Because of the highly motorized world that we live in, global warming is staring us in the face. Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate in their arctic. The quality of the air in most cities has also dropped significantly, to the frustration of millions of people. Fortunately, starting today, you can do something about this. Instead of commuting in a car during short trips, ride an electric bike instead. It is an excellent form of exercising. Electric bicycles have also improved in terms of power output and comfort, with these 500 watt models ranked the best:

10. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike

Are you looking for a powerful (500 watts) mountain bike that doubles as a snow bike and beach bike? ECOTRIC is a popular 26-inch model with 4-inch high-performance tires. These all-terrain tires have stable and well-balanced designs that are safe to use in most environments. They are also very durable. Rode on rough terrain, for instance, the risk of them puncturing is relatively low compared to standard ones. ECOTRIC has a top cruising speed of 23MPH. It also has durable Shimano gears (7) that shift smoothly at high speeds.

ECOTRIC is a comfortable electric bicycle that comes ready to use. Adults weighing up to 260 pounds can sit on it and ride it comfortably for hours. Its lightweight frame (53 pounds) is portable, while its battery-powered (36V Li-ion) hub motor (500W) is the best. Its robust design has a powerful driving force, which its riders like.

What We Like
  • Thick (4-inches) all-terrain tires
  • Powerful lithium battery (36V)
  • Supports up to 260 pounds
  • Dependable hub motor (500W)
  • Lightweight bike (58 pounds)
Our Verdict

Driven by a powerful hub motor (500W), ECOTRIC reaches a top speed of 23MPH. It has a comfortable frame and 4-inch all-terrain tires that last for long.

9. NAKTO Electric Bicycle

NAKTO Electric Bicycle

Fat tire electric bicycles are popular among bikes lovers due to their stability. If you want a durable one that you can ride to school or work with ease, check out NAKTO. Its powerful 500W system reaches speeds of 30MPH. It also has a long-lasting hub motor with a six-speed gear (Shimano) that you can set to optimize its performance on the fly. The lower gears, for instance, boost its speed. Using one of the lower gears, on the other hand, you can climb a steep incline without burning a lot of energy.

The green, white, and black theme of this NAKTO bike is eye-catching. Furthermore, even though it weighs just 58 pounds, a mature adult (up to 260 pounds) can ride it on all terrains without its frame and wheels buckling. The 16MM aluminum alloy used to make its frame is also resistant to rusting, which is a plus. Per full charge, NAKTO has a maximum range of about 30-40 miles. The range increases to 40-45 miles with pedal assist, which is good. You can track such performance metrics (speed too) through its Intelligent centrally-controlled computer.

What We Like
  • Impressive range (30-45 miles)
  • A durable frame (aluminum alloy)
  • Waterproof brushless motor (500W)
  • Impressive load limit (260 pounds)
  • Wide and stable tires (4-inches)
Our Verdict

NAKTO supports up to 260 pounds. Most people can ride its 58-pound frame for many hours at a top speed of 30MPH. The aluminum alloy frame and brushless hub motor (AOMO) on this electric bicycle last for years.

8. MZZK Electric Mountain Snow Bike

MZZK Electric Mountain Snow Bike

MZZK is an electric snow and mountain bike that draws power from a 48V Li-ion battery. The battery charges in around 4-6 hours and has a removable design that you can replace when worn. MZZK generates its power from a 500-watt geared motor. Its brushless design (7-speeds) is quiet. It also has a durable waterproof design, which reaches a top speed of 25MPH. If you enjoy riding bikes to work/school, thus, MZZK will help you to reach your destination faster. Because of its thick and fat tires (4-inch) (rubber), it is also safe to ride on all terrains. Their rubber tires grip most smooth and rugged terrain well.

In terms of quality, MZZK ranks among the top brands in the market. Its 6061 aluminum-alloy frame, for instance, is not only durable but also rides smoothly on most terrains. You will also love the disk brakes on its rear (160mm) and front (180mm) wheels, and its six-level pedal-assist mode. Whenever it runs out of power during a long trip, you can ride it home manually.

What We Like
  • Pedal assist mode (six levels)
  • Classic Shimano gears (7 speeds)
  • Long-lasting aluminum frame
  • Stable extra-fat tires (4-inches)
Our Verdict

MZZK is a durable and high-performance bicycle made of aluminum alloy. It is light, fast (25MPH), and has all-terrain tires (4-inches) that boost traction and grip.

7. Cyclamatic Power plus CX1 Electric Bike

Cyclamatic Power plus CX1 Electric Bike

Cyclamatic Power plus CX1 is expensive than standard pedal-assist bicycles. However, you get a robust electric bike with a durable brushed-finished aluminum alloy frame. A new one can carry 5’4” riders weighing up to 250 pounds. It also has an upgraded lithium battery that you can recharge over 500 times. Its Li-ion cells charge fast and do not develop the memory effect over time.

The performance of Cyclamatic Power plus CX1electric bike is desirable. Its Shimano gears (21-speed), deliver a smooth ride at a top speed of 15MPH. Even though its speed is slightly lower than that of MZZK (25MPH), it has a better range (28 miles). It also has durable Kenda tires that smooth out rides even further while exploring rough terrains. Therefore, Cyclamatic Power plus CX1 is an excellent commuter and recreational 500W bicycle.

What We Like
  • Smooth shifting Shimano gears
  • Replaceable 36-volt battery
  • Comfortable saddle (padded)
  • All-terrain Kenda tires
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
Our Verdict

Whether you want a smooth-shifting electric bike or a durable one for mountain biking, check out Cyclamatic Power plus. Its upgraded mountain bike frame is solid. Its range (28 miles) and speed (15MPH) are also good.

6. RIDE1UP 500W Electric Bike

RIDE1UP 500W Electric Bike

RIDE1UP is a 500-watt electric bike with a steel frame. Even though it is twice as heavy (50 pounds) as some brands on this list, it lasts twice as long. Used as a commuter bicycle, the risk of it breaking down is low. It also has a protective finish (black) which lowers the risk of it rusting or staining over time. The frame has a rear cargo rack for transporting bags or shopping. It also has heavy-duty 36-hole wheels (120mm front and 165mm rear) and steel suspension fork that dissipate shock well.

RIDE1UP has a reliable battery-powered system with a range of 20-40 miles. If your school or work is within such a distance, consider riding a bike to work. It is cheaper, safer, and enjoyable. If you struggle with weight loss, it is also a good strategy for shedding your extra pounds naturally. For safety, this bicycle has a bright taillight that is visible in the dark. It also has bright LED lights that will boost your visibility further.

What We Like
  • Long lasting steel frame
  • Excellent range (20-40 miles)
  • Has bright LED lights
  • 48V Li-ion Samsung battery
Our Verdict

RIDE1UP’s steel frame is significantly heavier than the aluminum alloy ones found on some bikes. However, it remains an efficient bike, which you can ride to school or work every day. You will love its range (20-40miles), hub motors (500-watts), and responsive thumb throttle.

5. Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike

Addmotor Motan Folding Electric Bike

Folding bikes are versatile items that do not require a lot of space to store well. Most models are not only durable but also have fun-to-ride ergonomic designs. Addmotor Motan, for instance, is a popular electricity-powered model with a robust 500W Bafang motor. At full power, its brushless design reaches a top speed of 23MPH. It is also quiet and built to work seamlessly on most terrains without short-circuiting or falling apart over time.

Riding the Addmotor Motan is a piece of cake for most people. If you weigh 136 kilograms and are between 5’2″ and 6’2″ tall, you will be able to mount and ride this bike with ease. Its broad and padded saddle, for instance, has a comfortable height adjustable design. Its handlebar has an extended stem that positions the body naturally. Finally, its rechargeable 48V battery has a range of about 40-55 miles with level one pedal assist.

What We Like
  • Impressive range (40-55 miles)
  • Adjustable saddle (well padded)
  • Heavy-duty metal mudguards
  • In-built computer (with LCD)
  • Removable 10.4AH lithium battery
Our Verdict

Fitted with a dependable 48-volt battery (Li-ion), Addmotor Motan is an excellent bicycle for commuting. Its range (40-55 miles) is admirable. It also has a comfortable saddle (adjustable) and a folding aluminum frame that can support people weighing 136 kilograms.

4. Breeze MIRI Electric Bike

Breeze MIRI Electric Bike

Riding an electric bike is an enjoyable activity that is beneficial to health as well. However, to ride safely, look for a quality bike such as the Bottom of Form

Breeze MIRI. The fat tires (4-inches) that it has are perfect for riding on challenging environments such as sand, gravel, and dirt. It also has a powerful 500W motor (25MPH) and a premium double suspension system that smooths rides. Its superior shock absorption lowers the risk of back and or joint injuries.

Breeze MIRI has a versatile three in one bicycle. In electric mode, for instance, you can ride it up to 21 miles without breaking a sweat. It also has a pedal assist mode with a range of 43-50 miles, and a manual mode. All systems are efficient and offer the burst of speed that people with traditional bicycles lack. You will also love the large Kenda tires (26-inches) and the digital computer on this bicycle. The latter enables you to track riding metrics such as speed and distance in real time.

What We Like
  • Three riding modes
  • Durable Kenda tires
  • Powerful 500-watt motor
  • Top speed of 25MPH
Our Verdict

Breeze MIRI is a robust 500-watt bicycle that reaches a top speed of 25MPH. In pedal assist mode, its 48V battery has a range of about 50 miles, which is desirable.

3. Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bike

Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bike

Mountain biking involves exploring rugged terrains and or climbing hills that expend a lot of energy. To handle such tasks with ease and have an enjoyable time as well, look for Addmotor HITHOT. Perfect for adults, its 27.5-inch frame fits and positions riders comfortably. It is also durable (aluminum alloy) and has a responsive dual-suspension system. The rod spring that connects its wheel to its frame, for instance, improves the stability of its riders. Its users also enjoy a smooth ride outdoors.

The Bafang power plus motor on this bike’s rear hub has a brushless 500-watt design that is quiet. It also has a water-resistant design that does not rust or breaks down when exposed to the rain. If you want a dependable e-bike that you will ride for years, this is a good brand. Its aluminum alloy frame and tires are equally durable.

What We Like
  • Durable frame (aluminum alloy)
  • Full suspension system (dual)
  • Sports-grade pedal-assist bike
  • Brushless 500W motor (Bafang)
  • 1-year motor/battery warranty
Our Verdict

Addmotor HITHOT is a sports-grade 500W mountain bike with a 300-pound capacity aluminum frame. It has a reactive pedal assist technology and dual suspension system. Its 10.4Ah Samsung battery, on the other hand, has a range of around 60 miles after a 2-3-hour charge.

2. CIVI BIKES Rebel Folding Electric Bicycle

CIVI BIKES Rebel Folding Electric Bicycle

If you are between 5’2″ – 6’2″ tall, you will enjoy riding a new CIVI BIKES Rebel bike. What makes it special? Its 100% aluminum alloy frame (100%) is durable. It also has an easy-to-store foldable design that supports up to 260 pounds. Thus, although foldable, you can do tricks on this bicycle without its joints or welds failing. Its front fork (high carbon steel) and seven-speed gear system are equally good. They withstand day-to-day abuse well.

Apart from its strength, CIVI BIKES Rebel stands out from most brands in terms of performance. Even though heavier than some bikes we have reviewed, its 60-pound design reaches speeds of up to 20MPH. Even at such high speeds, its high-torque Bafang motor (500W) does not overheat nor makes annoying squeaking noises. CIVI BIKES Rebel has a 40-mile range and a computer for tracking performance metrics such as its range and speed.

What We Like
  • Top speed of 20MPH
  • 500W Bafang motor
  • 13Ah 40-mile range battery
  • Solid frame (aluminum)
  • Supports 260 pounds
Our Verdict

The CIVI BIKES Rebel e-Bike has a 60-pound aluminum frame that supports 260 pounds. Its brushless Bafang motors have a top speed of 20MPH, while its 13Ah Li-ion battery (removable) has a 40-mile range per charge.

1. Prodeco Technologies V5 Stride R Electric Bicycle

 Prodeco Technologies V5 Stride R Electric Bicycle

Prodeco Technologies V5 Stride is a 26-inch electric bike with a direct-drive 500W motor in its rear hub. The 26-volt motor has a quiet and powerful design that reaches a top speed of 20MPH. Thus, with one, you do not have to drive a car for short trips, which is beneficial to the environment. Via its 8-speed derailleur and Twist SRAM X7 shifters, you adjust its speed in real time with ease.

The large one-sized tires (27-inches) on this electric bike roll smoothly on most terrains. Both wheels have thick rubber tires with a good grip, which boost balance and stability. Thus, devoid of your level of skill, you can ride Prodeco Technologies V5 on snow or gravel without issues.

What We Like
  • One-size 27-inch wheels
  • Responsive SRAM X7 shifters (8-speed)
  • Responsive disk brakes (Avid BB7)
  • 24-cell LiFePO4 battery
Our Verdict

Prodeco Technologies V5 is a fast adult-size electric bike with a top speed of 20MPH. It has a solid frame (aluminum alloy), reactive disk brakes, and an oversized vented saddle that maximizes the comfort of riders.

Shopping Tips for the Best 500W Electric Bicycles


Electric bikes have helped many people to lower their environmental footprint and save money on transport. If you are planning to order one, check its durability beforehand. Is it a durable product? Popular brands made from robust materials such as aluminum and steel are the best. The materials are not only rust-resistant but can also support heavy individuals well while in use.



An electric bicycle that requires you to stoop too low while riding will strain your back and compromise your health. Once you have ascertained the bike has a durable design, check its comfort. What is the structure of its frame? If you are 5’2″ – 6’2″ tall, an ergonomic adult-sized bike such as CIVI BIKES Rebel will serve you well. It also has a padded and comfortable bike saddle.


Spending cash a folding electric bike with a reputation of slipping at high speeds is a bad decision. Buying a model with a battery that overheats or a motor that locks when exposed to water is also wrong. Before spending money on a new bike, evaluate its safety. It should have durable and responsive caliper or drum brakes. Well-balanced bikes with high-traction fat tires are also ideal. ECOTRIC, for instance, has all-terrain 4-inch ones that are stable.


The motors and batteries of electric bicycles dictate their performance. If you want a new electric bike for commuting, you need a model with a high range battery. As such, you can travel long distances without worrying about running out of charge. It should also have an assist riding mode and a manual riding mode that you can use when its power runs out. The motor should be a durable and high-torque one made of waterproof parts.


Whether you are conscious of the environment or want to save cash on transport, buy one of these electric bikes. Made from steel or aluminum, they support heavy loads outdoors. Their motor and battery-powered designs are not only fast, but also have safe and long-range designs.

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