The smartphone revolution continues to influence the lives of millions of people positively. Apart from calling and texting, you can now use one to take clear intergalactic photos from your bedroom. How is this possible? First, you need a powerful Android or iOS smartphone with a high-definition camera. Well-known brands such as Samsung and Apple have quality models that offer these benefits. You also need one of the best camera telescopes to focus on galactic targets and then capture high-quality images via your phone. Camera telescopes are also suitable for photography and bird-watching because of their robust objective and eyepiece lenses. The best are:

10. TheCoolCube Universal Clip on 8X Magnifier

TheCoolCube Universal Clip on 8X Magnifier

Smartphones have improved in terms of their clarity and processing power. However, camera systems have stagnated for decades to the disappointment of professional photographers. If you are one of them, we have found a quick fix for this. The TheCoolCube is a universal clip-on camera lens telescope that boosts magnification by up to eight times. It is compatible with most Samsung, HTC, and Apple smartphones with lenses set less than 3.5mm from the frame. Even though you will not be able to photographs planets of the moon with the telescope, it the best for watching concerts or sports.

In the past, telescopes were bulky and expensive accessories that only people with deep pockets could afford. With TheCoolCube, however, these are non-issues. Its sturdy clip-on design is easy to use. It also has a light (4-ounces), compact (5.4-inches), and portable design that you can transport easily during your birdwatching trips.

What We Like
  • Light and portable design
  • Fits most type of phones
  • Powerful magnification (8X)
  • Convenient clip-on design
  • Long-lasting components
Our Verdict

To transform your short-sighted camera smartphone into a powerful device for watching sports or concerts, buy TheCoolCube now. Its clip-on design is easy to set up and use. You also get a portable and powerful item that boosts the magnification of phones up to eight times.

9. Bushnell 780104 1.25 Telescope/Camera Adapter

Bushnell 780104

Bushnell is a leading manufacturer of high-quality viewfinder and scopes. It is also home to versatile camera telescopes that are ideal photography, birdwatching, or attending concerts. Bushnell 780104, for instance, is a versatile camera telescope adapter that works with most phones. It is also light (4.8-ounces), compact (4-inches), and has a solid shell made of metal. The material is resistant to not only stress but also expansion and contraction, which distorts lenses.

With Bushnell 780104, expect the best experience at a concert or while birdwatching in the forest. Even though you need a separate camera clip for this adapter to work, its screw-on design is easy to install. Its quality-tested eye-piece, on the other hand, has quality optics, which generate HD images. Expect quality results always.

What We Like
  • High Definition (HD) optics
  • Quality-tested eyepiece
  • Light and compact design
  • Heavy-duty black shell
  • Compatible with all phones
Our Verdict

Even though you will require a third-party clip to use the Bushnell 780104 adapter, its 1.25 design is ideal. It is powerful, clear, and has a universal 4.8-ounce design that you can transport and set up quickly.

8. MAXLAPTER 150X Telescope

MAXLAPTER 150X Telescope

Is your son or daughter interested in astronomy? Do you enjoy taking astronomical pictures for fun or as a profession? If you want a kid-safe telescope that you can also use at home, MAXLAPTER is for you. For a few dollars, you get a freestanding all-in-one monocular telescope that is perfect for kids and beginners. Like the Bushnell 780104 and TheCoolCube magnifier reviewed herein, this product comes ready to use. Most people can set up its aluminum stand in seconds. The telescope also has a fully-assembled design that you can mount onto the aluminum stand without using special tools.

To shoot clear pictures of the moon and other targets using a phone, you need a powerful telescope such as MAXLAPTER. Its wide aperture (300/70mm) gathers more light than comparable models, which improves image quality. It also has high-powered Barrow lenses (150X magnification), rotatable zenith prism (90 degrees), and a finder scope that boost quality. Whether you are stargazing, animal watching during a safari, or watching the sky, expect excellent results.

What We Like
  • Powerful multi-coated optics
  • Heavy-duty aluminum stand
  • Camera wire shutter system
  • Universal phone mount adapter
  • Wide aperture design (70mm)
Our Verdict

Because of its wide aperture (70mm), MAXLAPTER performs well during the day and at night. It also has clear optics (multi-coated) and a phone mount adapter for previewing images on smartphones.

7. Efanr 8X Zoom Magnifier/Optical Telescope

Efanr 8X Zoom

With Efanr, you can quickly transform your smartphone into a powerful optical telescope on a budget. Even though its system is less powerful than that of MAXLAPTER 150X, this telephoto lens has its strengths as well. First, it is not as bulky as the MAXLAPTER telescope. Weighing just 5-ounces, you can travel with on demand and use it for hours without irritation. It also has a powerful 8X lens (with a 3M focal distance) and a tripod for stability. Apart from bird-watching, you can use it to record hour-long YouTube shows easily.

Efanr is a reliable 8X zoom camera magnifier with an easy-to-use clip-on design. While traveling to a concert or a sports match, you do not need special tools to set up this camera telescope. All you have to do is adjust its tripod to the right level and clip it over the lens of your phone. You can zoom your target in and out manually and use the camera application of your phone to shoot videos and pictures.

What We Like
  • Powerful zoom (8X)
  • Convenient clip-on design
  • Compatible with most phones
  • Stable aluminum tripod
  • Light and portable design
Our Verdict

Efanr is a small telescope for forensic photography and or birdwatching. Its powerful zoom lens (8X) captures HD images in most settings. It also has a convenient clip-on design with a tripod (aluminum) for stabilizing your camera while shooting long videos.

6. Generic 18x Optical Zoom Camera Telescope

Generic 18x Optical Zoom Camera Telescope

Generic products have a terrible reputation worldwide because of poor quality control and assurance. However, occasionally, people come across top-rated products that deliver better results than branded ones do. If you are shopping for a camera telescope on a budget, this is one of such items. Its aluminum housing has a stylish black and silver theme that does not tarnish over time. The case is also durable and houses a powerful 18X zoom telephone lens for the iPhone. Whether you have an iPhone 5/6/7, you can transform it into a powerful telescope for bird-watching using this camera telescope.

Camera telescopes are perfect for beginner photography. However, if you shoot video tutorials for sites such as YouTube, a powerful model such as Generic will benefit you as well. You can zoom images in and out using a focus ring. It also has a stable three-legged tripod for securing it on tables and flat countertop while recording for long.

What We Like
  • Stable three-legged tripod
  • Powerful telephone lens (18X)
  • Fits most models of iPhone
  • Durable and stylish shell
Our Verdict

Even though unbranded and compatible with the iPhone only, this is one of the best camera telescopes around. It is durable, lightweight, and has an 18X telephone lens that captures clear images and videos.

5. Bamoer Cell Phone Camera Lens

Bamoer Cell Phone Camera Lens

Bamoer is an advanced telephoto camera lens compatible with a wide range of devices. If you own the iPhone 6/7/8, a Samsung smartphone, or an LG smartphone, you will love this camera lens. It is easy to install. To increase your phone’s magnification level by 22 times, all you have to do is clip it onto your camera’s lens. The clip is sturdy and fitted with wide clamps that do not dent or scratch phones. The telephoto lens it comes with is also one of the best in 2020. Its 5+5 multi-coated design captures HD images without glare or ghosting. It also captures clear close-up shots without reflections.

Bamoer is a professional-grade cell phone camera lens. If you are tired of buying branded models that break down in days or weeks, look for this model today. The industrial-grade aluminum used to make its housing is not only stylish but also durable. Its interchangeable screw-on lenses are easy to set up, while its free carrying case protects its lens and housing from scratches.

What We Like
  • Multi-coated optics (5+5)
  • Low picture distortion (3%)
  • Industrial-grade aluminum
  • Limited warranty (18 months)
  • Powerful magnification (22X)
Our Verdict

Bamoer is a long-lasting cell phone telescope made from an industrial-grade aluminum. Its multicoated optics are bright and powerful (22x), while its simple clip-on design is easy to set up. You also get a tripod for stability and a protective carrying case.

4. MSDADA Phone Camera Lens for iPhone

MSDADA Phone Camera Lens for iPhone

MSDADA is not suitable for people with Android smartphones. However, if you have an iPhone that you use to take selfies and or record videos for your blog, you will love this lens kit. It has a fisheye (180-degrees), wide-angle (0.67X), macro (10x), and a telephoto (12X) lens that is beneficial in many ways. The first class optical glass used to make them is not only precise but also durable. While bird-watching, therefore, you can use it telephoto lens to zoom in and shoot HD images of animals. You can also combine its macro and wide-angle lens and shoot bright panoramic landscapes outdoors. All lenses have a convenient screw-on design that you can set up quick.

The big clip clamp on this camera telescope is safe for most brands of phones. Whether you have an expensive one with an aluminum case or a modest plastic one, you can use it safely every day. It also has a Bluetooth shutter remote that works wirelessly and a three-legged aluminum tripod with stable and non-slip feet.

What We Like
  • Non-slip aluminum tripod
  • Interchangeable camera lenses
  • Bluetooth shutter remote
  • Phone-safe clamps (wide)
Our Verdict

You can set up MSDADA on most types of smartphones without it lowering their value over time. Its screw-on lenses support many shooting scenarios, while its aluminum tripod is sturdy and non-slip.

3. Ceenda Monocular Telescope

Ceenda Monocular Telescope

Ceenda is currently the best monocular telescope for photography in low light environments. To receive a dependable camera telescope for tracking prey or watching concerts as well; it is also a great brand. You will love the high-powered spotting scope (12×50) on this telescope. It captures clear and bright images from up to 1000 yards. It also has multi-coated optics and a large BAK-4 Prism, which work in synergy to improve brightness and light transmission. Thus, you can use Ceenda during the day and at night with no image distortion.

Ceenda’s ease of use is one of its major strengths. Unlike the MSDADA phone camera that needs a lot of manual set up to work, its pre-assembled all-in-one design is ready-to-use. All you have to do is place its eye-piece over your phone’s lens and secure it in place to work. Its waterproof design is durable, while its twist-on eyecup enables you to adjust its magnification level on demand with ease.

What We Like
  • Clear in low light areas
  • Waterproof rubberized shell
  • Supports most phones
  • Effective from 1000 yards
  • Limited warranty (two years)
Our Verdict

In low light environments, Ceenda’s 12×50 spotting scope is effective from up to 1000 feet. The quality of its images (HD) is good, while its portable and weatherproof design delivers excellent results outdoors.

2. OYRGCIK Phone Camera Lens

OYRGCIK Phone Camera Lens

Even though simple-looking, the performance of this OYRGCIK camera lens is on another level. For a device that is only 4.4-inches long, the fact that you are getting 12X cell phone zoom is desirable. During your local or international trips, you will love the high definition close-up pictures that it shoots. It is also one of the best monocular telescopes for shooting sceneries, bird-watching, or watching indoor sports or concerts. Its quality is on another level.

In addition to its multiple interchangeable lenses (Fisheye, 15X macro, and 0.67X super wide), the practicality of OYRGCIK is impressive. Traveling with one, for instance, is a piece of cake. Once packaged in the free carrying case on offer, you can transport it in a backpack without damage. Its low-profile design also fits and works well with devices such as the iPhone and Sony. LG and HTC phones.

What We Like
  • Broad compatibility with phones
  • Three interchangeable lenses
  • Light and low-profile design
  • Effortless installation (clip-on)
Our Verdict

OYRGCIK is beneficial to people who love photography, watching concerts/sports, or birdwatching. To work, screw on your preferred lens and clip it over the lens of your phone. Devoid of the type of lens or combination of lenses you are using, it delivers clear images.

1. Gskyer Telescope

Gskyer Telescope

Gskyer is a robust (80mm) astronomical refractor telescope that casts images to phones via a clip-on adapter. If you are venturing into astronomy and want to capture exciting photos you come across at night, buy one worry-free. Its glass-coated optics and wide aperture (80mm) enhance the brightness and quality of pictures. It also has a finder scope (6×30), 3 replaceable eyepieces (16X, 40X, 80X), and 3X Barlow lens for magnifying images. Thus, with Gskyer, you will never have a problem finding exciting targets. You can also magnify images without distortion and take photos or videos on demand.

Gskyer has a durable German-made design that is easy to set up as well. Its finderscope, for instance, snaps easily onto a mounting bracket. Its sturdy three-legged aluminum tripod has an adjustable design that you can customize to optimize your viewing position.

What We Like
  • Adjustable aluminum tripod
  • Replaceable eyepiece (three)
  • Durable German-made telescope
  • Clear glass-coated optics
  • A wide aperture (80mm)
  • Accurate finder scope (6×30)
Our Verdict

Locating astronomical objects with this camera telescope is easy. It also has a robust lens (multi-coated Barrow), interchangeable eyepiece, and a wide aperture that generates high-quality images.

Buying Guide for the Best Camera Telescopes


Camera telescopes boost the magnification of the lenses of phones. If you enjoy birdwatching and want a model for day to day use, look for a product that will fit your smartphone. Its adapter, for instance, should have a versatile clip-and-use design, which is compatible with your phone. It should also be compatible with the positioning and type of lens on your smartphone. Check these before spending cash.


What is the magnification level of the camera telescope that you want to buy? Does it perform well in bright and low light settings? Once you have identified a camera telescope that is compatible with your phone, check out its performance. If you watch stars or planets in the dark, a high-powered universal telescope such as Gskyer will serve you the best. Its dependability and compatibility with most phones make it a suitable option for beginners and professionals. If you love birdwatching, a brand with clear multi-coated optics is ideal.


Do not buy a camera telescope with a weak shell or a thin lens that tends to break easily. To get value for your money, shop for a reliable camera telescope made from high-quality materials and components


Herein, we have shared reviews of the best camera telescopes for birdwatching, astronomy, and watching concerts or sports. Their broad compatibility with phones benefits most people. They come ready-to use and have robust systems that capture HD images.

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