choose the Best Carb Blockers for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a complicated process that people approach in different ways. Juicing, for instance, is a common practice with adverse health consequences in the end. Men and women with deep pockets also prefer surgeries such as liposuction. However, to lose weight naturally and healthily, carb blockers are the best remedies to use. By blocking hunger pangs naturally, they lower calorie intake, which is necessary for weight loss. They also boost the metabolic rate of the body and spur fat hydrolysis by leeching our fatty acid from adipose tissues. However, not all people have a fairy-tale story with supplements. Low-quality brands are irritant. Adverse health outcomes such as constipation and liver damage have also been reported after consumption of unstandardized supplement. To avoid such issues, follow these shopping tips.


Even though it is not advisable to buy a product based solely on its reputation, it is an excellent place to start. Before spending your money on a supplement, check the status of its brand. Has it attracted several lawsuits because of the adverse health outcomes linked to its product? What are other people saying about the quality of its supplements and or their performance? To get value for your money, try as much as possible to deal with a product with a good reputation. Visit its social media pages and check what people are saying. Unbiased reviews are also good sources of information.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies for Men and Women in 2020 – Carb Blockers


While desperately trying to lose weight, people tend to experiment with many products most of them ineffective. It is a good idea to evaluate the performance of the product you are planning to order on the outset to save time and money. You can handle this in two simple ways. First, check the type of ingredients used to produce the product you are planning to purchase. Are they of high quality? Second, what are medical or scientific reports saying about their ability to induce weight loss? The ability of kidney bean extracts to spur weight loss, for instance, is not only well-known but also documented in publications. The chances of a product with Kidney bean as its base ingredient benefiting you is therefore high. Garcinia cambogia is also good.

Second, when struggling, it is always good to seek the advice of people who have battled the problem and overcame it. Once you have validated the efficacy of the ingredients used to produce your supplement of choice, check its reviews. What are people saying about its effectiveness? If three out of every four users of your preferred supplement have reported good results, it might serve well too. However, if all you come across are complaints after complaints, it is a good idea to avoid that product.


Whatever your situation is, never sacrifice personal safety to meet your weight loss goals. Before spending your money on a supplement, therefore, always check its safety. Which are the ingredients in the powdered formula or capsules on offer? Natural ones such as garcinia cambogia and kidney beans are good. Unfortunately, some companies use synthetic additives to improve the potency of their products or to improve their shelf life. Avoid such brands at all costs. You should also look out for products that contain allergens or those produced from GMO ingredients as well. Most of the time, individuals who use such supplements develop serious adverse events.


Weight loss supplements are of two broad types – powders and capsules. Powders are cheaper than pills. However, most people cannot stand the bitterness of such products even when constituted in sweet drinks such as yogurt. Moreover, exposed to the environment, they tend to lose their potency or contaminate. Capsules and caplets are the recommended mode of delivery because of its convenience. They are tiny, tasteless, and therefore easy to consume when needed. Compared to powders, the risk of defaulting on treatment is relatively low with caplets and tablets. They are also portable and have a longer shelf life id stored as recommended. Compare the pros and cons of both types of supplements and select the most convenient one.


Are you struggling with weight loss, but also remedies you have tried to used have failed thus far? In this article, we have talked about the ten best weight loss supplements that work naturally. They are safe for men and women and work well because of the quality weight loss formulae on offer. If you buy an original package and follow directions of its manufacturer, expect a significant improvement in your life.

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