Backpacks are beneficial to students in many ways. Their spacious designs are ideal for transporting books, laptops, and documents to and from school. Most brands are waterproof and designed to spread weight evenly on the back to prevent injuries. If you are tired of carrying a small handbag to school or want a backpack that will protect your computer or files from the rain, this article is for you. We have listed ten of the best backpacks for students in 2020.

10. High Sierra Tactic Backpack

High Sierra Tactic Backpack

High Sierra is a USA-made backpack with a multi-functional tactical design that is beneficial to students. If you want a stylish backpack that secure books, laptops, and documents from the elements, this is one of the best brands in 2020. Its top-load main compartment has a large and multifunctional design with a fully padded cushion zone for 17-inch laptops. It also has a padded tech spot for tablets and an organizer panel for phones, keys, and other small objects.

The black ripstop fabric used to manufacture this backpack is not only stylish but durable as well. Its robust structure is less susceptible to ripping when used to haul heavy items for long distances. It also has a fade-proof finish and zippers that do not leak when rained on. Finally, the padded back panel of this backpack enables people to carry heavy loads without straining the back, shoulders, or hips.

What We Like
  • Durable ripstop fabric
  • Leak-resistant zippers
  • Multiple compartments
  • Padded back panel
  • Comfortable straps (padded)
Our Verdict

High Sierra has padded compartments for a computer and a tablet and thick straps that support heavy loads. If you carry such heavy items to school often, you will love this backpack. It also has a padded back panel that spreads weight evenly to prevent injuries.

9. Herschel Retreat Backpack

Herschel Retreat Backpack

The Herschel Supply Company is a famous Canadian brand with a reputation for making travel goods such as backpacks. If you are a student, for instance, the Retreat is a timeless backpack with a long-lasting mountaineering-style design. Although light (1.69 pounds), the black canvas used to make it is not only stylish but also durable. You can fit and transport a massive dictionary in this backpack without its cover ripping or its straps snapping. You also get a padded and fleece-lined sleeve for carrying laptops (15 inches) and padded and fleece-lined storage area for a computer (15-inches) and a media pocket (plus headphone port) for your phone.

The Herschel Retreat Backpack has a few safety features that will protect your personals from the elements and thieves. All zippers are water-resistant. It also has a protective liner, drawstring closure, and magnetic straps with pins (metal) that add a layer of security.

What We Like
  • Secure multi-level closure
  • Has a detailed top flap
  • Fleece-lined laptop sleeve (15-inches)
  • Lightweight design (1.69 pounds)
  • Media pocket with headphone port
Our Verdict

The Herschel Retreat Backpack is one of the most popular brands among students because of its unique style. It also has a long-lasting structure with compartments for a 15-inch laptop, keys, and phones.

8. VASCHY School Backpack

VASCHY School Backpack

VASCHY is a light unisex backpack that ranks among the most popular brands for college students. Hikers and people who travel with light items during local and international trips also love this product. From top to bottom, VASCHY has manufactured this backpack using high-quality polyester. The fabric is durable, eye-catching, and has a water-resistant structure that protects laptops, computers, and other delicate items from the elements. At capacity, this school backpack from VASCHY secures up to 23 liters of material, which include a 15-inch laptop, an iPad, and a water bottle.

The adjustable shoulder straps of this renowned school backpack fit most people. The straps support a lot of weight and have thickly padded designs that do not dig into the shoulders or irritate people. If you have an old backpack that you are planning to replace, this is one of the best brands around. It even has a warranty (limited).

What We Like
  • Limited warranty
  • Thickly-padded straps
  • Spacious interior (23 liters)
  • Padded iPad and laptop sleeves
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
Our Verdict

The VASCHY is a stylish backpack that accommodates up to 23 liters of materials. You can carry books, a laptop, and documents daily without its seams ripping and its straps breaking. It also has a charming design with padded and non-irritant straps.

7. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

The Modoker (25 liters) is slightly larger than the VASCHY (23-inches) backpack we have reviewed herein. To get more space for your personals without compromising style or longevity, this is a good product to check out. Its 11.8×16.5×5.1-inch design is ideal for men and women. It also has a versatile structure that includes a padded sleeve for 15-inch laptops and a USB charging port. The later provides a convenient way of charging your phone as you walk or travel.

The vintage Modoker backpack is not only stylish but durable as well. If you have bought a few bags that have ripped under a load of your books or laptop, this is a better option. The 600D nylon fabric used to make its shell is less prone to tearing under pressure. It is also scratch-resistant and has a water-resistant shell that is beneficial during the rainy months. As you walk or commute to work or school, this backpack will protect your documents and or laptop from the elements. You can also take it camping, biking, or to the gym.

What We Like
  • Heavy-duty nylon cover (600D)
  • Scratch and water-resistant design
  • Spacious interior (25 liters)
  • Padded laptop sleeve (15 inches)
  • Accessible USB charging port
Our Verdict

Modoker is a spacious backpack (25 liters) made from 600D nylon. It is water-resistant, scratch resistant, and has an eye-catching grey theme that does not fade over time. Apart from carrying books to school, you can use it to carry documents to work or clothes to the gym.

6. Amazonbasics Classic School Backpack

Amazonbasics Classic School Backpack

Branded backpacks from reputable brands such as Nike and Under Armour cost a fortune. Students who cannot afford such products opt for cheap ones that fail to satisfy the needs. If you are one of them, Amazonbasics has a solution for you. Even though cheap, this classic backpack outperforms many branded ones because of the quality of its construction. Its main compartment, for instance, has a waterproof double zipper system that you can lock if needed. It also has a spacious interior with a padded sleeve for your laptop and a small zippered compartment for your phone and house keys.

The Amazonbasics Classic backpack weighs only 13.9 ounces, which makes it perfect for traveling. Unlike similar models that weigh people down, it also has comfortable straps (adjustable) and a padded backrest that lays comfortably on the back. Even when loaded to capacity, thus, you can walk, run, and or cycle with the backpack without it straining your shoulders, hip, and spinal cord.

What We Like
  • Lightweight (13.9 ounces)
  • Adjustable straps (padded)
  • Padded laptop compartment
  • Double-zipper closure (lockable)
  • Stable locker loop on top
Our Verdict

Although Amazonbasics does not cost as much as some branded backpacks, it is a decent item for students. Its minimalistic design is stylish, spacious, and made from thick nylon, which lasts for long.

5. YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack

YOREPEK Travel Laptop Backpack

Laptops are delicate items that need proper storage whenever you are traveling to work or school. Even though the stock laptop bags that some brands have are good, they lack storage space for add-on items such as books and reports. Fortunately, this black YOREPEK travel laptop does and therefore is a better option for students and workers. If you are shopping for one, you will love the large multi-compartment storage space that this bag offers. You can fit a large (up to 17 inches) laptop in one of its three main compartments without running out of space. You also get lockable storage space for your books and travel accessories such as clothes, and an external USB port for charging your smartphone while tucked safely in the bag.

YOREPEK has almost double the capacity (45 liters) of reputable backpacks such as Modoker. It also has a robust structure made of weather and tear resistant polyester. To get a backpack that will get you through college without fading or ripping; therefore, this is a recommended brand. Its steel reinforced handle and the thickly padded straps on offer also make it a perfect backpack for students.

What We Like
  • Thickly padded traps
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Steel-reinforced handle
  • Spacious main compartments (three)
  • Fits up to 17-inch laptops
Our Verdict

YOREPEK is a TSA-approved travel and student’s backpack with three lockable compartments that fit up to 45 liters of material. It is a durable product with non-irritant (thickly padded) and a handle.

4. Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack

Fjallraven - Kanken Classic Backpack

The simplicity of the Fjallraven – Kanken Classic Backpack is one of its major strengths. Even though you get only 16 liters of space, it is an ideal school backpack because of its weight (0.7pounds). It also has a flat back panel that sits high on the shoulders and nylon straps for adjusting its position. While you may have an issue carrying a 17-inch laptop in this backpack, tablets, books, and the best portable power banks fit secure in it. You can also use it to bring clothes to the gym or items such as passports while traveling.

The Fjallraven – Kanken has a timeless look that comes in many exciting colors. The Vinylon F fabric used to make it is not only fade-proof but also has a dust and water-resistant design that you can wipe clean when dirty. It also has a rain flap that prevents its zippers leaking and damaging your tablet or documents if rained on.

What We Like
  • Premium Vinylon F fabric
  • Lightweight design (0.7 pounds)
  • Ergonomic shoulder straps
  • Banded top tote handles
Our Verdict

Fjallraven – Kanken is a water and dust resistant backpack for students and campers with a 0.7-pound design. However, for its size, the fact you get up to 16 liters of storage space is admirable. Its zippers are leak-proof, while its ergonomic straps enable people to carry heavy books and tablets to school or clothes when traveling.

3. MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack

Laptop theft is a concern of many students who use the subway or ride buses to work. Fortunately, with this MATEIN backpack, this will be the least of your worries. Its slim anti-theft design has padded storage for a 15.6-inch laptop. You can also fit a MacBook or Notebook in it and books without running out of space. It also has a stylish grey theme and many small pockets for organizing your keys and pens.

Are you looking for a durable backpack that can protect your books, laptops, or documents from the elements? In addition to its unique style, MATEIN is a suitable backpack for students because of its longevity. The rip-proof and waterproof fabric used to make it can support a lot of weight without its seam failing. It also has a sturdy handle (foam padded), padded panel, and comfortable straps (two).

What We Like
  • Stylish grey theme
  • Zippered compartments
  • Padded back panel
  • Anti-theft system
  • Water and rip-proof fabric
Our Verdict

MATEIN is a reliable anti-theft backpack with a charming grey theme and spacious zippered compartments. If you have lost a laptop once or twice on the train or bus, this is the best remedy. It is durable and has a breathable back panel that does not irritate users.

2. Mancro Laptop Backpack

Mancro Laptop Backpack

Are you a student or a businessperson who travel with sensitive documents and or a laptop often? To protect such items from the elements without straining your shoulder or back, look for Mancro. Its charm, longevity, and dependable anti-theft system make it a suitable backpack for traveling. Its three zippered compartments, on the other hand, offer sufficient storage space for items such as books, keys, smartphones, laptops, and A4 documents, to name a few.

Mancro’s multi-purpose design (20×12.2×5.7-inches) lasts longer than most brands. It also has an ergonomic design with two shoulder straps (padded) and a breathable back panel (padded) that spreads the weight of books and laptops evenly on the back. This protects the spine and hip from injuries while carrying heavy items over long distances.

What We Like
  • Effective anti-theft mechanism
  • Stable back panel (padded)
  • Zippered compartments (three)
  • Eco-friendly nylon fabric
Our Verdict

The Mancro is beneficial to students who carry heavy and valuable items such as computers and tablets to and from school. It has a spacious design made from eco-friendly nylon. Its padded straps and breathable back panel, on the other hand, are sturdy yet comfortable.

1. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart Backpack

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart Backpack

Swiss Gear running shoes are among the best for working out due to their comfortable designs. If you are on the market for a backpack, it is also home to several innovative models with this 1900 Scansmart model topping our list. The bag offers approximately 31 liters of zippered storage, which is sufficient for students and travelers. It also has a TSA-friendly design with a dedicated laptop compartment with protective padding. While traveling, thus, you can carry a 17-inch laptop in this backpack without it scratching and or denting.

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is one of the best backpacks for keeping items organized. Because it has over six separate compartments, you can separate food from non-food items in it and or categorize them for easier access. It also has a low-maintenance design made from a robust 1200D ballistic polyester fabric and two contoured shoulder straps. Therefore, the risk of this backpack ripping under a load is relatively slim. Its breathable backrest, on the other hand, supports heavy loads well and lays comfortably on the back.

What We Like
  • Durable 1200D ballistic polyester
  • Weather-resistant backpack
  • Spacious interior (31 liters)
  • Has multiple zippered pockets
  • Inbuilt storage for 17-inch laptops
Our Verdict

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is a 31-liter multi-compartment backpack made from 1200D ballistic polyester. It is a durable product with contoured straps (two) and padded storage areas for 17-inch laptops.

Shopping Tips for Backpacks


Do you have a 17-inch laptop that you carry to work or school? Buying a backpack that fits up to a 15-inch laptop is a poor decision. Before you order a bag, make sure it is of the correct size. It should accommodate the computer or tablet in your possession. It must also offer enough space for your books and other items you travel with to school.


Once you have ascertained that your preferred backpack is of the right size, check its fabric. Is it durable? Items such as books and computers strain backpacks if carried to and from school on a day-to-day basis. Thus, buying a model made of a fragile synthetic material might not be a good idea. Polyester, ripstop, canvas, and nylon and durable and low-maintenance fabrics that work the best.

Conclusion: Backpacks are suitable for carrying heavy items such as books and computers to work or school because of their spacious and durable designs. They are also lighter than laptop bags and come in a selection of exciting colors/designs for men and women. If you are looking for one, we have researched for you on this list. Our top 10 picks are durable, stylish, and perfect for men and women.

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