Essential household items such as remote controls, wall clocks, and alarm clocks need Triple-A (AAA) batteries to work. Flashlights, wireless keyboards, and DSLR cameras draw power from AAA batteries as well. In web and offline stores, you will get two major types – disposable AAA batteries and rechargeable ones. Even though both are safe and can power such devices, rechargeable AAA batteries are better in many ways. In the long term, for instance, such batteries save people a lot of money. To keep a wireless keyboard or a camera working, you do not have to replace batteries occasionally, as is the case with disposable ones. Many brands are also safe and have high-powered cells with excellent shelf lives. In this article, we have showcased the ten bestsellers in 2020 that offer people value for cash.

10. Duracell – Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Duracell - Rechargeable AAA Batteries

Duracell has been a market leader in the battery industry since 1972. Its line of rechargeable AAA batteries, for instance, is popular with this pack of four ranked among the best in 2020. Made with Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), they are not only stable but also compatible with almost all chargers. You can use electric chargers at home or solar ones while camping outdoors. The batteries are also durable and retain their charge longer than most disposable ones do. In total, you can recharge these four cells up to 400 times with no problems.

The coppertops of these four rechargeable batteries are efficient, durable, and have leak-proof designs that prevent wastage of power. All batteries also have proficient ion cores and do not suffer the memory effect over time. They retain their capacity well after several charge and recharge cycles.

What We Like
  • Efficient coppertop designs
  • Batteries have stable ion cores
  • Rechargeable up to 400 times
  • Durable NiMH AAA batteries
Our Verdict

In this pack, you get four NiMH AAA batteries that are rechargeable up to 400 times. They are stable, safe, and compatible with most household items.

9. ACDelco Super Alkaline Best AAA Batteries

ACDelco Super Alkaline Best AAA Batteries

Do you have a remote, a digital camera, a clock, and a toy car that requires a new battery? To cut costs and receive high-quality AAA batteries as well, order these alkaline ACDelco Super batteries now. Each resealable package contains 100 1.5-volt AAA batteries that are ready to use. Their efficient and high-drain designs last for long. At home or in your office, you do not have to recharge them often to keep your items well-powered. The batteries also have leak-proof and vent-proof designs, which retain a charge for long on the shelf. For the best results, however, store them in the package in a dry/cool place.

Due to their high safety rating, ACDelco Super Alkaline is the best brand to use around pets or kids. Unlike disposable batteries, they rarely leak as they age. Furthermore, all materials or chemicals used to manufacture them lack irritant elements such as cadmium and mercury. Thus, these are among the safest super alkaline AAA batteries for powering remotes, cameras, or clocks.

What We Like
  • Resealable pack of 100 batteries
  • Batteries have a good shelf life
  • Lack of cadmium and mercury
  • High-drain 1.5-volt designs
Our Verdict

With this pack, you will not think about buying new batteries for your clock, remote, or your kid’s toys soon. The 100 1.5-volt batteries (AAA) that you get power most devices. They recharge fast and lack irritants such as cadmium.

8. Duracell 32-MA92-DH0O Procell Alkaline Battery

Duracell 32-MA92-DH0O Procell Alkaline Battery

The Duracell brand is synonymous with quality. If you are tired of disposable batteries leaking in your devices or risking the health of your kids, order this pack. Guaranteed to stay fresh and functional for up to seven years, it has long-lasting batteries. Left on the shelf or in a drawer in your bedroom, they stay charged and ready-to-use for years. They are also cost effective and come coded with manufacture/ expiry dates for inventory management at home.

Duracell 32-MA92-DH0O is a suitable package for homes and offices for two broad reasons. First, each package has 24 all-purpose batteries that support a plethora of devices. They are perfect for powering remote controls. You can also use one or two batteries to power a stuck pencil sharpener in your office. Second, these rechargeable batteries are not only powerful but also safe. When worn, they do not leak chemicals such as mercury, which are harmful to kids.

What We Like
  • Long lasting package (24)
  • All-purpose dated batteries
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Guaranteed 7-year shelf life
Our Verdict
You can use these Duracell 32-MA92-DH0O Procell batteries to power clocks, remotes, and toys at home. The 24 AAA batteries you get have a dependable all-purpose design with a shelf life of approximately seven years.


7. EBL Rechargeable AAA Batteries (Ready2Charge)

EBL Rechargeable AAA Batteries (Ready2Charge)

With EBL, you receive a package of 16 AAA batteries that you can recharge up to 1200 times if needed. The UL-certified NiMH cells used to manufacture them are durable and have powerful 1.2-volt designs, which offer satisfactory results. Used to power remotes, toy cars, or clocks; therefore, you can charge them up to 1200 times without inducing the memory effect. Also, due to their supercell lattice, EBL batteries have ultra-powerful designs that are good for fueling power-hungry items. If you have a portable DVD player that you use every day, for instance, this pack of rechargeable batteries is the best.

Even though the shelf life of EBL batteries is not as long as that of Duracell 32-MA92-DH0O ones, they are dependable. For three years, you can leave these batteries on your shelf without them losing their power. Leaks are not common, while their ability to provide consistent voltage makes them safe for powering sensitive cameras. When leaked into, cameras are prone to damage.

What We Like
  • Powerful (1100mAh) AAA batteries
  • Admirable shelf life (three years)
  • High volume supercell lattice technology
  • Low discharge structure (sealed)
Our Verdict

The power of these EBL batteries stands out. Because of their advanced super lattice technology, these are powerful AAA batteries. They also have safe UL-certified cells that lose only 25% of their power after sitting for three years.

6. Energizer Max Alkaline AAA Batteries

Energizer Max Alkaline AAA Batteries

Liked for their leak-resistance designs, Energizer AAA batteries are not only durable but also dependable. Thus, they are suitable for powering day-to-day devices in homes and offices and kid’s rooms. These eight Max Alkaline AAA models offer these key benefits and more. For up to 10 years, for instance, you can leave them on a shelf without them losing their capacity. All batteries also have powerful lithium cells that recharge fast and are guaranteed not to leak for up to two years. Therefore, they are safe for powering most kid’s toys.

These max alkaline batteries for Energizer have a standard AAA size. Apart from toys, you can use them to power remote controls. Furthermore, they are also the best for powering power-thirsty devices such as DVD players and or monitors. Do not waste cash on low-grade disposable batteries that leak often.

What We Like
  • Leak-proof for up to two years
  • Retain charge in storage for ten years
  • Efficient lithium technology
  • Power most household and office devices
Our Verdict

Perfect for powering kids’ toys, portable DVDs, and remote controls, Energizer Max batteries offer value for cash. They are safe, durable, and very powerful.

5. Energizer Card 4-AAA Lithium AAA Battery

Energizer Card 4-AAA Lithium AAA Battery

These rechargeable Energizer Card lithium batteries cost slightly more than standard alkaline ones. However, because you are getting four professional-grade AAA batteries, making such an investment worthwhile. All the four AAA batteries that you get last up to seven times longer than alkaline ones. They can also withstand extreme temperatures (-40 to 140F) and have ultra-high-capacity designs (1250mAh), which can power most devices. These include remote controls, toys, and clocks. The batteries are also perfect for powering keyboards, the best projection clocks, and battery-operated hand massagers.

Many brands of rechargeable batteries tend to lose their capacity when stored for long. However, this is not the case for Energizer Card AAA ones. Stored as directed, these lithium batteries have a shelf life of about 15 years. Used in remotes or clocks, they last up to seven times longer than alkaline batteries.

What We Like
  • Powerful lithium batteries
  • Impressive shelf life (15 years)
  • Withstand extreme temperatures
  • Have seven times the runtime of alkaline batteries
Our Verdict

Energizer last seven times longer than alkaline batteries. They are versatile, withstand extreme temperatures, and have a shelf life of around 15 years.

4. AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries

AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries

AmazonBasics AAA batteries come fully charged and ready to use. They are reusable and have dependable designs that satisfy the needs of most people. Their 800 mAh cells, for instance, can power low and medium duty devices such as remotes, toys, or flashlights. The batteries also have a slow discharge rate. Left in a drawer, they can retain up to 80% of their capacity for years.

As their name suggests, these are rechargeable AAA batteries. Thus, if you are looking to save money in the long term, consider ordering a pack now. They also have dependable universal designs that power most devices efficiently.

What We Like
  • Powerful cells (800 mAh)
  • Good power retention (80%)
  • Stable alkaline batteries
  • Fast charging AAA batteries
Our Verdict

These fast charging AAA batteries, these alkaline batteries also have a slow self-discharge retain their charge for long. They also have powerful cells that satisfy the needs of most people.

3. Maxell 723815 Alkaline Battery AAA Cell 36-Pack

Maxell 723815 Alkaline Battery AAA Cell 36-Pack

Maxell 723815 lacks elements such as mercury and cadmium, which poison children and adults. Their work life is three times better than some alkaline batteries, while their high drain systems power most devices. At home, you can use this set to power your remotes, kids’ toys and even clocks for months.

While camping, many people look for quick power sources for flashlight and fire starters? This package of 34 AAA batteries can satisfy such needs. Off the shelf, all its batteries are charged and ready to use. Install one or two cells in your remote to regain control of your television. They also deliver clean and reliable power to most low-drain and high-drain devices people have at home.

What We Like
  • Work with low and high drain devices
  • Long lasting package (34 batteries)
  • Powerful super alkaline cells
  • Attainable ready to use
Our Verdict

Maxell 723815 is a package of 34 super alkaline batteries (AAA) for powering remotes, flashlights, and clocks. These batteries are not only durable but are also produced using mercury and cadmium-free components, which are safe.

2. Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA eneloop AAA Batteries

Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA eneloop AAA Batteries

Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA batteries have lower power retention (70%) than AmazonBasics (80%) ones. However, if you are looking for a pack of batteries you want to use immediately, it delivers excellent results. The affordable box on offer has four NiMH batteries, each able to withstand 2100 charge cycles. They come pre-charged and never develop the memory effect after charging.

With Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA, the thought of a battery leaking and damaging your expensive wireless mouse will not cross your mind. These leak resistant batteries are safe for use with delicate devices, which include mice and Echo.

What We Like
  • Support 2100 recharge cycles
  • Power low and high drain devices
  • Has pre-charged NiMH cells
  • Package of four long-lasting batteries
Our Verdict

Each package of Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA only has four batteries. However, due to their quality designs, they outmatch similar brands in terms or safety, longevity, and performance. They also ship pre-charged and ready to use.

1. AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries

AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries

If you want safe and powerful AAA batteries with rechargeable designs, this is our best pick. AmazonBasics comes in a pack of 20 long-lasting batteries, which do not discharge in storage. Constructed from zinc, their contacts do not corrode over time. Its cathode and anode are efficient and offer good leak protection on the shelf and in devices. Thus, they are safe for day-to-day use.

AmazonBasics AAA batteries have a shelf life of 10 years, which is the second longest on our list. Furthermore, their novel Japanese technologies not only withstand high temperatures but are also safe for kids and pets. In addition to clocks and controllers, these batteries are safe for powering children’s toys.

What We Like
  • Anti-corrosion zinc composition
  • Leak-resistant for up ten years
  • Safe Japanese technology
  • Work well in most devices
Our Verdict

AmazonBasics AAA batteries are dependable and safe batteries suitable for powering toys, clocks, and remotes. Their zinc contacts are resistant to corrosion and have leak-proof designs that retain a charge for up to 20 years.

Shopping Tips For the Best AAA Batteries

The best AAA batteries offer ready power for devices such as clocks, toys, and remotes. To get the best for the home, however, here are a few shopping tips:


When shopping for rechargeable AAA batteries, you will find two main types on the internet – NiMH, and lithium. Even though opinions vary as to which one is the best, both types have unique pros and cons. Lithium batteries, for instance, are renowned for their power. If you have a power-thirsty device such as a battery powered DVD player, they are the best AAA batteries to use. Most models are also safe and have low-maintenance designs that do not heat up and or leak easily while in use. NiMH batteries are best known for their price. If you have shallow pockets but want a decent rechargeable AAA battery that delivers, this is a better option. Like lithium batteries, they are very safe. Unfortunately, memory loss is often an issue when stored for a very long time. Evaluate your available options and buy a battery that will satisfy your needs.

Panasonic BK-4MCCA4BA


Battery-powered devices such as wireless keyboards, mice, and Echo Dot cost a fortune. Using a low-grade pair of batteries in such items, therefore, is one of the worst decisions you can make. Once you have settled on the technology of the product you want, evaluate its safety. Does your battery of choice have a reputation of leaking over time? Such a product will not only let you down over time but might also damage your devices. Look for a safe UL-approved brand instead with a reputation of offering people value for their money. You should also check if your battery of choice has over-charge protection and a solid design that withstand the extremes of temperatures. Finally, check out its contacts. Are they prone to corroding? Such items are not worth buying.


Buying a pack of rechargeable AAA batteries that will not power your device optimally is a poor decision. To prevent such a mistake, always the check the power output of your preferred battery pack before parting with money. If you have a power-thirsty device, for instance, do not buy one of the low flow AAA batteries that sell cheap on the Web. They disappoint people most of the time. You must also check the size of your product of choice and the material used to manufacture it. Durable batteries that are of the correct size work the best.


Rechargeable AAA batteries are the best for powering household accessories such as remotes and kids’ toys. They are durable, very dependable, and able to power most devices safely. All chemicals are safe (cadmium and mercury-free). Finally, most of these batteries are leak proof and have long shelf lives.

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