Milk is a nutritious liquid food that all babies need to grow and develop. It is rich in beneficial fats, proteins, and calories, which are necessary for muscle development. However, this does not mean that mothers must breastfeed their babies for one to two years to give them an excellent start to life. Baby formula milk is nutritious, safe, and therefore, a suitable alternative. Ten of the best brands for babies aged 1-2 years old include:

10. ProVita Labs Nexabiotic

ProVita Labs Nexabiotic

Vegetables and fruits are nutritious foods that boost the development and growth of babies. To increase protein and fat intake as well, add ProVita Labs Nexabiotic to your 1-2-year-old kid’s diet. The probiotic-rich formula that you get has seven strains of beneficial bacteria that improve the digestive system of babies. It also contains approximately 11.1 billion beneficial micro-organisms with immune boosting properties. As your boy or girl grows, he or she will be not only healthy but also able to fight off infections naturally. Even though ProVita Labs Nexabiotic formula for 1-2-year olds lacks preservatives, it has a long shelf life of around two years.

What We Like
  • Long shelf life (two years)
  • Rich in beneficial bacteria
  • Easy to prepare and eat
  • Immune boosting ability
Our Verdict

ProVita Labs Nexabiotic is a delicious and probiotic-rich formula for 1-2-year old children that does not contain preservatives and other fillers.

9. Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

Enfamil Enspire Infant Formula

Enfamil Enspire is one of the most recommended milk analogs for kids because of its nutritious formula. Prepared using safe and all-natural ingredients, its protein-rich formula (lactoferrin) has muscle and immune boosting properties. Enfamil is also a source of MFGM, which stimulates mental development at a young age. Prepared and consumed as directed, you will notice an improvement in your child’s health in just weeks. Due to the delicious and smooth consistency of Enfamil, babies find it easy to swallow. You will not struggle with your 1-2-year-old to eat at meal times.

What We Like
  • Smooth and delicious formula
  • Lactoferrin and MFGM-rich
  • Long lasting pack (102.5 ounces)
  • Pediatrician-recommended milk analog
Our Verdict

Enfamil Enspire’s lactoferrin and MFGM-rich formula stimulates not only the immune system of babies but also their growth. Therefore, if you want a nutritious milk analog that your baby will enjoy, this is one of the best.

8. Earth’s Best Organic Formula

Earth’s Best Organic Formula

Supplemented with iron, this organic formula from Earth’s Best is good food for 1-2-year-old kids for many reasons. The nutrient-dense whey dominant formula on offer has a good impact on health. Rich in naturally occurring DHA and ARA, for instance, it improves the development of the brain and the eyes of most children. USDA-certified non-GMO, its lactose-free formula also lacks preservatives and artificial flavors, which often irritate kids. Your baby boy or girl can eat it on a day-to-day basis without irritation. Due to its smooth and delicious consistency, the risk of rejection is also low. Buy online to get a 23.2-ounce pack that lasts for a few weeks.

What We Like
  • USDA certified non-GMO
  • Rich in DHA and ARA
  • Smooth and delicious formula
  • Lacks preservatives and colors
Our Verdict

Earth’s Best is a USDA-certified baby formula milk for 1-2-year-olds. Rich in DHA and ARA, it improves the eye health and mental capacity of kids.

7. Baby’s Only LactoRelief Toddler Formula with DHA & ARA

Baby’s Only LactoRelief Toddler Formula with DHA & ARA

If your baby has lactose intolerance and you are considering alternative feeding, supplement breast milk with Baby’s Only LactoRelief. For a few dollars, you are getting a 100% lactose-free formula that also lacks gluten, corn, and artificial hormones. Therefore, it is not only one of the safest infant formulae in the market, but also very nutritious. In each scoop, you get ample amounts of ARA and non-hexane processed DHA, which boost brain and eye health. Moreover, because it is smooth and easy to digest, it does not constipate babies as often as some cheaply prepared ones do.

What We Like
  • Lactose and preservative free
  • Rich in non-hexane processed DHA
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients
  • Easy to prepare in soups and water
Our Verdict

Baby’s only is a lactose-free toddler formula that is rich in DHA and ARA. To improve eye and brain development at a young age, buy yours today.

6. PediaSure Grow & Gain Baby Formula Milk

PediaSure Grow & Gain Baby Formula Milk

PediaSure Grow & Gain is a pediatrician-recommended baby food with a smooth and delicious formula. If your baby has rejected a few brands due to their bad taste or chunkiness, this one is better. You can reconstitute it in food or drinks such as yogurt without it lumping. The well-balanced and nutritional formula of this product is also beneficial to babies. In each serving, kids get up to 23 essential vitamins, six grams of protein, and nutrient that improves development/growth. PediaSure Grow & Gain has a delicious vanilla flavor that most children aged 1-2 years old enjoy.

What We Like
  • Delicious vanilla flavor
  • Vitamin and protein-rich formula
  • Mixes with food and drinks
  • Lacks unnecessary calories
Our Verdict

Even though PediaSure Grow & Gain has a short shelf life, you receive a nutritious and hypoallergenic formula, which is very delicious.

5. Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula

Baby’s only is an affordable 12.7-ounce infant formula that does not contain antibiotics, preservatives, gluten, and corn. If the safety of your baby is essential, which it should be, this is the formula to purchase. Rich in DHA and ARA, this formula also has a high nutritional value. Mixed with milk, water, or soups, it will nourish your baby’s brain and years and boost immunity as well. Each of the 12.7-ounce containers that you get (six) has about ten servings of food. Therefore, in total, you get approximately 60 servings in this package, which can feed most babies for several weeks.

What We Like
  • Non-GMO formula (organic)
  • Preservative and antibiotic-free
  • Over 60 servings per package
  • DHA and ARA-rich formula
Our Verdict

Your kid will enjoy the delicious and nutritious formula (organic) in this product. It also satisfies their need for nutrients such as DHA and ARA.

4. Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Formula

Enfagrow Toddler Next Step Formula

With Enfagrow, you will get a tasty and easy-to-digest milk formula for your 1-2-year-old baby. Retailing as a pack of four 25-ounce baby food, this is a cost-effective product. If you buy from a good store, you will not worry about running out of baby food for many weeks. Its taste, convenience, and good nutritional value have also made it a preferred toddler formula by most parents. Mixed with milk or water, your baby will get an ample amount of omega three fatty acids, DHA, and iron. These are associated with rapid development of the cerebral cortex in infancy. Its flavored formula (vanilla) is also rich in ARA, which improves digestion.

What We Like
  • ARA, iron, and DHA-rich
  • Delicious vanilla flavor
  • Four 24-ounce packages
  • Mixes with food and drinks
Our Verdict

The cost-effectiveness and safety of Enfagrow Toddler Next have made it sought-after globally. Moreover, the DHA and ARA-rich ingredients used to produce it are nutritious and thus beneficial to 1-2-year old infants.

3. Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk

To keep your child well-fed on the road, look for this whole-powdered goat milk formula from Meyenberg. Rich in vitamin D, its non-GMO formula stimulated bone development. Moreover, rich in alpha S1 casein-free, its formula is easier to digest than natural cow’s milk. If your boy or girl has a sensitive stomach, therefore, he or she will enjoy eating this formula milk every day. Meyenberg comes in a portable and long lasting 12-ounce container. Stored in a dry and airy shelf, it will not go bad fast.

What We Like
  • Nutrient-rich goat’s milk
  • Does not harm the stomach
  • Lacks alpha S1 casein
  • Easy to prepare at home
Our Verdict

Meyenberg is a delicious formula milk for 1-2-year-old babies that is also delicious and safe. Because it lacks alpha S1 casein, babies with sensitive stomachs can digest it easily with food, soups, and yogurt.

2. Earth’s Best Infant Formula

Earth’s Best Infant Formula

Blended to mimic breast milk accurately, Earth’s Best is delicious and supplemented with iron to boost immunity and cognitive function. All the naturally derived ingredients used to produce it are also smooth and thus safe for most 1-2-year-old kids. Most children, even those with weak and or sensitive stomachs can digest this formula easily. All you have to do is prepare it with his or her favorite food or drink to prevent rejection. Earth’s Best Infant Formula comes in a large 23.2-ounce container. It lacks corn or preservatives and has a tight sealing cover that locks in its flavor.

What We Like
  • Hormone and preservative free
  • Probiotic-rich milk-based formula
  • Resealable 23.3-ounce container
  • Mimics milk accurately
Our Verdict

Even though Earth’s Best is not 100% organic, you get a non-GMO food rich in Omega-6 ARA and Omega-3 DHA and fatty acids. Its naturally derived ingredients are safe for kids, delicious, and importantly, nutritious.

1. Similac Advance Formula Milk

Similac Advance Formula Milk

Similac Advance is a reputable brand of baby formula milk that is affordable and of high quality. To keep your child well-fed and of good health, buying this 36-ounce product is a good idea. For up to 30 days, you can leave it on an open shelf without it rotting of losing nutritional value. Moreover, because it is smooth and easy to make, kids enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, or supper. Ideal for improving eye health, brain health, and muscle growth, Similac Advance is rich in lutein, DHA, and vitamin A.

What We Like
  • High nutritional level
  • Easy to prepare at home
  • Has a long shelf life
  • Does not constipate kids
Our Verdict

Some parents complain about the pungent odor of this infant formula. However, due to its high nutritional value, it boosts growth and health.

Buying Guide for the Best Formula Milk for 1-2-Year-Old Babies

After the first birthday babies, women consider supplemental feeding for different reasons. First, because of time constraints, working-class women do not have to the time to breastfeed their babies during the day. In such cases, alternative feeding enables them to keep babies well fed and satisfy their nutritional needs as well. Other women hate breastfeeding or adapt it to prevent vertical transmission of infectious agents found in breast milk. To offer your boy or girl the best experience, the formula milk that you buy must be of good quality. Use this guide to find the best in 2020:

Types of Formula

While shopping for baby food, most parents tend to order the first affordable brand they come across. However, if you are conscious of your child’s well-being and want peace of mind as well, do not make this mistake. Always check the type of baby formula milk that is on offer before your reach for your wallet. Is it a powdered or ready to drink milk formula for infants? Powdered formulae are the commonest in stores because of the long shelf life. Left on the shelf, for instance, top brands such as Similac Advance can stay fresh for up to 30 days. Here, there is a catch as well. During meal times, you have to measure and reconstitute baby food manually, which is tiresome for some parents. Moreover, mixed poorly with the wrong food, they can clamp and choke kids as well.

Because they come ready to drink, liquid formulae for babies are convenient to use. You do not have to waste a lot of time warming water, milk, or soups to make delicious meals. If you have the best food warmer at home, you can prepare delicious meals in minutes without breaking a sweat. However, unlike powdered formula, they have a short shelf life.


Constipation, irritation, and regurgitation of meals are but a few effects of serving low-quality food to babies. For the best experience indoors or on the road, thus, always check the composition of your preferred formula. Does it contain preservatives and or artificial flavors or colors that might upset your child’s stomach? According to recent research, excessive consumption of chemicals at a young age predispose children to heart complications in adulthood. If possible, avoid such formulae at all costs. All natural products such as Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Formula are the best. Produced from non-GMO ingredients, they are safe for most babies.

While shopping for a baby formula milk, look for a product that will nature the health of your child. The sweet and high-calorie foods that some children like often do more harm than good in the body. Instead, look for an all-natural formula that is rich in nutrients such as ARA and DHA. The ProVita Labs Nexabiotic vegan capsules we have reviewed herein, for instance, improve vision and brain development. They are also rich in probiotics, which strengthen the digestive system from a young age. Elements such as iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B are also essential. They boost the immune system and strengthen the bones of children.

Buying Guide for the Best Formula Milk for 1-2-Year-Old Babies


Baby formula milk has helped parents to keep their babies healthy even in the absence of breast milk. However, when contaminated with bacteria or fungi such as aflatoxin, they can also be a health hazard. To avoid such surprises, always check the packaging of your product of choice on the outset. Is the container, box, or wrap it comes in leak proof? With such a product, you will never worry about spillage and therefore wastage on the road. The package of your preferred formula should also have a tight seal, which locks in flavor and nutrients. Cans with resealable lids are the best.


Once you have ascertained that the product is nutritious and safe for your child, check its convenience. For instance, a quality product that requires hours to prepare at home will frustrate you over time. If possible, look for a delicious and nutritious brand that you can also make easy. Liked for its convenience, for instance, Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk is a suitable brand for 1-2 year old. Its vitamin D-rich goat milk formula is relatively easy to prepare. All you have to do is reconstitute one or two scoops in water or soup to prepare a delicious meal for your child. Its fine ingredients make a smooth drink that is easy to consume. Moreover, because it lacks alpha S1 casein, most kids can digest it easily.


Children, like adults, eat in the morning, during lunch, and dinner. Therefore, while choosing formula milk for your kid, look for an affordable brand that is nutritious as well. As such, you will not have to switch baby formula often, which lowers the probability of rejection.


Formula milk is a delicious substitute food for babies that is nutritious as well. If you are weaning your child and want the best experience for him or her, providing such milk analogs is a good ideal. They are easy to prepare, serve, and digest. Their positive impact and the development and growth of kids has also attracted them praise from parents and pediatricians. Follow our tips to get the best one for your 1-2-year-old.

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