Washcloths are super-absorbent towels, which are beneficial in homes, hotels, and spas in many ways. After washing your face in the morning, you can use one to draw or blot moisture from your face without irritation. Larger ones are suitable for drying and protecting the hair from chemicals such as chlorine while having a bath or shower. Therefore, if most of the best shower caps do not fit you or fail to protect your hair from damage, a premium washcloth will do. The best brands of 2020 include:

10. BC BARE COTTON Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels

BC BARE COTTON Luxury Hotel & Spa Towels

Cotton towels are in high demand in homes, spas, and or hotels because of their versatility and super-absorbent nature. They also have a safe and luxurious feel, which is beneficial to both adults and kids. If you are shopping for a pack that will serve you for long, BC BARE is a set of 12 luxurious towels that offer value for money. The pure Turkish cotton use to make these towels is soft, super-absorbent, and does not stretch nor shrinks over time. It also has a color-fast 750GSM structure that is beneficial in homes and hotels in many ways. Men and women can use them to dry hair or the skin without irritation. You can also use them to dry surfaces or wash a car without scratching.

BC BARE COTTON is a set of reusable bath towels. After use, you can wash them by hand or in a washing machine without compromising their structure or luster. All towels remain soft and super absorbent after many washes. Furthermore, because they are pre-shrunk, they do not stretch nor shrink over time.

What We Like
  • Luxurious cotton fabric
  • Machine washable towels
  • Color-fast bath towels
  • Multi-functional towels
Our Verdict

BC BARE consists of 12 color-fast bath towels made from luxurious Turkish cotton. These hotel and spa-grade towels are soft, versatile, and washable many times without issues.

9. Living Fashions Washcloths

Living Fashions Washcloths

Living Fashions washcloths come in an assortment of colors and designs that are beneficial in homes or hotels. In this pack, you get 12 ring-spun cotton towels, each measuring 13×13 inches. The material has a super-absorbent 700 GSM structure that is also durable. It also has a soft, combed design, which does not irritate people while in use. Thus, if you like having long baths at home, you can wrap one over your head to protect your hair from damage. You can also roll one into a bath or spa pillow or use it to dry the hair, face, and body after having a long shower.

Because of their colorfast nature, the risk of these washcloths fading over time is slim. The ring-spun cotton used to produce them not only retains its shape after many washes but also its luster and color. You can wash them by hand or a washing machine.

What We Like
  • Machine washable towels
  • Ring-spun cotton fabric
  • Large towels (13×13 inches)
  • Super-absorbent (750GSM)
Our Verdict

Made of ring-spun cotton, Living Fashions towels are not only absorbent but also less prone to shrinking. They are also easy to clean using a washing machine without affecting their performance.

8. Cleanbear Face-Cloth Washcloths

Cleanbear Face-Cloth Washcloths

Are you shopping for a pack of washcloths that you can use for cleaning or as facecloths? The Cleanbear washcloths in this pack have a few novel attributes that you will love. Made of looped terry cotton (100%), for instance, these are super absorbent face washcloths. You can use them to dry your face in the morning without irritation. They are also suitable for drying the hair and are perfect for cleaning commercial areas such as bars or hotels.

The six 13×13 inch towels in this package are light (1.5 ounces) and thus suitable for traveling. They also take up little space and has reinforced seams and edges that do not unravel in days or weeks. If you are gym enthusiasts, therefore, order a set now as well. Unlike traditional towels that are heavy or cumbersome, you can carry one or two of these easily and use them on demand.

What We Like
  • Lightweight (1.5 ounces)
  • Looped terry cotton
  • Highly absorbent structure
  • Six 13×13-inch towels
  • Have reinforced edges
Our Verdict

Cleanbear is a pack of six 13×13-inch washcloths that you can also use as face cloths or for cleaning. The looped terry cotton used to make them is soft and has reinforced edges that do not fray over time. It absorbs water well and is machine-wash-safe.

7. Maura 6 Piece Washcloth Set

Maura 6 Piece Washcloth Set

Maura is a six-piece washcloth set that comes in many stylish colors. However, since their release in 2017, these black ones have remained the most popular due to their style and quality. The ISO 9001 and Oeko-Tex certified Turkey cotton used to manufacture them, for instance, has a chemical-free structure, which is safe for children. The fabric is super absorbent and has a robust; ring spun design that retains its shape for long. Thus, to get a pack of washcloths that you can reuse for long, buy this one.

Maura washcloths are significantly larger than Cleanbear and Living Fashions models we have reviewed herein. It washcloth is 16×30 inches in sizes, which is almost double the size of the Cleanbear washcloths. They are machine-washable and have a color lock technology that stops them from fading after one or more washes. Due to their size, Maura towels are the best for drying hair.

What We Like
  • Generously-sized towels
  • Machine washable design
  • Absorbent Turkey cotton
  • ISO 9001 and Oeko-Tex certified
  • Interesting color options
Our Verdict

Even though designed for adults, these 16×30-inch towels are also beneficial to kids because of their high safety rating. They are chemical-free and made from a super-absorbent ring spun cotton.

6. AmazonBasics Quick-Dry Bathroom Washcloths

AmazonBasics Quick-Dry Bathroom Washcloths

Slow drying washcloths are prone to growing mildew or mold if air-dried indoors. If you live in a cold area and want a set of towels you can air-dry indoors issue-free, read on. AmazonBasics is a set of quick-drying bathroom washcloths made of 100% cotton. Attainable in seafoam green, lavender, petal pink, and platinum, these towels have an attractive solid color. Even though small (12×12 inches), you get a set of soft and tear-resistant towels that quickly absorb moisture and water. You can use a new set to dry your face or hair or clean your car or countertops often.

AmazonBasics meet the OEKO-TEX factory standard for textiles. Unlike brands that irritate people or transfer colors to surfaces, its performance indoors is admirable. Most adults and kids can use it on a day-to-day basis without irritation. Colors are fade-proof, while their machine-washable designs retain their luster for long.

What We Like
  • OEKO-TEX compliable
  • Quick-drying cotton (100%)
  • Tear-resistant washcloths
  • Attractive solid colors
Our Verdict

With AmazonBasics, you get 12 quick-drying cotton towels, each designed to meet the OEKO-TEX standard. Their chemical-free designs are non-irritant, super-absorbent, and very easy to clean.

5. SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel and Spa Washcloths

SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel and Spa Washcloths

SALBAKOS is a set of genuine Turkish cotton washcloths, each with a multi-functional 13×13-inch design. Whether you want a set of washcloths for drying your face or cleaning countertops, this is the best. The combed structure of these washcloths does not irritate the face and other sensitive areas of the body. It is also resistant to fraying and absorbs water better than standard washcloths do.

SALBAKOS washcloths are eco-friendly accessories that exceed the global OEKO-TEX standard. Thus, if you are shopping for washcloths that your kids can use as well, this is a suitable brand. It lacks chemicals that might irritate the eyes or skin of your loved one. Moreover, even though colored options are available too, these VAT dyed towels do not bleed colors over time. Thus, apart from bathing, they are also good for cleaning.

What We Like
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Non-fade VAT dyed towels
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Comfortable Turkish cotton
  • Soft and super absorbent
Our Verdict

SALBAKOS is a set of 12 Turkish cotton washcloths that make clean up at home a breeze. They are safe for adults and kids. They are also durable, Eco-friendly, and come in stylish fade-proof colors.

4. White Classic Luxury Washcloths

White Classic Luxury Washcloths

Whether you are shopping for a set of washcloths for bathing or cleaning, buy a super absorbent brand that lasts for long. The 12 White Classic washcloths in this package meet this threshold. Made of Egyptian cotton, they are durable, super-absorbent, and have a luxurious structure, which does not irritate the skin. Thus, while bathing, you can use one or two to supports your head or neck from irritation. They also double as great washcloths because of their size (13×13 inches), longevity, and luxurious nature.

Even though this White Classic washcloth pack contains only 12 towels, it will serve you well for months for two reasons. First, as stated earlier, these are robust towels. The risk of them ripping or their seams raveling while in use is low. You can also wash and reuse them many times without shrinking or losing their absorbency. If yours does within two years, you can request a replacement pack from the manufacturer. The two-year warranty covers all defects.

What We Like
  • Combed Egyptian cotton (100%)
  • Twelve (12) absorbent washcloths
  • Work in homes, spas, and hotels
  • Extended warranty (two years)
Our Verdict

White Classic is a spa-grade set of 12 luxurious washcloths, each made from 100% combed Egyptian cotton. The material is soft, elegant, and lack irritants that might harm you and or your kids. Moreover, when dirty, you can wash and reuse it a few time without issues.

3. Utopia Towels 600 GSM Washcloths

Utopia Towels 600 GSM Washcloths

Are you shopping for a set of 600GSM washcloths that you can reuse any times without them ripping? If you do not mind using grey-themed washcloths at home, you will love Utopia Towels. The twelve towels in this pack have machine-washable designs that you can reuse a few time. Made of ring-spun cotton (100%), they also have a comfortable 12×12-inch design that you can use in many ways at homes. in the morning or at nights; you can use them to dry your hands or face after a bath. They also work well in spas, kitchens, and offices because of higher absorbency.

Like most washcloths in this list, Utopia Towels are sensitive to bleach and ironing. However, if you machine-wash and then tumble dry them low, a new pack will serve you well for years. Their lightweight designs dry fast, which lowers the risk of the growth of mildew and mold. They also retain the absorbency after many washes and have reinforced ends that last for long.

What We Like
  • Fast-drying washcloths
  • Machine washable designs
  • Comfortable ringspun cotton
  • Versatile 12×12-inch towels
  • Soft/non-irritant designs
Our Verdict

These 600 GSM Utopia Towels washcloths deliver impressive results in homes, gyms, and offices. The soft ring-spun cotton used to make them is gentle on the skin. The material also dries fast and has a machine-washable design that you can reuse many times.

2. Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths

Utopia Towels Cotton Washcloths

In this package, Utopia Towels offers you 24 white washcloths, each made from a 100% ring-spun cotton. Even though this set costs significantly less than colored ones do, its quality is off the charts. The 12×12-inch washcloths in this set are multi-functional. Apart from drying your hands and face, you can use carry one to the gym and or use them to clean your kitchen’s countertops. If you do not like using shower caps, you can also wear a Utopia Towels washcloth to the shower to protect hair from harsh chemicals.

Buying disposable towels is a waste of money, especially if you have a limited budget. To save cash and have an enjoyable time at the same time, buy this pack of disposable washcloths from Utopia Towels instead. The towels are not only durable but also washable after use, which is good. Because of the light designs, you can also tumble dry them on low without compromising their structure.

What We Like
  • Machine washable washcloths
  • Highly-absorbent cotton (ring-spun)
  • Multi-functional washcloths
  • Super-absorbent washcloths
Our Verdict

Even though light, Utopia Towels washcloths are durable and super absorbent. Their 12×12 inch designs are multifunctional, while their affordability is beneficial to people with a tight budget.

1. AmazonBasics Terry Cotton Washcloths

AmazonBasics Terry Cotton Washcloths

Never gamble with the quality of the washcloths that you buy. Low-quality models grow mold and mildew over time or have harsh chemicals that irritate kids over time. Even though cheap, AmazonBasics delivers the best experience in most settings. At home, you can use these cotton washcloths to dry your hands or face without irritation. The washcloths absorb water well and have fast drying designs that do not grow mildew or mold over time.

Each package consists of 24 ice blue washcloths each made of terry cotton. If you have a large household, therefore, this is the best product to use. Designed to exceed the OEKO-TEX factory standard, these eco-friendly washcloths are washable many times without edges fraying. Thus, they are suitable for general cleaning as well.

What We Like
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Large package (24)
  • Super-absorbent towels
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Fast-drying cotton
Our Verdict

These terry cotton washcloths from Amazonbasics are durable and dependable items that handle most jobs. They are perfect for cleaning, bathing, and wiping and come as a durable pack of 24 washcloths.

Shopping Guide for Washcloths


The experience you will have with a set of washcloths depends on the quality of the material used to make them. Synthetic ones are not only irritant but also prone to ripping after weeks of use. Avoid such products at all costs. For the best results, opt for a set made of a natural material such as Turkish cotton. It is soft, super absorbent, and suitable for bathing and cleaning surfaces. Ring-spun cotton is also perfect because of its absorbency and less prone to tearing or shrinking. Consider such washcloths too.


The size of your washcloth of choice depicts the activities that you can do with it. Because of their manageability, lightweight washcloths are suitable for bathing and cleaning. However, if you are looking for washcloths that can secure your hair as well, larger (16×30 inches) Maura washcloths will serve you better. Compare available products and buy the best from a good store.


Buying chemical-laden washcloths with colors that bleed while in use is a poor decision. Once you have ascertained that your set of choice is durable and of the right size, evaluate its safety. Is it an OEKO-TEX-certified product? Does it lack chemicals or additives that may harm your child over time? But that product.

Conclusion: Washcloths play an essential role in homes, offices, spas, and hotels. Apart from cleaning, they are not only suitable for bathing but also drying the hair without pulling or breaking. For the best results, however, you need one of the quality sets of washcloths we have reviewed herein. They are safe for adults and children. They are also durable, super-absorbent, and reusable (washable).

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