People listen to music for different reasons. During long trips, for instance, it is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It also helps some people to relax and or study better for exams or interviews. This has saw and increase in the demand for high-quality headphones with premium sound. Bluetooth headphones are convenient. You can connect one to a phone via Bluetooth and stream music wirelessly. They also have comfortable high-fidelity systems with controls for switching music or answering calls.

List of the Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2020

10. Mpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow H7 Over-Ear Bluetooth HeadphonesMpow 059 Bluetooth Headphones

If your goal is to improve sound quality while listening to music, this is the best Bluetooth headphone to use. Its CSR chip and powerful neodymium drivers (40mm) work in synergy to generate clear and bass-rich sound, which people like. It also has cushioned over-ear cups with closed-back designs that offer passive noise isolation. Thus, even in a noisy area, expect Hi-Fi sound from this headphone.

Powerful Bluetooth headphones have a reputation for draining battery power fast. However, with Mpow 059, you get a great product that is “gentle” on batteries as well. After a short two-hour charge, you can use it to play music continuously for up to 20 hours. It also has a wired mode that you can indefinitely when its battery runs out of charge. Mpow 059 has an adjustable headband. Whether you have a small or large head with thick hair, you can adjust its fit quickly. You can also fold its cups inwards for easy transportation.

What We Like
  • Comfortable cushion (memory protein)
  • Durable slider (stainless steel)
  • Wired and wireless modes of use
  • Impressive music time (20 hours)
Our Verdict

Mpow 059 has an adjustable design that fits women and men comfortably. Its closed-back cups produce not only high-fidelity sound but also have comfortable cushions made from memory protein. They are fun to use for long.

9. Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Senso produces rich sound with crisp highs, dynamic bass, and well-balanced midranges. If you unwind with music or use it to pass time while traveling, buying one is the right decision. Its upgraded Bluetooth technology pairs well with most smart devices. Its wireless connections are stable from 30 feet, while its advanced GoerTek microphone (built-in) is suitable for making hands-free calls. You can also use it for voice chat as you play online games with your friends.

Senso has an impressive battery life. Its lithium polymer battery plays music for up to eight hours. It also has a safe, long lasting, and recharges in just two hours. Finally, if you listen to music for hours, you will love this item’s comfortable design. Both buds have smooth and non-irritant silicone tips. They also have soft hooks that secure them on the ear to prevent them from slipping.

What We Like
  • Long playing time (8 hours)
  • Long-lasting Li-poly battery
  • Responsive from 30 feet
  • Manufacturer’s warranty (1-year)
  • Patented structural design
Our Verdict

Senso’s comfortable design is suitable for listening to music on the road and in the gym. It is a durable product with a Bluetooth 4.1 adapter that is responsive from 30 feet.

8. Bokai Nobby Bluetooth Headphones

Bokai Nobby Bluetooth Headphones

Some people find thick over-ear headphones such as Mpow H7 hard to use while traveling. Others carry small bags that cannot fit such full-size accessories. If you are one of them, check out the Bokai Nobby. Its lightweight design is easy to transport. It also has a durable design with a powerful Bluetooth 5.0 adapter that satisfies the needs of most people. Whether you have an iOS or Android smartphone, for instance, you can connect it to this headphone and stream music wirelessly. You can also use it to make clear hands-free calls via an in-built microphone.

Bokai Nobby has a high-capacity battery-powered design with an admirable run-time. After a two hour charge, its lithium-polymer battery plays music for up to eight hours. During a long trip, thus, you do not have to worry about it running out of charge. Because of its sweat-proof design (IPX5 water-resistant), this nano-coated Bluetooth headphone is also perfect for running or jogging.

What We Like
  • Water-resistant nanocoating
  • Good playing time (8 hours)
  • Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 adapter
  • Lightweight and comfortable
Our Verdict

Bokai Nobby lightweight and sweat proof design is not only perfect for traveling, but also running and jogging as well. It is a comfortable headphone with good sound output and a universal Bluetooth 5.0 adapter that supports all devices.

7. Mpow H7 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Mpow H7 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Over-ear Bluetooth headphones such as Mpow H7 are cool-looking items for entertaining indoors or outdoors. Its thick plastic headband has a durable design with foam-padded for comfort. Its adjustable design is comfortable, while two high-fidelity speakers on offer have clear 40mm drivers. Thus, unlike some brands that do not function well in noisy buses or trains, Mpow H7 delivers excellent results. Both earmuffs have a soft memory protein cover that does not irritate the ears. Because both muffs cover the whole ear, they are also safer than earbuds.

Traveling with this foldable over-ear Mpow H7 headphone is easy. When not in use, you can rotate it into a compact package that you can carry in a backpack. Its Bluetooth 4.1 technology pairs with most devices, while its in-built noise-canceling microphone is suitable for making calls. Mpow H7 is a battery-powered over-ear headphone for men and women. However, it also comes with a removable wire that you can use once it runs out of charge.

What We Like
  • Comfortable over-ear design
  • Clear speaker drivers (40mm)
  • Responsive three-button control
  • Removable audio cable (3.5mm)
  • Foldable for easy transportation
Our Verdict

Because of its padded caps and quality sound that its speakers generate, Mpow H7 is perfect for entertaining. It also has a foldable design made from long-lasting plastic.

6. SoundPEATS Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones

SoundPEATS Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones

Like the Bokai Nobby Bluetooth headphone we have reviewed, SoundPEATS is a low-profile headphone that works well. Its secure-fit design, for instance, is beneficial to workout enthusiasts. While in use in the gym, it fits snug around the neck and ears, which is ideal. It also has sweat-proof earbuds with interchangeable tips (XL-XS) that you can customize to improve its fit and comfort. For best results, buy matching silicone tips with comfortable ear hooks.

SoundPEATS is smaller than most Bluetooth headphones we have reviewed herein. However, due to its quality, it is also one of the best performing brands on our list. Using an onboard Bluetooth 4.1 adapter, you can pair it with most smart devices and play music and or audiobooks wirelessly. Fully-charged, the play time and standby time of its rechargeable battery are 8 hours and 100 hours respectively. SoundPEATS also has volume controls for adjusting sound and an inline microphone for receiving calls.

What We Like
  • Sweat resistant design (IPX6)
  • Interchangeable silicone ear tips
  • Universal Bluetooth 4.1 adapter
  • Comfortable and secure fit
Our Verdict

You can wear SoundPEATS at home or in the gym while working out with excellent results. Its Bluetooth adapter streams music wirelessly from most devices. It also has a comfortable design with long-lasting sweat-proof parts.

5. iJoy Matte Finish Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

iJoy Matte Finish Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

IJoy’s matte-finished design has a stylish outlook that men and women like. Moreover, if you love music and want a clear and bass-rich Bluetooth headphone to use every day, this is the best brand. Its padded cups are comfortable and have noise isolating properties. Therefore, while in use, they deliver a quiet and immersive experience in loud areas. Both earcups also have an accurate bass response, which gamers love. Explosions, conversations, and all other every day sounds are realistic.

Apart from playing music wirelessly via Bluetooth, iJoy can read SD cards as well. It also has an in-built radio receiver, built-in button controls, and a noise-canceling microphone for making calls. The track, equalizer, and call buttons are responsive and located conveniently on the side of its cups. IJoy will not disappoint you every time. Its speakers and adjustable headband are durable and covered by a limited 6-month exchange warranty.

What We Like
  • Exchange warranty (6 months)
  • Adjustable headband (plastic)
  • Radio receiver and SD card slot
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Conveniently-placed controls
Our Verdict

IJoy has Bluetooth, an SD card slot, a radio receiver, and premium speakers. These make it one of the most versatile Bluetooth headphones for gamers and music lovers. It also has a noise-canceling microphone for making hands-free calls.

4. COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphones

COWIN E7 Bluetooth Headphones

Active noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones such as COWIN E7 are the best for entertaining in noisy areas. If you travel on a train for hours every day, for instance, you will love it for many reasons. Its comfortable over-the-ear cups, for example, quell the noise of city traffic, cabins, or offices in wired or wireless mode. They also have premium speakers and large-aperture drivers (40mm) with accurate and deep bass. COWIN E7’s sound output is, therefore immersive, devoid of the music you love.

COWIN E7 is a premium Bluetooth headphone with many innovative features. Because it supports NFC, you can pair your phone or any other compatible smart device using voice prompts. The process is quick and designed to generate stable wireless connections always. It also has a powerful Bluetooth function, comfortable cups (swiveling), and a 600mAh battery with 30-hour average playing time.

What We Like
  • Long playing time (30 hours)
  • NFC and Bluetooth functions
  • Swiveling ear cups (90 degrees)
  • Cups have a smooth skin texture
  • Noise-canceling microphone
Our Verdict

To improve how you make calls or listen to music, order a new COWIN E7 Bluetooth headphone today. Its wireless connections are fast, clear, and stable. It also has a noise canceling microphone for making hands-free calls and a durable design that is comfortable as well. You will love it.

3. Otium Bluetooth Headphones

Otium Bluetooth Headphones

Great for running, working out in a gym, or listening to music, Otium is a versatile headphone that never disappoints. If you are getting rid of the inconsistent wired one in your possession, order yours now. Its sweat proof earbuds are non-irritant. The soft silicon used to make them does not harm the inner ear while in use for long. The earbuds also have non-slip designs with hooks for added securing. They rarely slip and fall off while in use.

In addition to its comfortable neckband design, you will love the sound quality of this Bluetooth headphone. Its EDR sounds system, for instance, has excellent bass output. It is also clear at high and low volume levels and has a built-in microphone (with notification) for hands-free calling. Powered by a Bluetooth 4.1 adapter, Otium is responsive from a distance of up to 30 feet.

What We Like
  • Clear bass-rich sound
  • Modest play time (8 hours)
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Responsive from 30 feet
  • Easy-to-use call/media controls
Our Verdict

With Otium, you can connect and play music from phones from up to 30 feet. Its non-slip buds have ear hooks for added stability. They also produce clear bass-rich sound and have a risk-free guarantee, which attests their quality.

2. Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

This upgraded version of the renowned Bose SoundLink headphones is perfect for listening to music and playing games. Because of its superior performance, it is also one of the best models in its class. Whether you enjoy music or to play video games, you will love this headphone’s immersive sound. Its speakers are clear and housed in comfortable earcups that enhance bass output. It also has an HD voice microphone that picks up clear sound and relays it seamlessly via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

Bose SoundLink headphones have a versatile two-in-one system of connectivity. If you travel often and hate wires dangling over your neck as you entertain, its wireless system is ideal. You can pair it with most Bluetooth-enabled smart devices in minutes. In this mode, the headphone draws its power from a rechargeable lithium battery with a play-time of 15 hours. The probability of it running out of charge during long trips is relatively low. Bose also has an equally effective wired mode that you can use all day and night. No matter how you use this headphone, it delivers.

What We Like
  • Wired and wireless modes
  • Admirable battery capacity (15 hours)
  • Comfortable earcups (padded)
  • HD voice microphone (in-built)
  • Produces clear bass-rich sound
Our Verdict

Do you spend a lot of time on the road regularly? Are you shopping for a comfortable headphone that you can use to make hands-free calls as well? Bose SoundLink is a dependable HD-rated model with soft around-the-ear cups. It is a durable item with premium speakers and a noise-canceling microphone for hands-free calling.

1. Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Endorsed by celebrities such as Neymar Junior, the Beats Studio3 is a unique over-ear headphone that looks good and works great. Its unique midnight theme stands out. It also has a comfortable set of cups, each with a pure ANC adaptive noise canceling technology. While in use, the system blocks background noise to maintain clear sound.

With Beats Studio3, you will receive a fully-featured wireless headphone with a high capacity battery. Fully charged, the battery powers it optimally for up to 22 hours. The battery also has a durable and rechargeable design that supports drip charging. After a 10-minute charge, you can play music for up to three hours without it developing the memory effect. You will also love its lightweight design and the W1 Apple chip Bluetooth adapter that supports most smart devices. If you enjoy listening to music, you can pair it with a tablet, smartphone, iPad, and or iPod effortlessly.

What We Like
  • Good playing time (22 minutes)
  • Comfortable over-ear cups
  • Adaptive noise suppression
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity
Our Verdict

Endorsed by Neymar Junior, the Beats Studio3 is a stylish headphone with quality sound. The clarity of its sound is desirable. It also has a comfortable design with a high-capacity rechargeable battery with 22-hour playing time.

What to Look for in a Bluetooth Headphone


Check the sound quality of the Bluetooth headphone you are planning to buy. For the best results, look for a brand with a set of premium speakers. It should also have quality drivers and a noise isolating design that works well in most settings. A model prone to interference will frustrate you in the end.


Buying a Bluetooth headphone that you will not enjoy using is a poor decision. Once you have ascertained your product of choice has quality sound, check its design. Lightweight Bluetooth headphones are fun to use. You should also look for a model with padded caps or silicone earbuds. While listening to music, you can use them for long without issues.


Bluetooth headphones stream music from phones and other smart devices wirelessly. However, the experience you will have depends on the type of adapter on offer. Look for a model with a good range (at least 30 feet). The adapter should also have a durable design, which pairs fast and generates stable wireless connections in most settings.


Do you enjoy listening to music during your free time? Are you looking for a comfortable Bluetooth headphone that you can also use to make and receive calls? Renowned for their high-fidelity sound systems, our top 10 picks are the best in 2020. They are stylish and work well in most settings.

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