Choosing the best cappuccino maker can be daunting for many people, especially first time buyers who do not know where to look. But, if you are one of them, do not worry – we have done the hard part for you. We spent hours researching the top brands that will bring the café coffee aroma right in your kitchen and reviewed them herein. These cappuccino makers are of high quality and have intuitive systems that work seamlessly. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

10. Breville Espresso BES920XL

Breville Espresso BES920XL

Do you want your home-made coffee to taste like that of a café? Then, you need to invest in one of the best cappuccino makers that are available online. With the Breville Espresso BES920XL dual maker, for instance, you are guaranteed perfect results every time. This coffee maker uses 19-22 grams of ground coffee, which is ideal for making the rich, full-bodied coffee you have always wanted. Also, you can brew golden honey cream cappuccinos at any time by applying the right pressure at the right time. The infuser uses low pressure to soak and expand the ground coffee evenly. As a result, you get a sweet and a creamy extraction every time.

The infuser also has a PID technology, which detects and minimizes fluctuations while it is extracting coffee. Finally, the manual steam wand turns your milk into a silky smooth micro-foam, which is essential for latte art. Breville Espresso BES920XL cappuccino maker has an LCD that allows easy programming and a shot clock that times the extraction.

What We Like
  • Rich/full-bodied coffee
  • Low-pressure system
  • Advanced PID technology
  • Manual steam wand
Our Verdict

The Breville Espresso BES920XL coffee maker has everything you will need to brew delicious coffee at home. Its manual steam wand makes frothy milk for creamy lattes, while the full-bodied coffee it makes will keep you awake at work.

9. Breville BES980XL Espresso Oracle Machine

Breville BES980XL Espresso Oracle Machine

Espresso BES980XL is another masterpiece of Breville, which makes tasty coffee at home. The oracle is an excellent automatic manual cappuccino machine with exceptional features. Its electronic steam wand makes rick and velvety milk that is perfect for lattes. You will like its one-touch Americano design, which can brew a double espresso. Through a dedicated spout, the espresso machine fills the cup with hot water, just like any commercial machine would do. It also has a flexible shot control that allows you to choose between one or two shots of espresso.

When choosing a cappuccino maker, the first attribute to check is how easy it is to clean the machine. The self-cleaning steam wand in this model makes it easy to clean. The micro-foam milk texturing feature allows you to texture and adjusts milk temperature to suit your taste.

What We Like
  • One-touch controls
  • Self-cleaning steam wand
  • One and two shots of espresso
  • Automated/manual operation
Our Verdict

Whenever you are preparing for work and have little time in your hands, you can set Breville BES980XL oracle to make your coffee automatically. You can also operate in manually using simple one-touch controls to brew coffee or lattes of your choice.

8. De’Longhi America Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine

De'Longhi America Nespresso Lattissima Pro Espresso Machine

You will never forget the experience of making your first cup of coffee using the Nespresso Lattissima espresso machine. Its state-of-the-art system is easy to use. Its sleek design and intuitive digital touchscreen provide a simple way to program its system. At the touch of the button, you can brew a myriad of coffee and milk recipes such as a latte macchiato, lungo, cappuccino, warm milk froth, espresso, or hot water. The Lattissima Pro cappuccino machine also has 19 bars high-pressure pump to allow for a barista-style result. The system correctly extracts the premium aromas and flavor of coffee capsules, creating unparalleled dense cream.

Additionally, De’Longhi America has an intuitive descaling function designed to alert you according to the programmed water hardness setting. There is an energy-saving function that automatically turns off the gadget after nine minutes of inactivity.

What We Like
  • High-pressure pump (18 bars)
  • Automatic descaling
  • One-touch buttons
  • Good flavor extraction
Our Verdict

Are you tired manually using a stovetop espresso maker while brewing coffee at home? Look for this automated one to make coffee preparation fun. Its one-touch controls are easy to use. Flavor extraction is proper, while its automatic descaling function for use with hard water.

7. PowerLix Frother Cappuccino Machine

PowerLix Frother Cappuccino Machine

If you have a tight budget but still want to have your tasty coffee ritual at home, go ahead and buy a new PowerLix Frother machine. This handheld machine allows you to treat yourself to a delicious latte or cappuccino at any time at home in minutes. It can instantly froth cold or hot milk for your favorite drinks. You do not need to struggle frothing your milk as the machine is easy to operate. You only need to take cold or hot milk, plunge the frother half way down and power it on. The frother will work instantly, giving you the desired amount of foam.

Interestingly, it is a versatile kitchen tool that can also mix shakes, fruit drinks, dressing, cocktails, and eggs. The comfortable and stylish stainless steel latte is designed to blend with any modern kitchen. It has ergonomically designed handle that feels comfortable in your hands.

What We Like
  • Simple handheld design
  • Frothy and delicious cappuccino
  • Rustproof stainless steel
  • Cost-effective machine
Our Verdict

Frothing milk is a crucial process in the preparation of cappuccinos and lattes. If you cannot afford one of the large machines found in restaurants, check out PowerLix. Its simple handheld design froths milk in seconds. It also has a food-grade design made from stainless steel.

6. Muellar Espresso Machine

Muellar Espresso Machine

With this lightweight Mueller Espresso machine, you can make your tasty coffee at any time without breaking a sweat. Its Italian high-pressure pump delivers up to 20 bars pressure, which leads to a barista-style result, unlocking premium aromas and delicate flavor. More so, it leads to the creation of dense and slimy cream. The one-touch buttons have two capacities: short and long. These buttons can be programmed to custom volumes and are very easy to use.

Muellar has a large capacity with a small footprint that takes up minimal counter space. The large water tank is detachable, dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. It also has an ultra-fast heating system, which ensures your coffee is ready to drink in a few minutes. Finally, after10 minutes of use, the energy-saving mode switch off its system automatically to save you energy. You will need the Nespresso coffee capsules to use the Mueller Espresso machine at home.

What We Like
  • Fast and dependable
  • Unlocks coffee aromas
  • Powerful pump (40 bars)
  • Long and short coffee
Our Verdict

You can set the Muellar Espresso Machine to prepare short or long coffee by merely pressing a button. It also has a compact and clutter-free design that makes coffee in less than 10 minutes. A new one will make your life fun.

5. Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Espresso and Coffee Machine

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Espresso and Coffee Machine

Are you looking for an automatic cappuccino maker that comes at a competitive price? Then, Nespresso Evoluo is your ultimate solution. The five cup sizes the machine delivers, and its ability to brew fine ground and roast coffee are admirable. It also has an intelligent extraction system that recognizes each blend thanks to the barcode attached to the rim of the capsule. Finally, with this item, you will brew fresh and delicious coffee with the touch of a button. The cup support is adjustable to three different positions to accommodate various cup sizes.

Nespresso Vertuo has an extra-large 54 ounce Water tank and a large 17 count used capsule container. The fast heat-up time of about 15 seconds ensures you don’t wait for too long to have your favorite drink. There is also an energy-saving mode that shut off automatically after nine minutes of inactivity. Nespresso Vertuo uses centrifugation extraction technology that spins p to 7,000 RPM. As a result, the machine blends ground coffee with water to make the perfect cream.

What We Like
  • One-touch brewing
  • Up to five cup sizes
  • Intelligent coffee extraction
  • Auto shutoff technology
Our Verdict

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo can take over the coffee brewing process at home. Once filled with water and ground coffee, its intelligent coffee extractor releases flavors and aroma as it brews. Moreover, once the coffee is ready, you can serve up to five cup sizes into a coffee tumbler.

4. Breville-Nespresso BEC250BLK1AUCI

Breville-Nespresso BEC250BLK1AUCI

Discover the smallest and newest single-serve espresso maker in the Breville-Nespresso BEC250BLK1AUCI. Even though small, Breville Essenza Mini does not compromise the quality of coffee and espresso taste. Its compact feature makes it effortlessly portable and fits perfectly in small kitchen space. The machine offers two programmable cup sizes- Lungo and Espresso. Additionally, it features a new curvy design with smooth rounded edges. You will also enjoy the fast heat-up system that reaches the ideal temperature in less than 30 seconds.

Its versatility design turns this great coffee maker your all-round kitchen gadget. With 19 bars of pressure, the machine creates a barista-style cappuccino, coffee, or espresso drinks pretty fast. The energy saver mode is set to switch off after nine minutes of inactivity automatically. Other features include Aeroccino three milk frother that creates the perfect finish of your single-serve beverages like cappuccino or latte.

What We Like
  • Fast heating (30 seconds)
  • Programmable cup sizes
  • Aeroccino milk frother
  • Eye-catching design
Our Verdict

Did you know that you can now prepare restaurant-grade coffee at home? Breville-Nespresso is a versatile product that brews Espressos, Lungo, and creamy lattes in minutes. Its curvy design blends well in kitchens, while its built-in frother eliminates the need for third-party ones. You get an all-in-one product that delivers.

3. Gaggia RI8263/47 Espresso Machine


You can bring the café coffee aroma to your kitchen with a Gaggia Espresso machine. It’s a potent and automated coffee and espresso machine, ideal for brewing cappuccino at home. It features a few dedicated buttons and a LED screen that helps you to brew and create your list of drinks. Gaggia Espresso cappuccino maker is designed with a detachable carafe that automatically steams, froths, and pours milk for your favorite beverage. The Velasca’s adapting system adjusts how the grinder operates to accommodate your desired bean.

Gaggia Espresso has a long-lasting ceramic burr that grinds beans directly using minimal heat transfer. As such, you get the freshest and delicious coffee in your cup every time. The front-loaded water reservoir can accommodate 54 ounces of water and pulls out from the front.

What We Like
  • Automated system
  • Large water tank (54 ounces)
  • Detachable carafe
  • Intuitive button controls
Our Verdict

Whether you are looking for an easy to use coffee maker or a high capacity one for your large family, Gaggia RI8263/47 is one of the best. Its fully automated system features a 54-ounce water reservoir that you can remove and clean. Its button and LCD are intuitive and easy to use, while its automated system delivers.

2. DeLonghi Super-Automatic Coffee/Espresso Machine

DeLonghi Super-Automatic

This super-automatic machine features a unique beans-to-brew system that’s capable of preparing coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte drinks. The frother mixes milk and steam to create rich, creamy froth. You don’t have to be a barista to use this machine. It has a push-button control panel with a programmable menu setting that makes it easy to use. The machine also needs half the cleaning time of other brands, which require chemical cleaning tablets too.

The compact, extractable brew unit self-adjusts for one or two shots of espresso. More so, it comes with an instructional manual to make it easy for you to assemble. Enjoy customized espresso drinks by programming the machine in your taste and preferences. DeLonghi super-automatic has a ‘brain’ that remembers the details from your preferred dense, strength, and your preferred size beverage. It also has a three-hour automatic shut off energy-saving mode.

What We Like
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • In-built memory for settings
  • Low maintenance design
  • Energy-saving mode
Our Verdict

DeLonghi’s super-automatic design has a memory for your settings and push-button controls that ease how people brew coffee at home. Unlike some of the best stovetop espresso makers that are hard to use, this one is convenient. You load a brew setting and let it do the work.

1. Keurig K-Café Single-Serve Cappuccino Maker

Keurig K-Café Single-Serve Cappuccino Maker

Top of our review of the best cappuccino makers is this super-simple Keurig cappuccino maker. You have the choice to use any K cup pod to brew delicious coffee, cappuccino, or latte. The machine comes with a SHOT button where you press to make a concentrated shot of coffee. By pressing the button, you will increase the dense and bold taste of your beverage.

The large 60oz water reservoir enables you to brew six cups of your favorite drink before refilling it. It makes the machine ideal for a large family, saving you time and simplifying your morning routine. Keurig K-Café cappuccino make is a smart gadget that heats and then brews in one simple process, saving you both time and energy. This cappuccino maker is a top-rack dishwasher safe gadget, and it’s easy to clean.

What We Like
  • Large reservoir (60 ounces)
  • Uses most K cup coffee pods
  • One-step brewing technology
  • Very easy to operate
Our Verdict

Even though you will need K pods to use the Keurig K-Café Single-Serve machine, its performance makes the extra cost worthwhile. It makes delicious coffee in minutes. Moreover, it one step brewing technology saves power as well.

Shopping Guides for the Best Cappuccino Makers


Over the years, people have deviated from manual coffee brewing using pots and pans. Cappuccino makers have taken over this space and for good reasons. They are easy to use and designed to brew delicious coffee on-demand with little effort from people. To own a model that will satisfy your needs for years, check the systems of five of more brand that you will be comfortable having at home. Do they have manual or automated systems? Automatic cappuccino makers are the best because of their convenience. They also extract flavors and aromas well and brew delicious coffee every time from pre-programmed settings.


How much coffee can your cappuccino maker of choice brew per session? If you have a large family with five or so members who love coffee, buying a three cup cappuccino maker is a poor idea. Instead, look for a product that can satisfy your needs. It should have a large water reservoir, preferably 30-60 ounces that you can remove and clean often. Cappuccino makers with brew serve technologies are equally good because of their unlimited brewing capacity.


Never buy a product that will break down in weeks, rust, or fail to perform as required after two or so months. Heavy-duty brands made from rustproof materials such as stainless steel are the best. They are less susceptible to rusting and lack elements such as BPA, which often affect the taste and safety of coffee. Finally, parts such as frothing wands should be durable as well.

Conclusion: Coffee is rich in antioxidants that boost alertness and help people to get their bodies started in the morning. However, to maximize its effect, the quality of the coffee you drink in the morning must be top-notch. Our recommended cappuccino makers not only extract flavors and aromas automatically but also brew delicious coffee in seconds. Most of them are durable items with intuitive controls and components that most people can use to brew delicious coffee at home.

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