Is your child fond of the ballet classes she has started attending of late? To increase her probability of succeeding in this activity, the quality of the ballet shoe you offer should be the best. Lightweight models made from flexible leather or canvas are comfortable and thus, good for training or competing. It should also have a comfortable lining and a non-slip sole that can boost the stability and thus, safety of your girl. Here are some of the brands that offer these benefits:

10. STELLE Girls Ballet Practice/Dancing Shoes

STELLE Girls Ballet

Ballet is an enjoyable low-impact sport that girls can engage in from a young age. While practicing, however, make sure that your girl has a comfortable pair of ballet shoes such as STELLE to lower the risk of injuries. The breathable PU fabric used to make its upper has a flexible design that does not restrict the movements of its users. Thus, while practicing, girls can make intricate movements in them without irritation or sacrificing balance. It is also comfortable, water-resistant, and has a non-slip leather sole that works on most surfaces.

STELLE comes in a plethora of sizes for kids aged 5 to 11 years old. Moreover, because it is true-to-size, you do not have to buy a size that is smaller or larger than your kid’s ideal size for a new pair to fit well. Out of the box, you kid can use them to practice for hours without irritation. They are also suitable for dancing and has a low maintenance design that you can clean easily after use. After brushing of dry dirt, wipe with a damp cloth with mild detergent and air dry.

What We Like
  • Comfortable PU leather
  • Non-slip leather sole
  • Many accurate sizes
  • Ideal for practice/dancing
  • Light/breathable design
Our Verdict

These lightweight and comfortable ballet shoes from STELLE are among the best for practicing and or dancing. You also get a pair of durable shoes for 5-11-year-olds that are easy to clean after use.

9. Swan Pro Cotton Canvas Ballet Dance Slippers

Swan Pro Cotton Canvas Ballet Dance Slippers

Stuffed animals and bubble toys are some of the most popular gift items for kids in 2020. However, if your girl is into ballet, buying her a pair of these cotton canvas dance shoes from Swan Pro is also a good idea. They come in many sizes for toddlers, girls, and women and have premium designs, which are beneficial to most women. If comfort is a concern, for instance, you will love the leather and cotton (high count) materials used to make these shoes. They not only cradles the feet comfortably but are also breathable and flexible.

The split sole of the Swan Pro is beneficial in several ways. While dancing, the enable ballerinas to turn more freely that single sole models often do. You can also dance and or do yoga in them without straining your knee or tripping your ankle(s) over time. Made from suede, the sole has a flexible, non-slip design that lasts for months.

What We Like
  • Non-slip suede sole (split)
  • Flexible cotton and cotton upper
  • Boosts turn and activity of users
  • Comes in many accurate sizes
Our Verdict

If you want a pair of comfortable ballet shoes for training, dancing, or use in ballrooms, check out Swan Pro. It is a light, breathable, and thus comfortable item with a stable and non-slip suede sole.

8. Ruqiji Leather Ballet Shoes

Ruqiji Leather Ballet Shoes

Which is the best split sole ballet shoes on the Internet in 2020? Even though the Swan Pro is a well-known brand globally, the Ruqiji is a contender as well because of its quality. Its leather top is light and comfortable, which make it an ideal shoe for dancing/training. Its size is accurate, while its unique bowknot shape has adjustable drawstrings for a custom fit. If you follow the provided size chart and buy fitting pair for yourself or kid, Ruqiji will not slip while in use.

Ruqiji’s unique sole design is one of its major strength. With a new pair, you will move freely as you train or dance, which is desirable. The sole also has a robust structure made from a non-slip leather. Thus, whether you train on wood or laminate, the risk of slipping while dancing in this pair of shoes is slim. The material also lasts for long, which is beneficial to hobbyist and professional ballerinas.

What We Like
  • Multi-purpose ballet shoes
  • Non-slip leather sole (split)
  • Money-back guaranteed
  • Has a detailed size chart
Our Verdict

Ruqiji is a comfortable and durable ballet shoe that is also suitable for yoga, gymnastics, and ballroom dancing. It also has a flexible split sole made from a non-slip leather. Thus, it performs well on all surfaces.

7. DubeeBaby Leather Ballet Shoes

DubeeBaby Leather Ballet Shoes

Does your kid tag along whenever you are going for ballet or yoga training? If you are planning to introduce her to ballet at a young age, she will need a pair of light and comfortable ballet shoes. The DubeeBaby is a recommended model for dancing, ballet, training, and gymnastics with a soft leather upper. The material is also light and has a child-safe finish that does not irritate and or harm kids over time. Your girl will play and walk in them for long with no issues.

The DubeeBaby ballet shoe is famous for its longevity and stability. For instance, the thick leather used to make its split sole is not only durable but also non-slip. Like the Ruqiji model reviewed, it is also waterproof and fitted with a crisscross elastic drawstring that secures it to the foot. While engaging in rigorous training and or dancing your heart out in a ballroom, it stays snug and comfortable.

What We Like
  • Elastic drawstring (crisscross)
  • Multi-functional ballet shoe
  • Wear-resistant leather sole
  • Breathable leather upper
Our Verdict

DubeeBaby is suitable for toddlers, little kids, and big kids who love yoga, ballet, and gymnastics. The wear-resistant leather used to make its upper has a light and breathable structure. Its split sole, on the other hand, is flexible and has a sturdy, non-slip structure.

6. DIPUG Ballet Shoe/Slippers for Girls

DIPUG Ballet Shoe

Many girls and women with wide feet have a hard time finding the best ballet shoes. If you are looking for a replacement pair for the ill-fitting one in your possession, we have a good one for you. DIPUG is a comfortable ballet shoe with a shock-absorbing cushion. Thus, if you do rigorous routines or have brittle ankles that are prone to injury, buy this shoe. It also has a generous leather upper that is ideal for women with wide feet and a split leather sole that adheres beautifully to the arch of the feet. The risk of injury is, therefore, slim.

DIPUG offers a 100% refund and return warranty for this pair of ballet shoes. If you get a pair of ill-fitting shoes or shoes that rip in days or weeks, you can ask for a replacement pair or your money back issue-free. This rarely happens, though. Its sturdy canvas upper and sole are durable. Its pre-sewn elastics and tucked-down drawstring are also durable.

What We Like
  • Comfortable canvas upper
  • Non-slip leather sole (split)
  • Return and refund warranty
  • Shock-absorbing cushion
Our Verdict

Made from canvas, DIPUG is one of the lightest ballet shoes on our list. However, it is also a durable product with non-slip rubber soles that boost the stability of users. You will dance or train safely in a new pair.

5. Danzcue Adult Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper

Danzcue Adult Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slipper

Danzcue is one of the best adult-sized ballet shoes that you will come across online. Its affordability and innovative design makes it a perfect training and dancing shoe for most women. For a few dollars, you will get a light canvas shoe with a comfortable cotton lining. The fabric is also breathable and flexes with the feet of users to streamline their movement. When training or dancing, therefore, you can do intricate maneuverers in this ballet slipper on all surfaces.

The split suede sole of the Danzcue ballet shoe is one of a kind. Made of leather, it has a durable and non-slip design that boots the performance of people. Whether you dance or train on wood or laminate floors, expect exciting results with this pair of shoes. For stability, both shoes have pre-sewn elastic straps that secure them over the foot.

What We Like
  • Comfortable canvas upper
  • Secure elastic straps (pre-sewn)
  • Non-slip suede sole (split)
  • Breathable cotton lining
Our Verdict

The lined (cotton) canvas used to make this ballet shoe is light and comfortable. It also withstands abuse well and has pre-sewn straps (elastic) that prevent it from shifting/slipping during training or dancing.

4. Bloch Women’s Pro Elastic

Bloch Women's Pro Elastic

Bloch is one of the most recognizable brands of ballet shoes to date because of its unique design. If you are looking for a pair of light and elastic shoes for training or dancing, this is a beneficial product. Its canvas cover is durable, light, and has a contoured elastic band that secures it on feet. While dancing or training, the risk of the shoe slipping from your foot is slim. Its split suede sole boosts not only its stability but also its performance further. You will like it.

Bloch has a few unique attributes that will protect your feet from injuries. Its elasticized hem, for instance, has minimal pressure on the dorsal surface of the feet and the Achilles tendon. As such, the risk of suffering career-ending injuries while doing rigorous routines is low. Bloch also lacks ridges that might bruise or irritate your feet and has a padded forefoot outsole that protects metatarsals from injuries. For the best results, it is advisable that you buy two sizes below the size of the street shoe that you wear to work/school every day.

What We Like
  • Padded forefoot outsole
  • Comfortable hem (elastic)
  • Lightweight canvas upholstery
  • Non-slip suede soles (split)
Our Verdict

Poorly made ballet shoes predispose women to potentially career-ending injuries. Bloch is not one of them. Its elasticized hem fits comfortably on feet. Its suede sole (split) is non-slip, while the padded outsole on its forefoot lowers the risk of metatarsal injuries.

3. STELLE Girls Canvas Ballet Slipper/Ballet

STELLE Girls Canvas

STELLE is not a standard ballet shoe. To own a comfortable ballet shoe that is also good for yoga or ballroom dancing, this is the best brands in 2020. It is ideal for toddlers, kids, women, and boys. It also has a comfortable design with an upper made from a light and breathable canvas. Thus, for people who sweat a lot, this is one of the best ballet shoes to use. During rigorous training, your feet will stay cool and comfortable for any hours, which is desirable.

STELLE is a professional-grade ballet shoe that has attracted many positive reviews from ballerinas. In addition to its comfortable design, you will love the safety and low maintenance nature of this pair of shoes. Both soles (leather) are durable and non-slip. Moreover, all materials are kid-safe and washable. When dirty, you can clean it using soap and water without its upper shrinking or seams ripping.

What We Like
  • Breathable canvas upper
  • Non-slip suede sole (split)
  • Toddler and adult sizes available
  • Hand-washable ballet shoe
Our Verdict

STELLE is a durable ballet shoe with a comfortable canvas upper. The soles (suede) are non-slip, while its hand-washable design is easy to clean when dirty. A new pair will make your training sessions fun.

2. Capezio Women’s Daisy Ballet Shoe

Capezio Women's Daisy Ballet Shoe

Every ballerina needs a pair of comfortable ballet shoes that he or she can train without sacrificing safety. While most brands offer these benefits, Capezio is a much more dependable brand for hobbyists and professionals. Its 100% leather upper is not only durable but also flexible. As you train or dance, therefore, it will not restrict your movement, as is the case with some low-quality ones. Even though leather is not as breathable as canvas, the satin lining on this one boosts the comfort of its users. You will appreciate its high quality.

Most ballet shoes endure a lot of abuse while in use. Whether you are a professional or do ballet to stay active, a durable brand such as Capezio will serve you better. Its suede leather outsole is non-slip and durable. Its water-resistant upper does not fade over time, while the bar-trucked elastic drawstring in its hem optimizes its fit.

What We Like
  • Durable upper (tanned suede)
  • Comfortable cotton lining
  • Elastic drawstring (bar tucked)
  • Resists fading and shrinking
Our Verdict

The Capezio Daisy is a comfortable ballet shoe made from tanned suede. The upper is durable and has a bar-tucked drawstring (elastic) for optimizing its fit. You can wear it loose of fitted without issues.

1. Bloch Dance Bunnyhop Full Sole Ballet Shoe

Bloch Dance Bunnyhop Full Sole Ballet Shoe

Full sole ballet shoes are not only stable but also the best for building foot strength at a young age. They are also supportive and thus easier to use that split foot ones are. The Bloch Dance Bunnyhop ballet shoe offers these and many other benefits. Its leather upper, for instance, is not only durable but also comfortable. A new pair will not restrict your movements and or irritate your feet while in use. It also has a wipeable design that you clean easily when dirty and a full-length synthetic sole (full length) that does not slip on wood.

The Bloch Dance Bunnyhop weighs just 1-ounce, which makes it one of the lightest ballet shoes on our list. If the heavy pair of ballet shoes you have at home is frustrating to use, this is a better choice. Due to its flexible upper, wearing and removing this shoe is easy. Sizing is accurate, while the pre-sewn strap elastic strap on offer guarantees a snug fit whenever you are training and or dancing. Finally, Bloch is a fully-lined ballet shoe. Its soft cotton lining prevents bruising.

What We Like
  • Flexible leather upper
  • Non-slip synthetic sole (full)
  • Lightweight shoe (1 ounce)
  • Pre-sewn elastic strap
  • Comfortable cotton lining
Our Verdict

Bloch Dance Bunnyhop is a fully-lined (cotton) ballet shoe with a stable and non-slip synthetic sole (full). It also has a durable leather and a pre-sewn elastic strap that guarantees a secure fit on feet. You will not worry about the shoe slipping off as you dance or train.

Shopping Tips for Ballet Shoes


What should people look for in ballet shoes? To own a product you will enjoy using, always check the fabric used to make your shoe of choice. Leather is durable, stylish, and comfortable. However, it not only costs more money than canvas and suede, but it is also heavier. Check such attributes and buy a pair of shoes that will serve you the best.


Does your canvas shoe of choice have a split or full sole? Which is the material used to make sole of your ballet shoe of choice? Full-length soles are best for people who want supportive ballet shoes. Even though they are not as flexible as split sole models, they are also stable and therefore easier to use on most types of surfaces. In general, soles made from non-slip leather and suede are the best.

Conclusion: To train and or dance like a professional, you need a quality pair of ballet shoes such as the ten on this list. The canvas, leather, and suede used to manufacture them are light and comfortable. They also have a breathable lining and non-slip soles that last for long.

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